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A 5-Step Simple Plan for Dealing with Criticism

I have bristles. You probably have them too. They come out when someone says something to me that is critical or that I interpret as a criticism. When they are activated, these bristles set off a chain of internal feelings, thoughts, and physical symptoms. It’s amazing how one comment can’t set this complicated system in […]


The One Non-Negotiable Action You Must Take Before Creating Your Bold and Fearless Life

“A bold and fearless life” — does that sound unattainable? Does it sound like the motto for a new age action hero? The idea of living a bold and fearless life might make you think you need special abilities or super powers. But this blog isn’t about that kind of bold and fearless. I’m not […]


The Powerful, Life-Changing Effects of Experimentation When Seeking Your Passion

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.” ~Buckminster Fuller Some of you may know my story of (finally) discovering my life passion — or at least the one I’m loving right now! For those who don’t, here’s a synopsis: (There is a take-away for you at the end. […]