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How to Shift from Victim to Creator

Let’s start with a premise: what you think becomes your reality. Knowing that, isn’t it uncanny how we have a knack for believing all of the thoughts that run through our heads?And here’s why that’s a bad thing: Repetitive thoughts nourish feelings. Repetitive negative thoughts nourish negative feelings. Negative feelings can morph into unpleasant physical […]


Do You Feel Disconnected from Life? An Interview with Jodi Chapman of Soul Speak

There are days, or weeks, or even years when we feel totally lost and disconnected from life. Maybe you are feeling that way now. Sometimes painful events happen to us that separate us of from our happiness, from being fully alive and engaged in life. Other times, it’s inexplicable. We just feel unhinged, flat-lined, or totally […]


How to Instantly Put Your Life and Problems Into Perspective

If you are anything like me, you have a handful of life difficulties or minor problems lurking in your brain at any given point in time. They can be minor irritants like computer problems or taxes due. And then we have the biggies like coping with ailing parents, issues with our children, marriage problems, or […]