3 Sure-Fire Ways To Power Up Your Willpower


“I am super clear on what I want to accomplish” said Karen, a recent student of ours who was just entering her senior year, “but the more I try to get things done, the less often I seem to succeed.”

Karen went on to share – in front of the whole class of 475 undergrads no less -- that she was trying to exercise more often, meditate daily, and eat more healthily.

“I know that these things are all good for me. I know that I would be happier if I could make them a part of my life. I have the best intentions, but then I find myself up late, surfing the net, and eating Ben & Jerry’s right out of the container. I have to say that it is super frustrating”.

Karen was at the end of her rope. She also wasn’t alone.

Every semester we begin our class on willpower asking our 475 students a simple question: “Who wishes that they had more willpower?”

Nearly all of them raise their hands – some of them raise both – hardly a surprise seeing that studies have found that a vast majority of us would raise ours also.

Whether it is something that we want to stop (i.e. eating junk food, impulse shopping, or texting our ex) or a habit that we want to develop (i.e. regular exercise, better study habits, or staying in closer contact with friends), we are all striving for something, and like Karen...failing miserably.

So, is there an answer to this age old cycle of wanting an end result but falling off the wagon that will take you there? It turns out, there is something, though not magical, that will unlock the door to your goals. That key?


Learn 3 sure-fire ways to power up your willpower.