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Barrie Davenport is a self-improvement thought leader, certified coach, and online course creator. Prior to her work online, Barrie spent over 20 years as a PR executive, helping her clients realize their own passions. At midlife, took a leap of faith herself and left her successful PR career to find her true calling -- coaching, teaching, and writing. Barrie's greatest joys are spending time with her family and friends, as well as helping others break through their limitations and live their best lives.Barrie has been a featured writer for The Huffington Post, Zen Habits, and is the founder of the three popular courses: Simple Self-Confidence, Sticky Habits, and Path to Passion. Follow Barrie here on Twitter.

Is It Time To Drop A Relationship? It Is If You See These 10 Signs

Are you a relationship person? I am and have always tried to prioritize my personal connections with others. In fact, I’d say having high quality, intimate, authentic, healthy, and emotionally mature relationships are my top life value, and I devote lots of energy and quality time to the people I care about. It took me […]


I Have No Friends: 31 Of The Best Ways To Attract New People

Friendships can be difficult relationships to cultivate, especially when you’re an adult. Our tightly-packed schedules and the transient nature of society doesn’t allow enough time to build a friendship past an acquaintance level. People come into your life who you consider good friends at the time, but often friendships fade once whatever brought you together […]