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Why should you donate to this blog? You certainly don’t have to donate to continue reading and enjoying Live Bold and Bloom.

I write this blog because I want to serve. I want to provide useful, insightful and motivating information that helps you boldly move forward in your own personal growth. That alone is beneficial and fulfilling for me. It is a gift to me that you read my blog and get something from it.

I started blogging as an extended service of my coaching business. Now my blog has grown as an entity of its own. I love writing and creating. I love researching information and ideas to share with you. I love getting feedback from you. But blogging takes a lot of time. It takes time to continue writing useful, fresh content. It takes time to maintain the blog. It takes time away from my paying work.

Here are the main reasons I’m asking for a donation:

  1. I hired a designer to help me create the look of my new blog, and although he’s worth every penny, this is a big out-of-pocket expense for me. (If you need a designer, please contact him at [email protected]. I highly recommend his work.) There are other expenses associated with running a blog, including hosting services, domain names, photography, etc.
  2. I like to offer pro bono or reduced rate coaching services to people who can’t afford to pay me. I’d like to afford to keep doing this.
  3. After 20 years of raising kids and consulting in PR sporadically, I want to be financially independent. I know that’s not important to you, but it would feel great to me.  I really want to earn a reasonable living doing what I love: coaching, writing, and blogging.

If you . . .

  • Enjoy this blog and find it valuable to you.
  • Want to see this blog grow so that I can offer even more valuable content, worksheets, e-books, resources, and free goodies.
  • See value in helping a sincere coach and blogger fulfill her passion.

Then . . . I hope you will consider a $25 a year donation. Or whatever feels right for you. If you decide not to donate, that is perfectly fine, and I hope you will continue to enjoy this blog every day!

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