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The Ultimate Guide To Making A Powerful Vision Board

You’ve heard about vision boards and how powerful they can be. You may have even heard you can manifest your dreams and attract wealth and success by using them. But a vision board isn’t about magic or wishful thinking. Rather, it’s a practical tool to help you reach your goals and make positive change in […]

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17 Signs of Emotionally Abusive Parents

Child abuse remains a major concern with millions of children becoming victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. All forms of abuse are harmful to a child’s potential, but physical abuse and neglect often require intervention from local authorities. Unfortunately, emotional abuse is typically harder to detect. According to most clinicians and researchers, emotional abuse […]

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Want To Make A Vision Board? Try These 29 Unique Ideas

You might think vision boards are sort of like the poster equivalent of a scrapbook. They do look a bit like that, don’t they? But instead of using them to remember something you’ve already done, you use them to inspire you to work toward the goals and dreams you have now. There are so many […]

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INTP Vs. ISTP Personality Types: What Are The Differences?

People with INTP and ISTP personality types tend to share many traits and behaviors. INTPs and ISTPs are often logical, analytical, and focused. These individuals have the drive to excel, but they go about their pursuits in different ways. ISTPs are typically confident in their choices while INTPs may second-guess every decision. This leads to […]

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13 Things Your Cheating Partner Might Say When Confronted

Any emotion is possible when you discover your partner has been unfaithful. Outrage, panic, betrayal, and emptiness come to mind. But it’s also possible to feel relief when you realize why your relationship has felt so “off” lately. Once you know the truth, you need to consider how to approach your spouse. Confronting a cheating […]

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