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65 Words Of Encouragement Quotes For Women

As professionals, students, wives, moms, homemakers, daughters, or some combination of these roles, women have a myriad of stressors in their lives. That’s why we want to offer words of encouragement for women who might need some inspirational reinforcement to cope with these stressors. According to studies, working women are 50% more stressed than men, […]

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Ultimate Skillshare Review (Is Skillshare Worth Your Time And Money?)

Interested in mastering a new skill?  Online learning platforms allow us to broaden our horizons without ever leaving the comfort of our homes and with over 22,000 available classes, Skillshare has made it to the top ranks. But how effective is it? Is investing your precious time and money into Skillshare a smart decision? In […]

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INTJ Career Matches: Avoid The Frustration Of A Bad Career Match For Your Personality

You’ve probably already noticed that some jobs appeal to you more than others. And if you know or even suspect you’re an INTJ, you might wonder if the best INTJ career matches are the ones you’re already leaning toward. Are those leanings your subconscious mind’s way of directing you to the careers best suited to […]

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135 Great Philosophical Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

For those moments when you want to discuss life, the universe, and everything, we bring you this list of philosophical questions. May they lead to countless deep, engaging, and enjoyable conversations. Whether you’re feeling pensive, flirty, mischievous, or just bored with your daily routine, you’ll find philosophical questions in this list that are perfect for […]

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