Monthly Archives: August 2012

Do You Meditate? 6 Life-Improving Reasons You Should Start

Just thinking about everything we should do to live healthy, live longer, and be happy is enough alone to cause stress and anxiety. We’re supposed to exercise daily, eat the right foods, maintain a healthy weight, floss our teeth, take vitamins, drink 8 glasses of water, get enough sleep, put on sunscreen, get regular check-ups,  […]

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Is Life a Constant Struggle? Find the Root Cause and Kill That Sucker

Sometimes life can feel totally screwed up. No matter how hard we try, we keep running into dead ends. Or banging our head against a wall. Or failing to achieve or do the things we want to do. We have great plans, amazing ideas — but we just can’t seem to launch them. Maybe we […]

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10 Ways to Establish Personal Boundaries

There is one area of personal evolution that can make or break your self-esteem and your ability to have healthy relationships. It’s the ability to set and implement healthy personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are the imaginary lines we draw around ourselves to maintain balance and protect our bodies, minds, emotions, and time from the behavior […]

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