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Your Hidden Abilities and Why You Need to Find Them

When I was 40, I went through a phase during which I feared all of my creativity had been sapped.

I was in the thick of child-rearing and running a home, with all that this time of life entails. Most of my time was spent driving kids to activities, volunteering at their schools, cleaning up messes, and preparing meals that usually involved the words "nugget" or "roll-up."

Although it was rewarding watching my children grow and thrive, I had no outlet for self-expression or creativity. In fact, I thought I had no creativity.

Someone suggested I read the book, The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron. In the book, Julia suggests that to stimulate creativity, you should commit to a period of "reading deprivation," so you have no excuse not to do something playful and creative. She even provides a list of ideas. (more…)

The Habit Course Registration is Live!

If you’ve ever tried — and failed — to exercise regularly, eat healthier, wake earlier, meditate, become organized, beat procrastination … you’re like a lot of us. You struggle with creating new habits. It’s not easy, because most people don’t understand what causes habits to fail or the specific steps to creating sustainable habits. Leo…  Continue Reading

Who's Holding Your Feet to the Fire? The Power of Intentional Accountability

Before I became a coach, I didn’t know much about coaching. I’d heard the term “life coach” tossed around, but I didn’t understand why people needed to be coached in their lives. Why would I need someone else telling me to do what I already know I should be doing? (Now I know that coaching…  Continue Reading

If You Don't Do It, Does That Mean You Don't Want It?

Recently I found myself caught in an internal dialog about exercise. I’ve been avoiding exercise, and I told myself, “I must not really want to be as fit as I can be. Otherwise I would exercise. If I really wanted it badly enough, I’d do it.” I’ve had that dialog with myself  before, and at…  Continue Reading

Make Your Vision a Reality with a Theme for the Month

In my previous post, I wrote about how essential it is to create a life vision for yourself and gave you an exercise for writing your own life vision. Often when I do this exercise with coaching clients, after they have written their vision, they begin to panic. They have just written this detailed vision…  Continue Reading

The One Non-Negotiable Action You Must Take Before Creating Your Bold and Fearless Life

“A bold and fearless life” — does that sound unattainable? Does it sound like the motto for a new age action hero? The idea of living a bold and fearless life might make you think you need special abilities or super powers. But this blog isn’t about that kind of bold and fearless. I’m not…  Continue Reading

The Powerful, Life-Changing Effects of Experimentation When Seeking Your Passion

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.” ~Buckminster Fuller Some of you may know my story of (finally) discovering my life passion — or at least the one I’m loving right now! For those who don’t, here’s a synopsis: (There is a take-away for you at the end….  Continue Reading

Your Most Valuable Coping Skills When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

A guest post by David Singer of Six Simple Rules Late last year we went through a challenging few weeks at home when our teenage daughter battled a significant, but fortunately temporary, illness. It was an experience that was extremely unnerving, to say the least. Just before this past Thanksgiving, my daughter Julie, age 17,…  Continue Reading