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How to Make Big, Bold, Wildly Exciting Things Happen in Your Life

You're going to think this is a weird way to begin this article when you read what I write next, but bear with me. You'll see the relevance shortly.

Sometimes in the morning when I'm taking a shower, and it's cold in the house, I can stand under the warm water forever. It feels so good and relaxing that I want to linger there, just enjoying the warm comfort of it.

In fact, I have found myself internally negotiating for more time, because I know I have other important things to do. I'll allow myself just 20 more seconds, 1 more minute, counting backward from 100. Just a little more time in the warm, steamy water. My internal negotiator clearly likes the warm water too.

Over time I've learned that once I'm in the shower, unless I have something really pressing (ie: plane to catch, meeting to attend, water getting cold), I will allow myself to linger far longer than my higher self really wants to. In the scheme of things, I don't want to die saying, "I had thousands of 1-hour warm and cozy showers."

Recently, knowing that both me and my internal negotiator don't have much will power under warm water, I have given executive authority to my right hand. I now allow my right hand to go directly to the shower handle without consulting me or the negotiator and turn it quickly to the off position. And once it's off, it stays off. There's no thinking or negotiating involved. My right hand just takes action.

This leads me to the main premise of this post.

Fear is not the biggest deterrent to living boldly and having exciting things happen in your life. Comfort is.

Fear is an uncomfortable emotion.

When we are fearful, we are motivated to make the feeling of fear go away. And if we are evolved enough, we realize that the best antidote to fear is to do the thing that scares us. Avoiding the fearful thing only prolongs the discomfort.

Comfort, on the other hand, is an easy state of mind. (more…)

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