The Top 15 Personal Development Posts Of 2015

This was a year of big change for me. Maybe it was for you as well.

My youngest child graduated from high school and started college, officially making me an empty nester.

I moved from my hometown of Atlanta, leaving the house I'd lived in for almost 20 years, to move to Asheville, North Carolina with my business and life partner Ron.

I sold a lot of my furniture and possessions in order to downsize and simplify my life.

We started the process of building a new house from the ground up while living in a small rental house.

I started another business with Ron and our partner Steve Scott teaching people how to self-publish and build a business around self-publishing.

I lost a dear online friend, Scott Dinsmore, who died tragically while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I reconnected on a much deeper level with my sister, Jesse, who lives in California, traveling to see her there and hosting her here for Thanksgiving.

For me, 2015 was a pivotal year of personal and professional growth. I learned to let go. I challenged myself to do some uncomfortable but important things. I mourned leaving the familiar and losing people I loved. And I embraced how deeply I value the people in my life.

I'm fortunate to have this blog as an outlet for expressing my inner world, and hopefully my life experiences have been helpful for you on your own journey of personal growth.

I went through all of my posts for 2015 to see which ones had the most readership, and it was interesting to see how many related to the changes I was undergoing throughout the year. You might use these posts to reflect on your own changes during this past year and to plan your goals for 2016.

Here are my top 15 personal development posts for 2015: 

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I hope you enjoyed these top posts from the year. Thank you so much for being part of the Live Bold and Bloom community. Wishing you an amazing, peaceful, and happy 2016! I'd really appreciate it if you'd share your favorite posts from this page on Facebook!

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