25 Best Self-Improvement Blog Posts Of 2013

There are just a few more weeks left in 2013.

In these last days of the year, I find myself reflecting on all I've accomplished and learned over the past 12 months and how I've changed and grown as a person.

Since I started my blog several years ago, my inner journey has been chronicled through my written words. What I share with you here is a reflection of our shared questions, worries, dreams, and desires.

If you are reading this post, then you — like me — are a seeker. You're someone who explores self-improvement and desires self-awareness. As Socrates reminds us, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Maybe he overstates it a bit, but I do know the examined life is far richer and more authentic. And what more fascinating topic to examine than our own inner world and the outer expression of it?

I took some time to pick my 25 best self-improvement blog posts of 2013. Here they are:

1. 50 Self-Improvement Quotes That Have Touched My Soul

Quotes are bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that, in this age of information overload, provide a moment’s peaceful respite and reflection . . .

2. Do People Accuse You Of Being Highly Sensitive?

The brains of highly sensitive people actually work a bit differently than other people’s brains. The sensitivity trait actually reflects a survival strategy of keen observation before action . . .

3. 3 Habits You Must Give Up If You Want Sustained Happiness



Personality alone does not constitute sustained happiness. Achieving that sense of inner contentment and joy is more a matter of releasing things that have become daily habits . . .

4. What Should You Do When People Push Your Buttons?

Some people in your life are master button-pushers. They know exactly what to say or do to transform you from a calm and happy person into a seething, mouth-frothing maniac . . .

5. A Ridiculously Simple Way To Reduce Stress And Enjoy More Of Life

Living your best life requires that YOU design your life the way you want it to be.It means most of your time is spent engaged in activities that bring you joy, contentment, meaning, and passion. . .

6. The 10 Most Likely Reasons You Haven't Found Your Passion

Far too many people are living lives of quiet desperation. They have jobs they hate, then come home to plod through chores and a few hours of TV, before returning to their miserable work the next day . . .

7. The Zen of Losing Control

When faced with a real problem that has no apparent solution, you simply feel helpless. And feeling helpless makes you feel hopeless — which is a slippery slope toward giving up entirely . . .

8. Boost Self-Confidence With These 10 Surprising Actions

Self-confidence can be learned and nurtured. It comes from a place of peaceful acceptance of yourself and full recognition that you have the power to create your life rather than react to it . . .

9. Love Yourself: 10 Ways To Foster Self-Love

It makes me sad to think about all the people in the world who don’t even like themselves, much less love themselves. The odds are that some of you reading this would like to trade yourself in for a better model . . .

10. The Crippling Lies You May Be Telling Yourself

Every single day — as a coach, as a friend, as a mother, as a business associate — I hear people telling lies. They may not know they are telling lies. But they are doing it nonetheless . . .

11. How To Develop Self-Esteem Through Vulnerability

In our efforts to suppress our vulnerabilities, we create a character version of ourselves. Or we build up emotional walls high enough that no one can peer over and see the squalor of our shameful realness . . .

12. 10 Personal Growth Strategies That Actually Work For Me

Over the years, I’ve become more practical in my approach to personal growth strategies. I practice what works. I focus my energy on actions and beliefs that have a proven track record of improving my quality of life and my state of mind.

13. A Little 3-Step Guide To Overcoming Fear

Most of the time my fear was an invisible fence that zapped me when I got too close to the edge of my comfort zone. But there were times when fear was an ever-present, palpable blanket that shrouded me with worry and anxiety . . .

14. My Philosophy On Setting Goals

I now understand  that setting some goals actually allows me to become more of who I want to be and to enjoy more of what I really want to do in my life.

15. 10 Things To Do When You Have No Idea What To Do

Do you ever have those days when your brain goes on hiatus? You’re sitting on the edge of your bed first thing in the morning or sitting at your desk wondering, “What should I be doing here?”

16. How I Overcame A Huge Limiting Belief By Running

Like most people, I had dozens of limiting beliefs about myself and my abilities that had held me back from my potential for years. So what changed for me? What allowed me to push past my limiting beliefs . . .

17. The Meaning Of Life Revealed By 30 Personal Development Bloggers

Over many years as a seeker of truth, I’ve sought the answer to the question, “What is the meaning of life” through religion, metaphysics, science, relationships, personal growth, and various other paths . . .

18. How To Build Self-Confidence Through Travel

Traveling forces you to be a beginner again. No matter how educated, competent, or confident you might be at home, traveling reduces you to someone who is dependent on his or her wits and the kindness of strangers . . .

19. Why Introverts Might Rule The World

Society tends to reward extroversion and even suggest that introverts are not quite right in the head, they are shy or lacking self-c0nfidence . . .

20. Ever Worry You Have No Purpose In Life

Do you have any sense of passion or purpose for how you are living now and where you’re going in the future? Sometimes it feels we are merely passengers on the bus to nowhere . . .

21. 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Day More Productive

How can we foster this “engaged productivity” in our lives in the face of our monkey minds, our distractions, and our low-level urgency anxiety?

22. Boost Self-Esteem By Loving Your Flaws And Failures

Negative thoughts and feelings are the toxic brew we simmer in that evaporates self-esteem over time. The longer we simmer in this brew, the more potent it becomes . . .

23. 30 Life Passion Quotes To Light Your Inner Fire

If you’ve never found your life passion, then it’s hard to know exactly what you’re missing. It’s like asking why you need to find the love of your life. How do explain that?

24. Unconditional Love: The Key To Lasting Relationships

Lasting relationships simply cannot be built upon a partnership in which one or both people are seeking a host organism to provide emotional and psychological nourishment . . .

25. 10 Simple Things I Am Thankful For

there are certain material things in my life that stir feelings of gratitude and joy — and sometimes feelings of something deeper and more profound — like love, connection, happy memories, self-confidence . . .

What are your favorite self-improvement blog posts from 2013, either from Live Bold and Bloom or from other personal development blogs? Please share them in the comments.

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Rob Leonardo

#11 in your list is so beautiful. People get surprised if I show some vulnerability when I talk – honest, no holds barred and no pretensions kind of thing. Having been exposed to a support group dynamics have made me talking so ‘ vulnerable’ but it makes me wonder why people get surprised. And the more I see these reactions, the more I get back to the fear of being so open that I ask myself: “should I open up at all?” This post is definitely striking and encouraging!

Allow me to share one recent favorite posts from Huff Post which recommends writing essays about one’s positive qualities:

Winifred Reilly

What a great collection. I’ve just discovered your blog, so these are all new to me.
Number 4 – about button pushers- is nicely done.
As a couples therapist I talk about people’s buttons all day long. I’ll look forward to sharing you piece.

A favorite post from another blog was about not being afraid to aim high.
Delete Your Plan B: http://www.andrew-hines.com/2013/10/12/delete-your-plan-b/


This is a fantastic list. Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us!

Another great post about how to sort through relationships is


I really loved “How I overcame limiting beliefs by running” and “10 ways to boost your self-confiedence”.

By the way I love your blog so I guess that I forgot many other articles 😉

Thank you for investing your time in writing free content that can truly help to add value to other people’s life.


Elissa Philgence

Hi Barrie

Wonderful post, I must say it’s a lot to take in here today, but I will be sure to save this post to come back to it again and again.

It I had to pick one it would be #24 Unconditional Love: The Key To Lasting Relationships. So many time we get lost in loving and not truly learning to love unconditional–with looking for anything, or any praise back in returned.

I also, believe when you have children and made it your life’s purpose to raise them right without hoping to receive anything back from them in return–knowing that all blessings and thanks comes from God, then that is the high of unconditional love.

Thanks for sharing. Blessings,

Larry Hochman

At the risk of appearing too self-promoting, I really love the one that was on my blog this past weekend… “An Engine So Powerful, Our Bodies Can’t Handle It.” I’d say I wrote it, but it really just fell out of me after a profound experience. http://nomoreholdingback.com/an-engine-so-powerful-our-bodies-cant-handle-it/

Balroop Singh

Hi Barrie,

What an exhaustive list!! I have really liked ‘Boost Self Esteem….’ and ‘Unconditional Love….’ but I am going to read more. Thanks for sharing the list.


A great list covering great and worthwhile topics.
They are applicable to so many individuals suffering from their negative thinking
about themselves and their life.
I work with many young women who have no confidence, or sense of self and dont know what unconditional love means.


what’s an amazing things….
It I had to pick one it would be #24 Unconditional Love: The Key To Lasting Relationships. So many time we get lost in loving and not truly learning to love unconditional–with looking for anything, or any praise back in returned.

I also, believe when you have children and made it your life’s purpose to raise them right without hoping to receive anything back from them in return–knowing that all blessings and thanks comes from God, then that is the high of unconditional love.


#7-The Zen of Losing Control is the standout post for me here. Barrie Davenport’s method of grappling with control (losing it, gaining it, etc.) speaks to me on so many levels and really encapsulates the journey of transformation and change I’ve experienced throughout the last few months and even weeks of quitting my job, shifting gears, starting on a new path. Thank you to Barrie and Love Bold and Bloom for all the thoughtful and honest insights.

Self Development

Valuable points about self development… Thank for great info… Keep updating..


What I find missing form most self-help blogs and literature is the simple facts that we are social animals. Our self-perceptions, esteem, even goals and successes depend on others. First and foremost we should improve our social selves!


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