The Ultimate Gift to Yourself: A Big Box of Passion

“There was a disturbance in my heart, a voice that spoke there and said, I want, I want, I want! It happened every afternoon, and when I tried to suppress it it got even stronger.” ~Saul Bellow

Editor's Note: My new self-study program, Discover Your Passion: A Step-By-Step Course for Creating the Life of Your Dreams, goes on sale today, and is available for purchase now by clicking the links in this post.

Today I would like to invite you to take a moment as you are reading this post to step outside of yourself. Become the detached observer of your life.

This is a hectic time of year, but please, just stop what you are doing for five minutes, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and look at your life as though you were a loving friend observing you with the best intentions.

Mentally view the various aspects of your life — your career, your relationships, your finances, your health, your lifestyle, your home, and your life balance. As you do this mental review, become aware of the places where your life is deeply fulfilling and joyful. Then become aware of areas of ambivalence and mediocrity — not bad, but not great. And finally, take a look at the areas in which your life is depleting you and making you restless and unhappy.

My desire as a coach and through this blog is to inspire you to embrace this truth: positive life change is possible, even if you feel deeply stuck or trapped.

Even small, incremental change for the better is often enough to generate the momentum you need to feel in control of your life and enthusiastic about your future.

All of us, even those whose lives are pretty good right now, can benefit from this “life review.” There are places in every life that can be better, more exciting, more intensely meaningful and fulfilling. I know this, because I have done this work for my own life and have worked with many coaching clients as they have taken bold action and made huge life shifts. They have allowed themselves the time and space to do this important work.

Today, I'd like to offer you that gift of time and space to ignite your life passion. I am launching a self-study program called Discover Your Passion: A Step-By-Step Course for Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

I created this course in response to questions and feedback from you, my readers, who are seeking more meaning, more control, more joy, and more freedom in your lives.

This116-page, 7 module course will lead you through a process of self-discovery and deep awareness of who you are, what you want, and what is holding you back. It provides a guide for creating action steps and accountability so you can make the necessary changes to create the life of your dreams. It is packed with assessments, worksheets, and action steps to help you to see yourself clearly, and to motivate you to move forward toward a better life.

Here’s what you will get from Discover Your Passion:

  • A better understanding of your personality, motivations, values, and skills.

  • A clear picture of what makes you happy and what you don’t like.
  • A sense of what is holding you back, getting in your way, causing you fear, limiting your growth, and keeping you stagnant.
  • A vision of your ideal life lived with passion.
  • A strategy combined with action steps for making that ideal life a reality.
  • A schedule for taking those actions.
  • A system of accountability for making sure to ensure you follow through, refine, and build upon your new life.

Module I: Your Personality — Getting to Know Your Type

Module II: Your Qualities — Skills, Values, and Interests

Module III: Your Road Map — Life Purpose, Vision, and Mission

Module IV: Your Roadblocks — Balance, Blocks, Reactions, and Unresolved Issues

Module V: Your Mindshifts — Tolerations and Unmet Needs

Module VI: Your Passion — Uncovering and Living Your Dream

Module VII: Your Plan — An Action Step Calendar

The course packages include several bonus items, including my 72-page guide, The Bold Living Guide: 7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life, as well as options for personal one-on-one telephone and email coaching.

Here's some of the feedback I've received on the course from people who have previewed it:

Steve Aitchison, Change Your Thoughts

“Discover Your Passion is a course which takes you by the hand and gets right to the core of YOU to help you discover who you are, and then discover your passion. With worksheets, mind training, and coaching I have no hesitation in recommending this course to ANYONE who is struggling to get back on the path of their life and become the success they want to be.”

Carolyn Rubenstein, A Beautiful Ripple Effect

Discover Your Passion guides you through a process of self-discovery and self-change. But it’s gentle, unlike my abusive inner gremlin, and helps you take baby steps toward the realization of your vision. There is no magic wand or secret potion; it’s hard work, but the payoff is a worth everything for the renewed perspective you gain based on the momentum you create in your daily life. You will surprise yourself – more than once – and dream bigger than you ever imagined, translating your passion and dreams into your reality. The course is nothing short of awe inspiring. It is a gift that you are worthy of giving yourself.”

Katie Tallo, Momentum Gathering

“The thing that struck me most about Barrie’s Discover Your Passion course was the way it encourages you and guides you towards taking a really good hard look at yourself, at who you really are, and then harnessing that new-found knowledge to grab hold of what you deserve, desire and dream of. Even if you’re relatively happy, it gives you a clearer picture of what’s working and where more happiness and joy can be found. It’s a thoroughly comprehensive exercise in digging deep and uncovering your true passion.”

Tess Marshall, The Bold Life

“Through Barrie Davenport’s stellar guidance and empowering process, you are inspired to go deep within, overcome obstacles, unearth your passion, follow your heart and live a joyful life. In exchange for excuses and fear, you receive clear, insightful and invaluable content. Encouraging quotes, gentle guidance, and the tone of the course makes it feel like Barrie is a friend meeting with you in a coffee shop. Take this course, and start making your dreams a reality!”

Jeff Nickles, My Super-Charged Life

“If you want more out of life, then this course is for you.  It is a powerful opportunity to start over from the beginning to build the life you really want.  Barrie will walk you through a comprehensive set of life-changing exercises that will lead you to your true passion.  However, she doesn’t stop there.  She will also help you develop a customized action plan for achieving your goals.  If you are serious about living life to the fullest, then I recommend you buy this powerful course with one of the coaching options.  It will propel you toward your dreams on full afterburners!”

Jennifer Gresham, Everyday Bright
“Want to wake up every day bursting with excitement for the day ahead?  Want to make your work a central and energizing part of your life?  For less than the price of a month’s worth of groceries, you can finally infuse your life with the meaning and passion it’s been missing. Barrie Davenport has tackled the biggest obstacles to career design, providing structure and encouragement as you zero in on what will fulfill you.  Most people avoid this essential work because it feels overwhelming and scary.  This course not only helps you conquer those inner demons, it delivers the answers that have previously eluded you.  As Robert Anthony said, ‘Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy.’  There’s only one way to prove him wrong. Take this course.”

Cristina Coli, Positively Beauty

“I’ve read many books and done several workshops in my quest to discover my passion, and I only wish that Barrie had created her course years ago – my search would have been so much easier!!! Barrie guides you through the process with a series of simple yet powerful exercises that help you understand who you really are, what your purpose is, and what makes your heart sing. If you’re ready  to take action and change your life for the best, this is the perfect course for you. And if you already have an idea of what your passion might be, the course can help you focus on the actions you need to take to make that very passion lead your life. I can’t recommend this e-course enough!”

Melissa Gorzelanczyk, Peace & Projects

Are you spending your days the way you dreamed of spending your life? Or maybe you feel stuck, like you’ll never have the time, money or motivation to go after your dreams. Barrie’s eCourse, Discover Your Passion, will get you off the couch and jumping back into a life that’s meaningful. The course lives up to it’s name – it really takes you step-by-step to creating the life of your dreams. The time to start living with purpose and intention is now. Thank you, Barrie, for creating these amazing resources!

Instead of new clothes, a new gadget, or a gift card, give yourself or someone you love the gift of an extraordinary new life. Give a big box of passion this holiday season and start the new year by unwrapping all of the unique gifts you have inside of you — just waiting to be discovered.

I am offering three Discover Your Passion packages at Special Holiday Prices that will be good today through Sunday, December 19 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time.

Click this link to learn more or to purchase your copy of Discover Your Passion: A Step-By-Step Course for Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

Affiliate Program: If you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner for this course please click here.

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  1. Hi Barrie! It sounds like an amazing program! It seems like you put a lot thought and effort into creating a sound product that can benefit all of us. I wish you much success with this new endeavor. May you reach that lives of all that can benefit from this offering. Loving blessings!
    .-= Andrea DeBell – britetalk´s last blog ..Kickstart an Abundant Life the Easy Way =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Hi Andrea,
      Thank you so much. It is a great way to start the new year. I hope it touches people’s lives as well.

  2. So many people are looking for something, searching for something and they can’t quite put their finger on it. I’m convinced, after getting a sneak peek at your course, that this is a profound way for them to do just that. To zero in on their passion and start living it instead of aimlessly searching for it. Great job, Barrie. Happy launching and I hope many people decide to access not only your course, but your coaching – then they’ll find out how supportive, insightful, kind and genuine you really are. Much love, Katie
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..How to Be Random- Restless &amp Passionately Unsteady =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Thank you so much Katie. You are a true example of someone living their passion — and checking in regularly with yourself to stay on track — as evidenced by your stunning guest post at Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

  3. Barrie,
    Your program is bursting at the seams with great ideas and guidance.
    I could barely keep my post about it in the margins!

    I know you’re going to help so many people with this course and your coaching.
    How many of us are living “lives of quiet desperation?”
    To find your passion is to reconnect with your true joy and purpose in this life.

    What better than to life a purpose driven life?
    .-= Angela Artemis´s last blog ..It’s Never Too Late to Live the Life Of Your Dreams =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      That is a poignant way to say it — living lives of quiet desperation. I would rather live a life of loud and bold enthusiasm. That is what I’m trying to teach in my course. Thank you so much for your lovely post and for partnering with me.

  4. I admire how you are following your passion Barrie with the release of this course.

    Best wishes and thank you for sharing your talents with us.


    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Thank you so much Alex! I appreciate your support and partnership on this program.

  5. Steven Aitchison says:

    Hey Barrie. I was honoured that you let me get a sneak peek at this course before it went live.

    Years ago I found it extremely difficult to find what I wanted to do in life, and indeed figure out who I really was. this course would have saved me years of soul searching, and hard work 🙂

    The thing that’s so good about the course is that it lets you discover who you are as a person, a lot of courses presume you know this already.

    Thank you for letting me preview it. I’ve read it twice and going through the worksheets and am still finding out more about myself, and I thought I was pretty clued up on that already 🙂

    I wish you all the success in the world with this Barrie and hope your readers appreciate how much hard work and effort has gone into this.
    .-= Steven Aitchison´s last blog ..5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Fit =-.

    • Hi Barrie,
      Congratulations on your “Discover Your Passion Course.” I just discovered you today on Mary’s blog, Goodlifezen and also on the Bold Life with Tess.
      First of all, I’m curious about your name, Barrie. It’s unusual for a woman. I like your seven step approach to discovering your passion. It’s so difficult for most people to find what they really want to do in life, and you are helping us discover our passion.
      Thanks for the motivation and for helping us.

      • Barrie Davenport says:

        Hi Gutsy Writer (love that!),
        Thank you so much for your kind comments — I am delighted you found my blog.
        My name was inspired by a dancer/actress who danced with Fred Astaire named Barrie Chase. I guess my mom thought that was a cool name for a woman. I’ve met a few other Barrie’s.
        I hope you visit again (or subscribe) and look forward to getting to know you.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      You have made my day! Thank you so much for your generosity and support. From one INFJ to another, I have a “gut feeling” that you would have tracked down your passion all on your own — and it appears you have! Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season Steve. Thank you for being such a great friend.

  6. You just out passion back on the agenda Barrie after recent less upbeat times. Send a copy of your course to Obama and Cameron and the whole European Union to be more positive and confident that we can turn things around and live with zip and zest. Hope people will go from step to step passion to an all out run to the sunshine and funshine. Be blessed for lifting spirits and creating a good vibe.
    .-= John Sherry´s last blog ..Hope In A Hundred Words =-.