Ten Tiny Boxes of Gratitude for You

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~William Arthur Ward

I have been thinking a lot about gratitude. Maybe you have too. I read a lot of articles at my other blog, The Daily Brainstorm, and for the last week, gratitude has been a common theme. Of course it should be. It is Thanksgiving week after all.

This intense focus on gratitude has been good for me. Usually at this time every year, I am laser focused on shopping for food, cleaning the house, and finishing up work projects, so that I am ready for the big day. The big day comes, and perhaps I spend the five minutes before the meal thinking about my blessings. The meal ends, the clean-up begins, and the day of thanksgiving is over.

This year I have been thinking about my blessings many times a day for several days. One of my most profound blessings this year is this blog. For non-bloggers, this may sound silly. How could a blog generate a gratitude list? Other bloggers may relate.

This blog has changed my life for the better in so many ways and below is my gratitude list.

It is a fulfilling creative outlet in which I can express myself through writing, design, and inspiration.

It is a means of serving others and helping them to live better lives — something I feel called to do.

It has opened the door to a community of other bloggers who have become my collaborators, partners, supporters, and friends. Among my daily interactions, I am blessed to work with:

And lastly, most importantly, it is a means of connecting with you — my readers. Some of you are now my coaching clients. Many have made warm and heartfelt comments on the blog or sent me emails. Most are just there, reading what I have to say. That is a blessing indeed.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you — for reading, for responding, for taking bold steps and fearless actions, for using my words as a catalyst for your life.

So please accept these ten tiny boxes of gratitude from me to you.

You can tear into them all at once if you like, or savor them over time like a box of chocolates. They are simple, but heartfelt, and I hope they add to your blessings for this week of thanksgiving.

Box #1, The Gift of Our Beautiful World

Box#2, The Gift of Amazing Love

Box#3, The Gift of Inspiration

Box#4, The Gift of Amazement

Box#5, The Gift of Humor

Box#6, The Gift of Relaxation

Box #7, The Gift of Authenticity

Box#8, The Gift of Reading

Box #9, The Gift of Movement

Box #10, The Gift of Freedom

Wishing you and your family a day full of blessings, connection, peace, and love. Thank  you for all of the blessings you bring to me. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Okay Barrie, I got to package three and I’m all teary-eyed. Saving the rest for later when I can hold it together. Wow. Inspiring little boxes you’ve put together. I am truly grateful to be named as one of your friends and I, too, feel blessed by this gift that blogging has become. Much love to you.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..How to Feel The Earth Move Under Your Feet =-.

  2. Well, I was teary-eyed after the second video, and the third one made me even more emotional! Thanks for the inspiring boxes, and for naming me as one of your friends…blogging is a wonderful adventure, and I’m happy I got to meet you 🙂 Love.

  3. Jane Rochelle says:

    Hi Barrie,
    This is a beautiful post … I appreciate your kindness in including me, but most importantly, I appreciate the love that comes through in your words. I’ve only opened a couple of the packages so-far … saving them for when I’m not so rushed.
    Thank you so much for your friendship, and I hope you have a happy, relaxing Thanksgiving … and do remember to count your many blessings.
    .-= Jane Rochelle´s last blog ..In Spiritual Presence with MC Richards =-.

  4. What a creative way to give gifts to others. I started with relaxation – ahhhh – floating is lovely 🙂

    Back to earth, I’m so excited for you that you have found your groove in blogging, coaching, and life!
    .-= Marci´s last blog ..Shining Light on Communication Traps =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Hi Marci,
      Thank you so much. I have found my groove! I hope your relaxed state of mind lasts through the holiday season. Enjoy. . .

  5. Barrie,

    Thanks for sharing the uplifting and inspiring videos! These virtues are all gifts and areas to be cultivated. Your blog really provides inspiration to many and it’s a wonderful thing that this is reciprocated to you as well. Have a wonderful holiday!
    .-= Joe Wilner´s last blog ..How to Stay Grateful No Matter What the Circumstances =-.

  6. Hi Barrie! It’s not even Christmas yet and I already received 10 tiny gifts. What a deal! Thanks for the beautiful presents and wonderful gesture. In return, I’ll give you Box #11, The Gift of Peace. Please enjoy! Loving blessings, sweetie!
    .-= Andrea DeBell – britetalk´s last blog ..How to Skyrocket your Happiness Barometer with Tiny Actions =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Ah peace . . . that’s a wonderful gift. Thank you. Now I’m going to read your post on tiny actions for happiness. Another gift from you.

  7. Totally wonderful for a Thanksgiving Day. I will listen to each of them many times.
    Youa are inspirational, Barrie. Thank you and have a lovely day with friends & family.
    .-= Marsha @ Splenderosa´s last blog ..Kaboom ! =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Hi Marsha,
      I’m so glad you like them. It was a fun post to write. I love each of those gifts myself!

  8. What a beautiful way to show your gratitude Barrie. I’m looking forward to opening these boxes, one at a time to take in their love and meaning.



    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Hi Alex,
      I hop e you enjoy them! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

  9. Very wonderful thoughts and words.
    Now, if we could only remember them through the year.


    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Thanks Yvonne. Come back and visit my blog throughout the year. 🙂 Maybe that will help.

  10. Tess The Bold Life says:

    Hi Barrie,

    How creative you are with your gifts! I felt amazement, joy, thanksgiving and wonder and of course gratitude. I appreciate your tiny boxes with powerful messages. I’m grateful for our new friendship and look forward to it growing over the years. I’m thinking many of us will become life long friends seeing we’re in this for the long run!
    Who knows where that could lead? Growing old together? lol Hugs Tess

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Dear Tess,
      I am grateful for our friendship too. I wish I could meet all of my new blog friends in person. Maybe we should arrange a blog reunion. Now that would be a bold thing to do!

  11. Barrie, thank you so much. It is a pleasure and a continued inspiration to know you. Lisa
    .-= LPC´s last blog ..5 Pieces Of Jewelry For A Wishlist =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Thank you Lisa. I love the new look of your blog. It’s beautiful! When you are going to write a book?

  12. Hi Barrie,

    Those are some lovely gifts you put together! It’s just what I need to refresh and to recharge myself by remembering the big picture.

    I love the gift of the world. It’s beautiful and helps to put everything in perspective.

    Box #3 was also moving and inspirational indeed. It is definitely a welcome gift regardless of the times.

    I have always had trouble relaxing, so Box #6 is definitely my favourite gift. It is very calming and helps me to relax.

    Thank you for this lovely post!

    Irving aka the Vizier
    .-= The Vizier´s last blog ..Life Lessons of the Vizier =-.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Hi Irving (your name at last!!),
      Thank you for your kind comments. I am so glad you enjoyed the gifts. You have trouble relaxing? That’s not good. Learning the art of relaxing should be a special gift to yourself this holiday season. 🙂

  13. How wonderful to remind us of these very special gifts! All the best Barrie!

    Come and Enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena
    .-= Karena´s last blog ..Fifi Flowers Giveaway 200 Value =-.