The Secrets To Turning Your Passion Into Profit

If you've been reading Live Bold and Bloom for a while, you know how strongly I believe that bold living should incorporate finding your passion and making that passion part of your daily life.

I proselytize about this because of my personal experience.

I know how profoundly my life changed for the better when I found something I truly loved doing and started doing it as my day-to-day work. My job is exciting, deeply meaningful, and so much fun.

In addition to the thrill of writing several blogs and coaching people to improve their own lives, I'm getting paid to do what I love. I'm making a living at something that doesn't really feel like work to me. This hasn't been the case for most of my professional life. Has it been for yours?

If you've been struggling to find your passion or to make money from your passion, don't give up — it is possible.

I want to share some strategic steps for both finding your passion(s), and also turning your passion into profit.

Even with something as personal and complex as uncovering your life passion, you need a logical plan of action. Passion rarely finds it way to you — you have to take the steps to reveal it. Through my personal research, experience, and coaching, I formulated the steps that need to be followed to help you unlock your true calling and find a way to profit from it if that's your goal.

Step 1: Establishing the Foundation

The first step toward your passion is learning more about who you are and what motivates you – beyond the obvious qualities. We can easily list our roles in life and what we believe about ourselves and the world.

But this first step involves a more in-depth look at yourself, why you behave and respond the way you do, how you interact with others, and the type of intelligence that drives you.

Step 2: Refining Your Personal Qualities

During our lives, we develop personal qualities that tell the world who we are and what's important to us. Some of these qualities are innate, but most are fostered through experience, influence, and chance. These qualities include our skills and aptitudes; our core values and beliefs; and our joys and frustrations.

Defining and refining your most important andauthentic personal qualities is vital to uncovering and living your life passion. Through this process, you will clarify exactly who you want to be within the context of all of your qualities.

Step 3: Creating a Purpose and Vision

After you’ve learned more about yourself and your personal qualities, you need to step back from the details to see the bigger picture – the bigger blueprint that pulls it all together and gives direction for your actions and decisions.

Uncovering your  life passion is so much more than defining “what it is you love to do.” Sure, it’s fun to have many things you feel excited about or that are enjoyable. But a life passion needs direction, purpose, and vision to make it as rich and rewarding as it can possibly be.

A life passion supported by a greater purpose and propelled by a positive vision, is the stuff that dreams are made of. It is what turns us from just “living life” into thriving, blossoming, self-actualizing individuals. It gives our existence meaning as we choose to define it.

Step 4: Moving Past Roadblocks

So many people on the path to their life passion don’t succeed. It’s not because they lack  passion or the desire to find it but because they hit roadblocks and don’t know how to overcome them.

We all have dreams of a happy, fully-engaged life, surrounded by loving and supportive people. We long to rekindle the feelings of enthusiasm we experienced when we were young and carefree.

But over time, because of our experiences and life difficulties, we've adopted limiting beliefs, fears, and unresolved issues. We are out-of-balance and out-of-touch with our true selves underneath all of these old fears and beliefs.

But once you know how to address these fears and beliefs, they no longer have to stop you from finding or living your life passion.

Step 5: Creating a New Mindset

When you begin your journey to find your passion, subtle changes start happening inside of you. As you honestly assess what has been blocking you from finding and living your passion, you have some “ah ha” moments, some profound and evolutionary mind shifts.

Circumstances, behaviors, thoughts, and even people you once accepted or tolerated seem less important or tolerable. As you understand what you really want in life, and address the roadblocks that have been holding you back, you get crystal clear on your priorities.

Tolerating situations and people that waste your time and energy no longer is acceptable. Allowing yourself, your needs, and your priorities to be back-burnered doesn’t work for you anymore. You learn to face these shifts and proactively manage the fallout.

Step 6: Taking Action

After all of  the self-discovery work, creating a purpose and vision, and addressing roadblocks, your passion will begin to emerge. Pieces will fall into place as you focus in on ideas and inspiration that keeps moving to the forefront of your awareness, like the cream rising to the top.

The recognition may be immediate or gradual, but after all of the self-work you’ve done, at some point you reach a certainty (or a very strong inkling) that you have found it. You are there — but only partially there. The next critical phase of your passion work is creating actions to make your passion a reality.

This involves research, experimentation, and careful planning. It also involves flexibility and patience. But most importantly, it involves taking daily action in the direction of your dream. Finding your passion means nothing if you don't find a way to live it!

 Step 7: Turning Your Passion Into Profit

So many people sabotage any chance of making a profit from their passion because they don't believe it's possible. They start thinking about all of the reasons why it won't work instead of using that energy to brainstorm ways to make it work.

Brainstorm your business or career dreams related to your passion, no matter how outlandish they seem. Then wait a few days before you get practical and critical. I'd be willing to bet that for every crazy idea you brainstorm, someone is already out there making a great living from it.

We’ve been  conditioned to believe it’s not possible to build a career around passion. So many people hate their jobs and have decided to accept that as a fact of life. But a crucial ingredient to living your passion and making money from it is by surrounding yourself with people already doing it.  Spend time around enough people living their dreams, and you'll both have the inspiration and the know-how to make a living from yours.

Here are just a few ideas for making money from your passion:

  • Become a consultant or coach related to your passion
  • Host seminars or workshops
  • Become a freelancer
  • Create an online course or guide to sell
  • Outsource your talents on sites like Elance or Odesk
  • Create a product to sell online
  • Create a website or blog about your passion as a platform for selling products and services
  • Self-publish a how-to book to sell on Amazon and other booksellers

Years ago, I dreamed about waking up every day with the same enthusiasm and passion I’d seen in others. But for a long time, I didn’t actually do anything—I just hoped, following the same lifestyle and getting the same results. I was frustrated, I was confused, and I feared I was passionless.

Today, I have a thriving business, doing work I love that is purposeful and fulfilling — and that generates a great income. I am expanding my business and living my dream. If it is possible for me, I know it is possible for you.

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Dr. Cris Green

I am so glad that Scott Dinsmore has put together this program. I truly believe in finding your dream job by following your passion. The description tells me that he has taken the best of many different methods and combined then into this one program. I am sure it is worth the investment.


Hi Barrie,

This program seems to be great one. I am living off my passion and helping people designing their life and work.

Becky netley

This blog post came at a time when I needed it!

I’ve hit one of those roadblocks in my passion. I’m a freelance photographer and work is slow and money is tight. But I think this is where most people would give up, admit defeat and go back to 9-to-5 job that I hate. I’ve decided to never give up, I know in myself that I would not be happy if I wasn’t doing something I truly love. After all we only get one life, may as well enjoy it!

Thank you for your blog posts, theyre great inspiration when my motivation is low!

Becky x


thanks for the free ebook. am grateful for being part of my success stories.
yours sincerely,


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