Building Confidence, My New Kindle eBook [UPDATE]

I've spent the last couple of years writing blog posts and teaching online courses about building confidence.

What I've discovered from those who comment on the posts or take my courses is that a whole lot of people lack confidence in some area of their lives. It's a very common problem, but sadly people tend to believe confidence is a fixed trait that can't be improved upon.

Fortunately that isn't true. You can improve your confidence if you learn how. There are specific, proven skills involved in becoming a more confident person. These are skills I teach, and I want to share them with you.

That's why I've written my new Kindle book:

Building Confidence: Get Motivated, Overcome Social Fear, Be Assertive, and Empower Your Life For Success


As a Kindle author, I know a quality book launch is extremely important. If I get a lot of downloads/sales in these first few days, my book will move to the top of Amazon’s charts and have long-term success. By offering the book for such a low price for a few days, more people will be willing to purchase it from Amazon.

Does $3.99 mean low quality?

No way! I don't do low quality. This book is 18 chapters and 131 pages, packed with strategies and specific action steps to help you overcome self-doubt and create success in your work, relationships, social life, and finances. I include confidence case studies, inspirational stories, and specific examples to help you overcome your specific confidence issue.

Here's a taste of what's covered:

  • Find out the hidden reasons you’ve been blocked from self-confidence;
  • Learn the “self-fulfilling prophecy” that traps you and holds you back;
  • Recognize this common confidence problem and how you can change your outlook about it;
  • Learn exactly how much lack of confidence is costing you financially (a lot!);
  • Get clear on why this “addiction” is making it impossible to trust yourself;
  • Define your “POS” so you can regain control of your life;
  • Learn how to turn social fear on its head so you finally feel comfortable in groups;
  • Understand the scientific process behind confident decision-making;
  • See why your relationships might be suffering and how to fix them for good;
  • Understand the secret ingredient to sustained self-confidence that lasts forever.

Will You Help Me?

As  I mentioned, I’m offering $.99 copies (per Amazon’s KDP system) until September 19. So please grab your copy while the offer is still available.

But . . .
I really need your help!! If you find this book useful, then I’d love a review from you on Amazon. (Here is the link to the book on  Amazon.)

Don’t Own a Kindle Reader? No Problem!

You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle eBooks. There are a variety of free ways you can read a Kindle eBook:

Read it on your PC or Mac (Kindle Cloud Reader)
Read it on your iPhone or iPad (iTunes App)
Read it on your Android (Kindle for Android)
Read it on your Blackberry (Kindle for Blackberry)

No matter what type of device you use to access the Internet, you can access a Kindle eBook. However, if you still have trouble accessing this Kindle book, please send me an email before September 19 at 5:00 pm Eastern, and I'll help you out.

Here is the download link again to my book ==>

And here are the links for the book in other countries:




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Go download it now and please let me know your thoughts in the Amazon reviews.


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Ron Clendenin

Wow! That’s amazing that you hit #2 already. I really enjoyed the book. It was so practical and was full of great wisdom. I hope you make it to #1!

Deb Scott, BA, CPC (@GreenSkyDeb)

Congratulations Barrie well deserved!!! Sharing!!! 🙂


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