How to Boldly Go Where You've Never Gone Before

“Space – the final frontier! These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five year mission – to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before” ~ Star Trek

This is a guest post by Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering

Is there somewhere you'd like to boldly go? Somewhere you've never gone before? Somewhere so far out of your comfort zone that it scares the bejesus out of you just thinking about it?

Likely this place is not just a place – it's a hope, a mission, a work of art, a degree, a big change, a dream, an achievement, a sense of purpose, an audition, a break up, a way of life, an adventure or a challenge – and likely it's just a drop in your bucket list compared to the excuses heaped on top of it.

  • I'm too old.
  • I'm not good enough.
  • I have no talent.
  • I'm scared.
  • I don't want to be alone.
  • I don't want to rock the boat.
  • I don't want to leave what I know.
  • I have no idea how to start.
  • I'm too lazy.
  • I'm not bold enough.
  • It's too hard.
  • I just can't.

We all have them. They buzz around our brains like bees, demanding our attention. Pick me! Pick me! And so we sift through our excuses, choose one that fits, but it stings us anyway. Why? Because we feel like that place we want to boldly go is still out there, waiting for us to seek it out, sitting quietly in a corner of our brain hidden behind a din of excuses.

So how do you get there to that place – that final frontier? How do you boldly go where you've never gone before?

Well you can start by getting your hair washed. Yes, you heard me right. I said, get your hair washed. Likely not the advice you were expecting. Maybe you thought I was going to tell you to “just do it” or “visualize your future” or “begin with small steps” or “write down your goals” or “plan your path” – all very useful ways to go boldly forward. But yesterday, as I sat back in a reclining shampoo chair and had my hair washed, I had a bit of a rethink.

I was in the midst of writing this very article when I had to step out for a hair appointment. I needed the break and the “just do it” path this article was headed down was feeling a little worn.

As I lay back, hot water flowed gently over my hair and surrounded my thoughts with warmth. A rush of calm washed over me as the shampoo was softly massaged into my scalp. “Tell them to get their hair washed,” was the thought that bubbled up. I smiled and relaxed into a state of bliss as my hair was rubbed, cleansed, rinsed and wrapped in a soft towel.

I knew what I wanted to say. I knew that self care, self love, warmth and washing away expectations and pressures was part of it. That is why I say, “Get your hair washed.” I don't mean it literally, I mean relax, give your head a soak and embrace the maybe in life.

  • Maybe you don't need to dive headfirst into your dreams right this second.
  • Maybe you are exactly where you should be.
  • Maybe you know best what is best for you.
  • Maybe you're not ready.
  • Maybe it doesn't matter if you go boldly towards some big bold dream.
  • Maybe it's enough to have big bold dreams.
  • Maybe you are enough just as you are.
  • Maybe your time will come.
  • Maybe you will decide today is your day.
  • Maybe your excuses are valid.
  • Maybe you don't have to be all that you can be.
  • Maybe you are amazing and bold already.
  • Maybe you just need to get your hair washed.
  • Maybe I'm wrong.

There's lots of advice out there about how to go boldly forward, how to seek out your dream life, how to get what you really want – lots of great advice. But for now, rest your head back a moment and let that place – that hope, mission, work of art, degree, big change, dream, achievement, sense of purpose, audition, break up, way of life, adventure or challenge simply wash over with loving warmth and then maybe, just maybe …

Katie is boldly trying to be a blogger, vegan, runner, writer, director and good wife and mother. She writes a blog called Momentum Gathering where she seeks to inspire simple joyful life change. Katie has a beautiful new FREE Workbook called The Life Cleanse Starter Kit. It's a great way to get the momentum building around your next bold move!

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Leah McClellan

Awesome! “Maybe you are exactly where you should be” is what I tell myself all the time–and I know it’s true–but I always have the call of the wild going on in my head, an itch to head out, an urge to jump into unknown, deep water. It’s been a few years since I jumped on a plane and went somewhere really bold and out of my comfort zone and all that, but traveling isn’t the only way to be bold. I am boldly staying local and doing other bold things right here in the (relative) comfort of my own home! lol

Great angle on things.
.-= Leah McClellan´s last blog ..Anger Management- It’s Not Just For Bullies =-.

    Katie Tallo

    Leah, I am exactly the same, “you are where you should be” is a mantra that eases me forward without pressure or comparison. No plane jumps necessary to live a bold life. Your blog is full of bold ideas and directions for living a peaceful life. That is your jump and if you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, more power to you. Thanks for visiting me on Barrie’s turf.
    .-= Katie Tallo´s last blog ..A Simple Guide to Beauty =-.

Barrie Davenport

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with my readers. You are right, sometimes the boldest thing you can do is give yourself permission not to be bold — and just wash your hair. Or something else that feels like self care. For me, it’s watching the season premiere of Desperate Housewives tonight. It isn’t bold, but it’s blissfully indulgent! I love this post and am so delighted you jumped over here for a visit.

    Katie Tallo

    Thanks Barrie. It is a real honour to be a part of your bold and beautiful blog. Blissful indulgence is just what a hard working woman like you deserves – or maybe there’s a little desperate housewife lurking inside you? – either way, we all deserve self care.
    .-= Katie Tallo´s last blog ..How to Grow Momentum in Your Life =-.


Dear Barrie,

please don’t ask me how I could find your blog in the internet, but I did. And since I discovered it, I am reading your posts regularly and I like them very much. And this post by Katie is exactly what I needed today.

I send you my best wishes from Duesseldorf (Germany),

    Katie Tallo

    Thank you Dori. Yes, finding Barrie is like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? I’m glad you found what you needed here today. Best wishes from Ottawa (Canada), Katie
    .-= Katie Tallo´s last blog ..How to Grow Momentum in Your Life =-.

Steven Aitchison

Hi Katie.

Loved your advice in this post. Sometimes we give ourselves too much of a hard time and it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. Chilling out and just visualizing your destination can be a great way to re-group our thoughts without the pressure.
.-= Steven Aitchison´s last blog ..Twitter Made me an Extroverted Introvert =-.

    Katie Tallo

    Hey Steve, thanks for your kind comment. It’s amazing how much pressure we do put on ourselves and you’re right, re-grouping is just as important as forging ahead.


So…I did wash my hair today (now I’m feeling extra proud of that fact!!!)!!

On an *ahem* more serious note – this really is good stuff! For all those times when we have these thoughts/dreams/grand ideas – and then “hold back” from the next step…perhaps there is something good with all of that. Maybe it’s even in a bit of self-reflection that we are indeed right where we need to be….
.-= Lance´s last blog ..Life Happiness Lessons- What I Learned From a Duck =-.

    Katie Tallo

    Good point, Lance. Self-reflection is a destination too or maybe a necessary pit stop on the way to our dreams. Ahhh, I can smell the shampoo from here.

Tess The Bold Life

I can’t agree more. I like to get my hair washed and allow the warmth and love wash over my dreams when I find I’m getting in my own way, feeling stuck or envious etc.
Our egos will use everything against us if we allow it and when I relax I can let it all go. I’m allowing my hair to drip dry today;)
.-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Patrick Henry Hughes &amp 100 Healings- Simon Hay =-.

    Katie Tallo

    Tess, it’s funny how relaxation and ego just don’t mix. Letting go is both mental and physical I guess.


I love the ideas you present here..
I live on a boat, so showering is a luxury to me..Some people begin their day with a cup of coffee, I love my shower…I have to gather my toiletries then walk a few minutes to get to the shower, I make sure that I have wonderful bath products, and I enjoy the water, the scents, the feelings..allowing my heart to fill with gratitude..*that* is how I start my day..and I don’t compromise that…
Exactly as my life is when I allow my heart to be open to it…

    Katie Tallo

    Wow, living on a boat must be such an exercise in minimalism and freedom. Even your name speaks to how you live. Your daily ritual sounds simply divine and your heartfelt existence a blessing to you. All the best, Joy.


Hey Katie that was wonderful and unpredictable, get your hair washed I love that .
Well speaking for myself I think it is important to break out of comfort zones and it is also really scary. It doesn’t get any easier either.

I am about to embark on what I hope to be a life changing experience. I am leaving my business and family to do a postgraduate degree in the UK.

It sure is out of my comfort zone. And strangely enough there is a weird connection with reaching the decision to go and the hairdresser, go figure…

Great post keep them coming!
.-= Stephen´s last blog ..The Power of One More Thing… =-.

    Katie Tallo

    Stephen, I wish you all the best in your new adventure outside your comfort zone. Bring lots of shampoo!


You are absolutely right- often we don’t “boldly go there” for a reason….

Sometimes something better is just around the corner.

Love the “Maybe you are amazing and bold already” point!
.-= Carolee´s last blog ..It’s FINALLY done! =-.

Steve-Personal Success Factors

Great article. Often times the “shoulds” of what we most want are, in actuality, what hold us back. I would qualify that the maybe’s, interspersed with ‘baby steps’, are what will help us reach our desired ‘bold’ goals. Thanks again. It’s time for me to make an appointment with my barber 🙂
.-= Steve-Personal Success Factors´s last blog ..Discover My Top 11 Motivation Books of All Time =-.


    Steve, I have trained myself to never use that “should” word and to keep my hair appointments no matter what. Baby steps are my favourite way to travel in life – good observation. Thanks for commenting.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..How to Grow Momentum in Your Life =-.


“embrace the maybe in life” – great words of wisdom!! The same way we can question ourselves in to doubt and fear – we can question ourselves into calm and hope.

Wonderful suggestion, to just wash our hair. 🙂
.-= Aileen´s last blog ..12 Low Cost Luxuries …Indulge Your Senses =-.

Dgill O'rank

Sometime we need to take a rest to get new inspiration and motivation. Great!
.-= Dgill O’rank´s last blog ..Free SEO Plugins For WordPress To Increase Your Traffic =-.


    Too true, Dgill. Rest = space for inspiration.


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