Scripts For Emotional Abuse: 107 Empowering Responses To Use With An Abuser

New Book Release Today: Emotional Abuse Breakthrough Scripts: 107 Empowering Responses and Boundaries to Use with Your Abuser

Emotional abuse keeps you tongue-tied and anxious, unable to speak up for fear of rocking the boat.

When your abuser shuts you down with control, anger, manipulation, and subtle threats, it’s hard to know how to respond or what to say without making things worse.

However, by allowing your partner to get away with abusive behaviors without saying anything, or when you lash out in pain and anger yourself, you’re giving away your power and reinforcing your abuser’s control.

It’s hard to stand up to an abuser who has systematically stripped you of your self-esteem, dignity, and confidence. In the heat of the moment, it feels impossible to say anything coherent or express how hurtful, unloving, and frightening your abuser’s words and actions are.

Once you awaken to these mind games, you no longer need to engage in them.

There is a way to respond to your abuser clearly, calmly, and confidently. You CAN set strong boundaries and develop logical consequences when you are prepared with what to say, when to say it, and how to respond when your abuser steps over the line.

That’s why I’ve written my latest book, Emotional Abuse Breakthrough Scripts: 107 Empowering Responses and Boundaries to Use with Your Abuser.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to start with small push-backs to conquer “emotional abuser phobia.”
  • How to shift the balance of power with an emotionally abusive bully.
  • 10 critical steps to follow before you speak up and set boundaries.
  • How to time your words for the best effect.
  • 107 confident and mature responses for 16 different abuse situations.
  • What to say when the abuser responds badly to your new confidence.
  • Specific boundaries to set with your abuser in common abuse scenarios.
  • 23 logical consequences to use when an abuser crosses the line.
  • Age-appropriate scripts to use with your children to announce your break-up.
  • 11 firm scripts to use with an ex-abuser who still crosses your boundaries.

As you practice the scripts in this book and prepare yourself with the best words for your common abuse situations, you’ll feel empowered to decide your next steps on your own terms.

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Rebuild your confidence and manage the emotional abuse.

You deserve so much more than a relationship that’s tearing you apart and making you feel worthless. You deserve a loving, supportive, kind, helpful, trusting partner with whom you feel safe and cherished.

Emotional Abuse Breakthrough Scripts is your handbook for reclaiming your strength, finding your words, and knowing with clarity how to respond to your abuser.

Your abuser may or may not step up and change, but YOU will no longer feel like a doormat.

You have more fortitude than you think. Don’t give up on the life and love you so desire.

Rebuild your confidence and manage the emotional abuse.