6 of the Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

Travelers often find themselves the victims of theft.

Alone, tired and in unfamiliar surroundings, they are softer targets than the locals; and even those who travel on a shoestring can be preyed upon when visiting lesser-developed countries.

Business people also can attract unwanted attention because, well, they can afford expensive stuff.

Regardless of what you carry around with you, we have a way to level the playing field, with a list of the best anti-theft backpacks on the market.

From the budget-conscious student and traveler to the business professional, we have a little something for everyone.

What makes an anti-theft backpack?

Slash proof – It is a common tactic of thieves to cut a hole in your bag, reach inside, and help themselves. They will target specific pockets in the likelihood that they contain your wallet or gadgets. Imagine the look on their face when they try to slash your pack and it doesn’t even make a scratch.

Concealable zips – They say that the opportunity makes the thief, so remove any form of temptation that exists in the first place by having a seemingly seamless backpack, with no obvious entry point. Even if you accidentally leave your zipper slightly ajar, the contents of your bag will remain invisible to the outside world.

Lockable zippers – This seems like an obvious one, but usually you need two zippers on the same zip to lock together. The tougher the material that these zippers are made out of, the more impregnable the backpack.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocker – Technology is a wonderful thing. Just being able to wave your credit card to pay for goods, and to scan your passport to get into a country makes life so much easier.

However, these items that can be scanned by shops and governments can also be scanned and stolen by data thieves.

There are backpacks that are made of materials, or have certain pockets, that are able to block these signals and keep your information safe.

Hidden pockets – Having an easy-to-access place on the outside of a pack is useful for travelers constantly needing to get to their passports or wallets. A place that only someone familiar with that particular model of backpack will know exists. 

Are the backpacks versatile?

Absolutely! They are just like ordinary backpacks except they are really hard to get into, but only if you are not invited.

We feature backpacks that are waterproof, or come with waterproof covers, and are more suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping.

We have a backpack that doubles as a briefcase for the business-minded individuals, and some with USB charging ports (battery packs not included).

There are bags with compartments for laptops and tablets, while one backpack even has a built-in pencil case for the students.

All the packs that we feature are travel-friendly and can be taken as carry-on hand luggage, and make excellent day packs when out exploring new cities and the great outdoors.

Inateck 40L Travel Backpack anti-theft backpacksInateck 40L Travel Backpack
OUTJOY Backpack 2 anti-theft backpacksOUTJOY Backpack
Pacsafe Metrosafe 25L front anti-theft backpacksPacsafe Metrosafe 25L
Markryden Anti-Theft front anti-theft backpacksMarkryden Anti-Theft
Nomatic Backpack front anti-theft backpacksNomatic Backpack
Kopack Slim and phone anti-theft backpacksKopack Slim

Here are 6 of the Best Anti-Theft Backpacks:

1. Inateck 40L Travel Backpack

Coming in either black, blue or grey, this reasonably-priced anti-theft pack is made from an abrasion-proof material.

This means that would-be thieves are going to have a hard time slashing into your bag, while the dual-zipper design allows you to lock it shut from the outside world.

I like the hidden pocket tucked away towards the rear of the bag that is the perfect spot to store your passport and your spare credit card.

Other non-anti-theft related perks are the two separate compartments for both your 13-inch tablet and 17-inch laptop and an external water bottle holder.


Reasonably priced
Water resistant
Comes with a waterproof cover


Small external pockets

2. OUTJOY Backpack

The hands down best thing about this secure pack from OUTJOY, is that your main compartment is back to front.

This means it can only be opened if you are not wearing it, as access is through the area in contact with your back, so you can walk around double-strapped with confidence there are no unwanted hands inside your bag. Top marks for a clever design.

The backpack is water resistant – making is useful if you get stuck in a storm – and comes with an external USB charging port, which is a great feature for those needing to walk, talk and charge all at the same time.

I’m talking about you hard-working professionals with important information to protect on your laptops and hard drives.


Slash proof and abrasion resistant
Concealed anti-theft zips
Reflective strip for night safety
Hidden external pockets


Charging port is too obvious

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3. Pacsafe Metrosafe 25L

What comes across as a seemingly inconspicuous backpack is in fact your personal equivalent of Fort Knox. Let’s get started with the slash-proof yet incredibly lightweight steel-mesh lining that would require a Samurai sword to pierce.

Not only that, a secondary grade of material acts as an RFID blocker, so your passport and credit card information is not susceptible to digital fraud.

There are three lockable compartments on the outside of the bag, including the main compartment, which has a sleeve to fit a laptop of up to 15 inches.

This 25-liter pack is the largest in the Metrosafe range, and it is lightweight, sporty and dynamic, making it useful for those on short trips away, or for those looking for a high-quality anti-theft product.


Designed in the USA
Comes with 5-year warranty
Digital protection


A little small

4. Markryden Anti-Theft

Organization, organization, organization. This is for all travelers, students and business professionals that love a bit of organization in their lives. It is not actually possible to put anything into this pack that is not meant to be there.

The main compartment features multiple pockets stacked in different easy-to-get-at layers. There is a spot for your 15.6-inch laptop and a 9.7-inch tablet. A built-in pencil case sits below a spot for your portable battery charger.

Each external zipper is perfectly hidden, offering an extra level of deterrence against potential pickpockets. And there is a thoughtfully-placed external USB charging port, tucked away near your hip so as not to draw attention. 


Great design
Slash proof
Water resistant


A little small

5. Nomatic Backpack

This pack from Nomatic is comfortably the most expensive that we feature, but what does the extra dosh get you? Well, a lifetime guarantee, to begin with. And a pocket with RFID protection for data security.

If you need to go from backpack to briefcase to look more professional, then this bag can do that too. It is sleek, stylish, and catered much more toward the traveling, working professional than the everyday traveler.

The interior compartments are customizable to suit your needs, while the bag can also expand from 20 to 34 liters, depending on how much stuff you need to take with you.

All the zippers are lockable, and the bag features a retractable cable for your keys, if that is your thing.


Lifetime guarantee


Unusually-placed pockets
Not waterproof
Not slash-proof

6. Kopack Slim

If you are a student or on a budget – or quite possibly both – then we may have the backpack for you. Featuring over 10 different slots to tuck away all your books and various bits of tech; including space for a 15.6-inch laptop, this bag is bound to keep you organized when you are out and about, or on your travels.

The zippers are all lockable and made from a durable material, and the laptop compartment is well concealed, but I do have one major concern.

I am not sure why you would go to the trouble of making a bag resistant to theft, before lumping a big USB charging port on the side. It screams look at me, I have technology!  

If that does not bother you, then go for it! It is an excellent value-for-money anti-theft backpack.


Good for students
Comfortable straps
Scratch proof


Very low resistance to water


It is hard to look past the Pacsafe Metrosafe as the best all-round pack on this list. If we think back to what essentially makes an anti-theft backpack, then the Metrosafe ticks nearly all the boxes.

It does not have concealable zips, but makes up for this with extra strong zipper materials. The bag sits firmly in the middle price-range and has RFID blocking material, hidden pockets and lockable zippers – and is slash-proof.

If you are on a budget do not be afraid of the cheaper price tag on the Kopack Slim. This is a quality pack for the price. Alternatively, those looking for a bit of business-minded suave could consider the sleek Nomatic Backpack.

You have a lot to carry when traveling. So, we came up with a list of the best anti-theft backpacks on the market to help you in your travels.