Do You Believe In An Afterlife?

“Have I lived before?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question or wondered about it? I know a lot of people have.

And to clear it up once and for all, I’d like to tell you that you absolutely have, and I’ll share with you here why I believe this so strongly.

We have ALL lived before. This is not the first life we live, nor is it the last. Why? Because all life forms reincarnate, from atoms, molecules, cells, plants, insects, animals and humans.

We are all on an eternal journey, and life is not something that we can lose. What we can and do lose is our physical instrument, i.e., our body – but our physical instrument is not identical to who we are.

Who we really are is our “I” that is embedded in our energy or spiritual body. Our “I” is eternal and we always have our spiritual body.

This is something you can study. How do I know this? I know because I have spent the last 20 years studying the question of post-mortem survival and the so-called afterlife.

Is There An Afterlife?

I was a convinced atheist clinging to the materialistic sciences for logical answers to the mystery of life, when in 1995 my life changed completely. One day a book about the Danish visionary and mystic Martinus “fell” into my hands.

I had been a searching soul since I was a child, and as soon as I looked at that book, I intuitively felt that this was the end of my search.

I knew nothing about Martinus, but now I started my journey of discovery. I found out that Martinus was from my own country, Denmark, that he had achieved cosmic consciousness at the age of 30 during meditation, and that he subsequently had written some 9000 pages of spiritual wisdom.

Like a starved lion, I threw myself upon the study of Martinus' work, and as I progressed in my study, I became more and more enthusiastic: here it all was – a logical explanation to what life is all about.

Life's big questions were answered.

All the big questions were answered with the sharpest logic and the most acute intelligence.

Martinus' work appealed to my intellect like nothing I had ever read before. It took me about a year to read Martinus' 2 main works Livets Bog (The Book of Life – 7 volumes) and The Eternal World Picture (4 volumes), and when I had read them, the clutter inside my head had been transformed from ruins and debris into a beautiful palace of reason, intelligence and logic.

There was not the smallest doubt left in my mind that this was the truth about life. It simply had to be like that, because it all made sense.

This was not something that I had to believe in, because the sheer logic of it defied doubt. I no longer had to believe, now I knew.

I knew what the meaning of life was, why we are here, where we are coming from and where we are going. I knew that the one-life theory, which most people cling to, is just a theory, as it has never been proved. I knew that we live life after life and that death is an illusion.

Reincarnation is a fundamental principle.

It is not so that reincarnation is some random fancy, but it is a fundamental principle on which life on the physical plane depends.

After my years of studying, analyzing and thinking about Martinus’ work, suddenly I knew:

  • What happens when we “die”
  • How reincarnation takes place
  • What creates our fates
  • Why we have wars and unrest
  • Why we are not alone in the universe
  • What drives evolution
  • Why our future is bright and beautiful
  • Why the present messy state of affairs is just a phase, like the green and unripe state of the apple
  • What the master plan of life is
  • How God is not blind or indeed dead, but that “he” is alive and kicking, and that we are indeed all a tiny part of “him”
  • Why there is light, and why there also has to be darkness
  • Why the present dark and miserable state of affairs is a necessary and indispensable contrast to the light of the higher worlds
  • Why our marriages are faltering and why homosexuality, a perfectly natural state, is on the rise

The insight that I gained from studying Martinus' work made me a writer. I became so passionate about it that I had to tell somebody. To date I have written 5 books in English about aspects of Martinus' work.

Martinus is one of the world's best kept secrets.

Martinus' work is not very well known yet. Indeed, it seems that it is the world's best kept secret.

But it will not remain a secret, because the world really needs to hear about it. It needs to hear about it, because it is such a lighthouse in our passage of darkness.

And it shows us the way out of this darkness by pointing us in the direction of humanitarianism, compassion and universal love. It shows us that we reap as we sow, so that we can start sowing friendship, kindness and love instead of war, enmity and terrorism.

It tells us that what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves, and in that way it teaches us to sow only what we would like to reap.

It tells us that if we live in misery and darkness, then we should change the course of our life and steer our boat into calmer waters. As we change course and sow a better seed, we will soon see how our life changes to the better.

We are eternal beings.

But let me come back to the initial question: have I lived before? Yes, you absolutely have.

Let me explain: We are eternal beings on an endless journey through spiritual and physical realms in a universe where the basic tone is love.

In order for us to be able to experience eternally, we need to experience the contrast to love in the shape of darkness and misery. In that way we can renew our consciousness and that is of vital importance to our eternal ability to perceive.

If there is no darkness, there can be no light, and Martinus very cleverly talks about what he calls  “the pleasant good”  (love and light) and “the unpleasant good” (darkness and misery). We cannot have one without the other, so darkness is a vital prerequisite for the existence of light.

Light and darkness are both necessary.

Right now we are passing the physical plane in a physical body. And we are passing the culmination of darkness. This is not always pleasant, but it is necessary for our development.

We are all on an evolutionary path from the animal kingdom. This means that we were once fierce, bloodthirsty predators who lived only to eat and procreate. We had to kill in order to eat, and we had no compassion or universal love.

We were egoistic and lived by the creed “it is better to take than to give.” But it is not the meaning of life that we shall remain living as bloodthirsty predators. We must evolve away from that state and become more and more humane, compassionate and all-loving.

It is obvious that such a transformation from a wild predator in the jungle to an all-loving being takes many, many incarnations. For each life, we live, we add a little bit to our bank account of experience, insight, wisdom, compassion, humanitarianism and love.

We take the balance of this bank account with us into our next incarnation, because all our experiences are stored in our supra-consciousness, which forms an intricate part of who we are. No experience is lost or forgotten.

Everything is stored, so that every time we reincarnate, we emerge as wiser, more mature and more loving beings than the last time we were born.

Development can only go forwards, so the next time we are reborn, we will be a better, wiser, cleverer, more loving and more beautiful version of ourselves.

Where do our innate talents come from?

Why is it that some people are just so good at some things? Why do some people have burning passions to do certain things?

What we have become good at in one life, we will be equally good at in our next life. We call our ability to perform certain tasks talents. Our talents are not something that we simply get for free from our parents, but they are skills that we have worked hard to achieve.

There is only one way to become good at something, and that is through practice. The more we practice, the better we become at performing the task.

It can be anything: singing, doing woodwork, sowing, cooking, playing an instrument, solving math, speaking foreign languages, seducing women, caring for the old, writing etc. etc. The list is miles long.

We take these talents with us into each new life, and that is how we can account for all the talents that we are born with. If we had not lived before, we would not have had a chance to practice the things that we are good at.

This is clearly so, because we very often have talents that are very dissimilar to those of our parents.

Look at Facebook for examples.

If you want to see examples of flourishing talents in very young persons, all you have to do is watch the many video clips on Facebook of children exhibiting fantastic talents: the girl of 7 who sings opera like a seasoned diva or the Japanese boy of 6 who plays the piano like a virtuoso.

Proof of reincarnation is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

How can knowing about your past lives help you live a better life this time round?

Even though we cannot actively remember our past lives, those lives are with us today in the shape of everything we are: our whole personality, our abilities, habits, tastes and tendencies, our morals and level of intelligence, what we can accept and be willing to do, what we find it in our hearts to do to others, what we dare or are afraid of, our possible phobias and, of course, our talents.

Our talents, what we are good at, tell us with great accuracy what we have been up to in former lives.

To me, it is a certainty that I have lived before, and because of that . . .

I do not fear anything, because life is not something that I can lose.

I am happy to be able to see the bigger picture.

I never despair over the state of the world.

I live in gratitude.

I sow only what I want to reap.

Is there an afterlife or do we die and cease to exist. Read this guest post from Else Byskov as she explore the afterlife and Martinus.

Author Bio

Else cropped Lizzie 125Else Byskov is a world leading authority on Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic. She is author of five spiritual books and two hiking books. She is a passionate hiker and vegetarian. You can see a list of her books and read her blog, New Spiritual Science and visit her Facebook page.

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Norma Hickox

Hi Else,
You are absolutely right about everything. I’m so glad to hear about Martinus’s work. I’ve never heard about him. Over the past 35 years I have written and self-published 10 books so far with two to go about all you discuss. My books are called the New Millennium Notebooks based on the Chrysalis Teachings. I’m now making the material available in short 15 minute videos as a podcast for those who don’t have time to read, or don’t have the inclination to read. These videos don’t begin to cover all the information in the books, but may be enough to get some people interested.

    Else Byskov

    Hi Norma,

    Thank you so much for your comment. I am so very pleased to make your acquaintance. This is no coincidence (as there are none), and I am excited to hear about your work. I will certain go and look at it. What a brilliant idea with the podcasts. I have never heard about the Chrysalis Teachings, but as you say that I am right about everything, we must be on the same page, so to speak. How cool is that! Let us simply keep in touch. I think we can support each other. Love Else

    Maria McMahon

    Hi Norma,

    oh how good to hear about your books too! I will have to look your books up! I’d love to connect with you. I write in Personal Development and am in the process of publishing my first book, Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets. I’ve read all of Else’s books and I love them all, and Martinus was a remarkable visionary.

Maria McMahon

I have to say that reading Else’s books was a totally amazing experience for me because it gave me so many answers that I had never been able to find, in a lifetime of reading personal development books and I’ve read all the big gurus out there – Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Tony Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and 100s of others. Though these are all great writers (and RIP Dr Dyer… so sad to lose you so soon, but I can imagine the fun you are having up there now!) But for me, I went vegetarian at age 32, over 26 years ago and never understood why till I read Else’s book, Death Is An Illusion… I quickly snapped up all her other books and would encourage anyone with an enquiring mind, who is looking for answers, to read them. So much makes so much sense! And why did I never get married, despite being madly in love with my first love and turning down his proposal? And turned down a subsequent proposal many years later… what Else has to say in The Downfall of Marriage made total sense out of all this… the answers are there. To me, her books and Martinus’ teaching are without a doubt the best books I’ve come across.


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