40 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Parents For Christmas And Other Occasions

Christmas is fast approaching, and you still have no idea what to give your parents.

A photo album? Too ordinary.

A tea set? Your parents don't even drink tea.

A calendar? Come on, your parents deserve better than that!

That’s the thing about coming up with gift ideas for Mom and Dad.

You want the gift to be useful to them somehow, but you also want it to have that element of surprise. Only the best for the people who raised you, after all!

Luckily, you can stop your hunt for the best gifts for parents right now.

Whether you’re gearing up for the Yuletide season, or another one of Mom and Dad’s special dates is coming up, here are 40 gift ideas for parents to get you started.

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40 of the Best Gift Ideas for Parents

Every now and then, your parents will want to look back at their happiest and most special memories.

You can help them do that with a memory jar, which is exactly what it sounds like: A container for every reminder of every memory your parents will want to hold onto.

No, this isn’t a cheese-themed board game — though that’d a fun gift idea too!

If either or both of your parents are cheese lovers, they’d be more than happy to receive something that helps them craft their favorite recipes.

Worried about leaving your parents alone, but can’t drop by on a regular basis?

Installing a home camera might help you keep your peace of mind.

Not only will it record everything going on within its field of vision, but it’ll also give you remote alerts via your mobile phone in case anything unusual happens at the house.

If your parents make a beeline for the window every time a bird perches outside, they might appreciate something that’ll keep their feathered friends coming back.

Who knows: Mom or Dad might ask you for an ornithology book next!

Nothing says “I want my parents to always stay together” like a figurine of a couple doing just that.

You can purchase the figurine on its own, or pair it with a family-themed set for an ever-enduring reminder of the ties that bind.

Likewise, nothing says American like an outdoor barbecue party.

If your parents like to whip out the grill every time there’s a special event (or you like to whip it out for them), a barbecue grill set is sure to win over their hearts — not to mention their stomachs!

Do your parents love to travel and go on adventurous or romantic getaways? If so, this is the perfect journal for them.

With this journal, your parents can chronicle their travel dreams and plans and create a lasting memory book of their bucket list ideas.

If your parents are the type who love to keep everything organized — or they need a bit of help organizing — a trunk organizer might be just the thing they need.

It fits neatly in the back of an SUV and has enough compartments to help them sort their stuff accordingly.

Sometimes, all a parent wants to do is relax outside, be gently rocked, and feel the sun kiss their cheeks. After their hard work raising you, they deserve a peaceful break.

You can install the hammock on your parents’ porch, or buy a hammock stand and place the set wherever your parents want it to be.

Anyone with an interest in genealogy will be ecstatic over this unique gift.

All your parents have to do is register, provide a saliva sample, and voila!

An ancestry report spanning over 1,000 regions will be delivered to their doorstep within 6 to 8 weeks.

Does the phrase “adventure junkie” fit your parents to a T?

Give them a trip to remember with a kayak set they can row together.

Make sure the set you’re buying is appropriate for the body of water, though: Intex’s kayak set is suitable for lakes and rivers but not for the open sea.

Just because your parents prefer a simple picnic doesn’t mean their equipment has to be simple too.

A picnic bag will help them keep their things organized, and ensure that any breakables aren’t going to break during the trip.

Even the smallest details can make all the difference.

If your parents think having coffee together is special enough, wait until they receive these “Mr.” and “Mrs.” mugs that remind them of how much they mean to each other.

Instead of giving your parents a run-of-the-mill cutting board, why not give them something that reminds them of the magic of love every time they cook for each other?

As you might’ve guessed from the name, this particular cutting board can be customized to say anything that your parents feel sums up their relationship best.

If you’re set on giving your parents a cutting board, you might as well give them a recipe cookbook too.

In particular, the one by America’s Test Kitchen has 650 recipes, all of which are specially crafted for couples.

Do your parents love antiques, or things that look/feel like antiques?

This sundial can add an extra touch of “classic yet quirky” to your parents’ garden — and remind them to stay happy together along the way.

The tinkling of windchimes is arguably one of the most relaxing sounds in the world.

Whether your parents agree with that sentiment, and/or they simply like to keep track of the wind direction in their area, you can hardly go wrong with this gift.

Calling a game “Wit’s End” might be overselling it, but for parents who enjoy riddles and mind benders, this one can provide hours of intellectual stimulation.

Wit’s End provides four sets of games to choose from: teasers (mind riddles), odd-1-out (basically a more challenging “Spot the difference”), sequence (arrange things according to a common pattern) and wild card (where anything goes).

Electric toothbrushes do the job more effectively and efficiently than the old-fashioned alternative. And they're fun to use!

By giving them a wireless, easy-to-use electric toothbrush, you can rest easy knowing that your parents’ delicate pearly whites are taken care of.

A heart-shaped picture frame for couples is one of the good gifts for parents you can give. However, a multi-frame collage showing all your loved ones’ photos is even better.

Your parents can put photos of everyone’s best moments, or arrange them in such a way that shows how the family has changed over the years.

A Vitamix is the “mac daddy” of blenders, but it's well worth the cost. Vitamix provides 7-8 year warranties, and you can expect it to run from 15-20 years.

And it will inspire Mom and Dad to eat healthier, make more smoothies, and even create their own nut butters.

It's easy to use, easy to clean, and works like a charm will surely help them meet their dietary needs.

Who doesn’t like wine? If your parents are wine lovers, this wine set is a perfect gift choice.

Make your parents’ romantic dinners extra special with a set of gadgets to help them open those bottles of wine and champagne and keep the wines preserved.

If Mom and Dad have been not-so-quietly complaining about bedsheets they've had since early married days, Mellanni has them covered with the set of sheets they deserve.

Mellanni’s bedsheets are made of high-quality microfibers, are designed to be hypoallergenic, and come in all colors of the rainbow (and then some).

With over 58,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, you can't go wrong with these sheets!

When you have to use a pressure cooker for something, chances are that something’s going to take a while to cook.

Luckily, programmable pressure cookers exist, meaning your parents can enjoy the convenience and ease of one appliance that does the work of seven: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer.

Give your parents a gift of ease combined with modern technology.

Using the Echo Dot (3rd generation), they can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.

They can even call you and other family and friends hands-free.

You know how wires are: No matter how neatly you pack them, they end up getting tangled somehow.

Your parents can lessen the chances of that happening with a cable organizer that can also pack their phones, chargers and other electronic peripherals.

Are your parents still hanging on to their favorite vinyls from back in the day?

Rather than allowing their old records to gather dust, your parents can enjoy their favorite songs they way they used to — on a record player with a unique vintage style that looks amazing.

Who doesn't love an elegant and comfortable bathrobe that feels like you're in an exclusive spa setting?

Mom and Dad can hang out together in their comfy robes while drinking coffee, reading the news, and listening to music.

And there’s no way they’ll mix up the robes since one is clearly “Hers” and the other is “His.”

You know what they say: “The parents that bike together stay together.” What a fun gift for an active couple who loves the great outdoors.

A tandem bike won’t just keep your parents in great shape — it’s also a reminder of their teamwork since both riders have to be in sync when moving the pedals.

If your parents like to sit together at home, there’s no reason they shouldn't enjoy cozy two-person seating in the back yard or at the beach.

Since you’re getting them a lounge chair for two, it won’t hurt to throw in extra features like foldability and a removable padded headrest. It's so lightweight, they can take it anywhere.

Your parents don’t have to drop by Starbucks to have a good cup of coffee.

They can make it right at home — and with an easy-to-use coffee grinder and maker in one from the company who knows how to make great coffee!

Have your parents expressed an interest in gardening at some point? Or did they once love gardening but can't do it now?

An herb garden starter kit might just be what they need to get into one of the world’s most relaxing yet interesting hobbies.

The kit fits perfectly on a windowsill, in an apartment or condominium, in a personal greenhouse, or on a balcony or kitchen countertop.

Think your globetrotting parents have seen everything?

Mike Howard’s book, Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent, might make your parents think again and pack up for another wonderful adventure.

If camping trips, picnics, or outdoor concerts are your parents’ idea of a romantic getaway, a YETI cooler is a practical and thoughtful gift for them.

Not only will a cooler keep your parents’ drinks, well, cold, but they’ll also protect those precious bottles from getting thrown around and damaged during the journey.

This top-of-the-line cooler has a capacity of up to 14 cans, and with two inches of PermaFrost Insulation, they will never have to worry about ice melting before they enjoy their food and beverages.

Even in the comfort of their own home, your parents can suffer from the effects of smoke, allergens, dust and germs.

Fortunately, it’s possible to remove — if not altogether eliminate — any unwanted particles with a decent air purifier.

Do your parents often snuggle with each other on the couch?

Make those intimate moments extra special with Holmes’ warm velvet sherpa.

What’s great is that it can double as a blanket in bed, and it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to boot.

If you have an AMC theatre near you, your film buff parents might appreciate being able to watch three 15-dollar showings for free.

The cards aren’t only for tickets: They can also be used to purchase anything from AMC’s official website.

Once in a while, your parents may want to honestly reflect on the state of their relationship. Even couples who've been together for years can learn something new about one another.

Any “Uncommon Questions for Couples” set can nudge them in the right direction, depending on their particular situation.

A gratitude journal is one of those great gift ideas for parents who have everything.

With this journal, Mom and Dad will have a way to keep track of everything they feel thankful for and never run out of reasons to be happy and grateful.

Everyone around you knows how much your parents love each other. Why not help them announce their love to the world with matching luggage tags?

Chances are, not every couple at the airport is going to use those, so they also double as a way to keep your parents’ luggage from getting lost.

Did these gift ideas for parents help you find the perfect gift?

There are so many possible gifts you can give your parents.

You can give them something practical for their everyday lives.

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Or you can give them something so special to them that it will always remind them of their love and deep connection.

Maybe you can give them a happy combination of beautiful yet practical, thoughtful yet surprising, and simple yet sweet.

It boils down to the gift-giving occasion, your parent’s personal preferences, and the message you’re trying to convey through your gift.

Is it “I want to make your lives easier, Mom and Dad”? Is it “I want you to treasure this and remember me”?

Whatever it is, don’t forget to share your feelings in five words: Love you, Mom and Dad.

 Christmas is fast approaching, and you still have no idea what to give your parents.  A photo album? Too ordinary.  A tea set? Your parents don’t even drink tea.  A calendar? Come on, your parents deserve better than that! #giftideas #gifts #relationships #parents #products

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