30 Perfect Christmas Gifts For College Students

Sleepless nights, endless papers, nerve-wracking exams — the life of a college student can be stressful, especially those first few months before December.

When your scholar comes home for the holidays, you want to reward his or her hard work with a Christmas gift for college students that shows how proud you are.

Students are on limited budgets and have little time to shop for the necessities, much less the little splurges that can make dorm and college life more fun (or at least bearable).

If you want to make this Yuletide season extra special for your budding doctor/artist/what-have-you, here’s a list of some of the best Christmas gifts for college students you can buy.

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30 Perfect Christmas Gifts For College Students

You might be wondering what makes this backpack different from the 3,840,710 other backpacks college students can buy.

Well, for starters, it’s made of water-resistant and eco-friendly material, making it sturdy and less likely to leave any environmental footprints.

It also has a built-in USB port, which is handy for keeping gadgets charged on the go.

Whether your college student has an artistic streak, or she’s simply looking for a wholesome and productive way to de-stress, she might benefit from a Buddha Board Painting Set.

Buddhas aren’t the only things she can paint on this board: Pretty much anything her imagination can devise is fair game, as long as it looks good in Japanese-style art.

Most college student diets can be summed up in six words: Instant noodles and more instant noodles.

If your college student doesn’t want to be consigned to four years of unhealthy carbs and MSG, this cookbook might be exactly what he needs.

Flashlights don’t immediately come to mind when you think of gifts for college students, but they can be pretty handy for a lot of things.

It's perfect for finding a favorite pen that’s rolled under the bed, reading in bed when a roommate is sleeping, or a fun night out with fellow college students.

It's also a necessity for car safety. Bonus points if that flashlight is long-lasting, ultra-bright, durable, adjustable and water-resistant.

When your schedule is as hectic as a college student’s, being able to literally work anywhere is a must.

A portable laptop desk can help your college student do just that, and the desk can double as a breakfast table and serving tray.

Even if your college student isn’t an English major, and even if he’s been speaking English from the moment he could talk, having a grammar book on hand won’t hurt.

After all, once he’s out in the workforce, he’s going to draft a lot of emails and papers — and writing things like “This report gotta go today, ya feel me?” just won’t do in a professional setting.

How about a reminder that dreams are within her fingertips — literally?

Aside from the short yet sweet inspirational quote, Inkstone’s engraved gift pen also comes with an LED light, a stylus for touch screen devices, and an elegant case that your college student will treasure as much as the pen itself.

College students who love the outdoors — whether as backpackers or as casual observers from the comfort of their own porch — might love this hammock.

It's also useful when friends drop by and decide to crash and need a place to sleep.

It’s sturdy, easy to set up even for beginners, and can be folded into a backpack without much trouble.

Sometimes, a college student will have a medical emergency (like a slight fever or a cooking accident), and a doctor won’t be anywhere in sight.

In that case, she’ll need a first-aid kit — preferably one that has user-friendly color-coded instructions and labels like DormDoc’s.

Despite its name, this safe isn’t just for kids.

It’s for anyone (read: college students) who has more stuff than he can fit in his closet, and who needs a safe place to stash his valuables away from prying (and thieving) hands.

Let’s be honest — between all the papers, exams, and extracurricular activities, your college student won’t always have time to cook herself a nice meal.

That’s okay, as long as she has a healthy snack bar on hand, she won’t have to worry about missing out on vital nutrients.

Your college student is at an age where he is figuring out a lot of things: who he is, what he wants, and what he will ultimately become.

Make that life stage easier for him with this “little black book” by Paul Angone who lays out everything a twentysomething needs to know in 101 succinct tips.

College students need to track a lot of things: deadlines, notes from class, what her crush said the other day.

Whatever it is she needs to be reminded of, it’ll probably be easier to remember with color-coded sticky notes, plus a calendar that can fit into any 4 x 5 x 1 space.

Want your favorite girl (or boy) to stay safe at all times?

With a keychain-slash-alarm, your college student doesn’t have to scream him/herself hoarse calling for help.

All he or she has to do is press a button, and the keychain will make a noise loud enough to alert anyone nearby that something’s wrong.

To be clear, ramen is not the type of food you’d want to eat for four straight years.

But if your college student is out of options (or he wants to indulge in the occasional instant snack), Rapid’s ramen cooker will help him whip up his meal without worrying about burning the dorm down.

Okay, this might be one of those Christmas gifts for college students that would make a jaded twentysomething roll her eyes.

Still, a simple reminder that things will get better can ease the rougher moments of university life and remind your student that he is always in your thoughts.

Most dormitories don’t allow open flame appliances, and for good reason.

Luckily, students who’d rather not eat takeout every day have the option of cooking with a burner that isn’t a fire hazard.

Every now and then, your college student will have to deal with terrifying professors, slacker roommates, and other things that’ll cause his blood pressure to rise.

Give him a wholesome outlet for his anger with this water balloon slingshot that he can launch up to 300 yards. Just make sure there aren’t any innocent bystanders within range!

Few things are more horrifying than a “wardrobe malfunction” at a party or at any other public event.

If you want your college student to avoid that kind of faux pas (or just be able to sew on a button), make sure she has a well-stocked sewing kit at all times.

When your student's clothes spend more time crumpled on the floor than hanging in the closet, she'll appreciate a quick solution for those unsightly wrinkles.

A spritz or two of Downy can help a time-pressed student look presentable when pulling out the iron and ironing board isn't an option

Is your budding graduate also a future budding leader?

Albert Goodman’s book might just be the motivation he needs to climb up the corporate ladder and achieve whatever it is he’s set his mind to.

This book is also a handy tool to use when searching for the perfect quote for an essay or term paper.

Dorm room sizes aren’t always conducive for serious studying.

If your college student always complains about how she barely has enough space to do her work, perhaps a portable stand-slash-tray for books, gadgets, and the like will solve her problem.

The stand allows your student to position her laptop at just the right angle and prevents it from overheating.

For someone who has to do her own laundry for the first time, the chore can be intimidating.

A lot of things can go wrong: Colored shirts can bleed into white ones, dollar bills in jean pockets can get soaked because they weren’t taken out beforehand, etc.

Fortunately, Customized Girl’s laundry bag comes with 10 tips for hassle-free clothes-washing.

Whether your college student is a lady or a gentleman, it won’t hurt him or her to know a thing or two about do-it-yourself repairs and maintenance.

Your scholar can save a lot of hard-earned money by knowing how to plug a hole in the wall, how to fix a broken table, and how to install a rack in the bathroom.

College students love decorating their dorm rooms, and what is more fun and festive than a string of lights with photo clips for hanging photos, cards, and memorabilia?

Your student can reminisce about the good times by installing these cool lights over her bed or around a doorway.

All work and no play makes a dull college student.

In-between the textbooks and papers, your college student may want to have some fun with friends and play a ball game that can be set up practically anywhere.

No streetwise college girl would ever go out without pepper spray.

If that pepper spray happens to look like a cutesy pink keychain, all the better: Any stranger who dares to lay a finger on your girl won’t see the (very painful) spray coming.

Your college student should only have to burn the midnight oil figuratively, not literally.

This desk lamp isn’t just a source of illumination on “cram nights”: It also has a clock that tells the user exactly how late in the night it already is.

Even hardworking students still need a few hours of shut-eye!

For music junkies, headphones aren’t enough.

Sometimes, they want their fave songs to be played out loud once in a while.

Just remind them to tone it down so as not to disturb their fellow students!

Who says books can’t teach you everything?

By the time your college student graduates, he’ll know more or less what to expect from the adult world thanks to Burnette’s book.

Experience may be the best teacher, but that doesn’t mean the experiences he learns from should only be his own.

Did these Christmas gifts for college students give you some ideas?

For a lot of twentysomethings, college is an important milestone.

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It’s the stage in their lives when they learn not only who they are but how they fit in the grand scheme of things.

It's also the stage when they can't wait to come home for the holidays and reconnect with friends and family who feel safe and comfortable.

Celebrating your favorite undergrad with a well-considered gift for Christmas lets your student know how much you care about him or her.

Finding that ideal gift can be challenging, but our carefully-curated list gives you plenty of options to choose something your hardworking student will be thrilled about.

Sleepless nights, endless papers, nerve-wracking exams — the life of a college student can be stressful, especially those first few months before December.  When your scholar comes home for the holidays, you want to reward his or her hard work with a Christmas gift for college students that shows how proud you are. #gifts #giftideas #college #mindfulness #relationships

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