You Are Not Alone

Earlier in the year, I sent an email to you dear friends, asking you to let me know about your life worries and your dreams.

I asked this of you for some guidance on topics to write about on Live Bold and Bloom that would be useful for you.

Your answers astounded me. They were so honest and real. But they were also so much the same.

You are not alone in your worries, fears, and hopes for the future. We all share these, and we are all seeking ways to create better lives for ourselves.

You are not alone in your desire to . . .

be happy;

have love;

fine a purpose in life;

have a meaningful career;

enjoy financial security;

be healthy and energetic;

have peace and simplicity in your life.

I have listened to you, and as I mentioned a few weeks back, I've created a series of six guides to address the issues and hopes that are most important to you.

They are called The Bold Living Guides, and I am releasing them today.

(Please note that I am charging a reasonable price for these guides for two reasons: blogging is how I make my living, and I need to offset the expenses of creating the guides.)

The Bold Living Guides explore the fundamental areas of life where we all seek growth and improvement. Each guide presents small actions, mind shifts, and additional resources that foster positive change and forward movement on the path to a better life.

Each guide presents specific solutions and strategies for overcoming the limitations and negative thinking that impede your progress as you seek to achieve your own goals and dreams.

Here are the titles for the six guides:

  • The Bold Living Guide to Self-Awareness and Personal Growth
  • The Bold Living Guide to Passion and Purpose
  • The Bold Living Guide to Positive Change and Simple Productivity
  • The Bold Living Guide to A Healthy Lifestyle for Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • The Bold Living Guide to Amazing Relationships
  • The Bold Living Guide to Professional and Financial Well-Being

You can get each guide individually or purchase the entire set (at a discounted price).

Each guide contains 15 chapters with hundreds of strategies, tips, and how toÔÇÖs for self improvement, as well as beautiful photos and inspirational quotes. The entire set is 476 pages. You can download them immediately in PDF format.

These guides would be a really thoughtful gift for a loved one or friend — something you could send them by e-mail right away.

If you decide to purchase, thank you in advance for supporting my work this way. If you don't, thank you for being a valued reader of Live Bold and Bloom.

Click the banner below to get your guides.

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  1. You are right. We are never alone—even if no other person is around you. I found that my spiritual self is enough, that I am enough. Don’t get me wrong—I love people and love to share my life, passions, dreams with others. It is when I am by myself, meditating, my life and spirit get renewed. I appreciate and love myself and the life I was blessed with and live each day. I see everyone as a part of the whole and feel the connectedness.
    I am so happy that you put the series of books together to share all the wonderful teachings you have to give.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments Cris. Learning to love yourself and have gratitude is the foundation of a happy and meaningful life. As always, I so value your support and continued readership here!

  2. Barrie,
    What a fabulous job you’ve done with the BL guides! You offer so much value for readers along with such deep insights and wisdom. There is nothing more important than living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

  3. Hi Barrie,
    Keep up the great work &
    be good to yourself

  4. sophia fernandes says:

    Dear Barrie,
    You seem to understand deeply our personal struggles..your insights pour out strength and courage and they just come to me when i need it…I truly believe in what you express. We are not Alone…there are many who are accompanying us and above all there is this supreme power that comes from within …It dwells in us, i need to keep this trust and faith Alive. You are a wonderful gift. Thank you Barrie for your presence and your contribution.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Dear Sophia, thank you so very much for your warm words. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know I am supporting people. Best wishes to you on your journey.

  5. it’s true, because we are all human after all, we have the same nature and needs. i’m with you Barrie.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      We are all connected in that way, aren’t we Sapir? It is comforting to know that though we may appear different, we all share so much in common.

  6. Hi Barrie!

    You gave great efforts to address all concerns and listened carefully to your reader’s thoughts. I believe that your guides are really worth it. Those are guides for good life.

  7. I’ve been waiting for the release of your guide Barrie. From the blog itself which contains good insights in every post. I’m sure your guide is so much anticipated by your followers. Good luck on your day to day journey Barrie.

  8. I’ve been reading your previous posts Barrie and I am truly impressed how deep seated are your advices to people. You are truly amazing. Which makes your guide a must buy on my list.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      You are amazing too King! Thank you for your kind words. I hope you really enjoy the guides.

  9. Hi Barry, I’m new to your blog, but will definitely read previous posts. I think that sometimes we all need a reminder that we are NOT alone. Thank you for doing so.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      Hi Jo — and welcome! I’m so glad you are here and look forward to getting to know you.

  10. This is a great reply to all your readers. This should serve as a reminder on times we think we’re alone. Thank you.

  11. we are separate parts of the same big soul of creation, connected as one

  12. we always realise that we are not bold enough to take decisions on ourselves and always look around for a suggestion or some other source to help us in decision making. I Know such kind of self Personality development books and guides will help us in building our confidence on how to develop decision making also. I shall try a book for myself.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      You are right Lola — books and guides can sometimes inspire us to make a shift in our thinking or to take action. I hope you enjoy these guides and find them useful for yourself.

  13. Hi barrie! congratulations about your new books! The Bold Living Guide to Amazing Relationships is the most interting guide for me i think. Im having some problems finding a partner… i will check this out.
    thx barak!

  14. The reason for the existence of so many of us – 7 billion(!) – is to learn to love in 7 billion different colors. After all, if I was alone in the world – who could I love?

  15. As humans we are connected through our commonalities. Your blog posts certainly prove that to be true. We humans have universal joys, struggles, dreams, fears and desires. While we walk our existance alone we should be ever mindful, that we taking this journey as a tribe. Thank you for your wonderful insight.

    • Barrie Davenport says:

      You are so right Jane. It is our commonalities that we should focus on — what bring us together with compassion and love.