Want More Than Mediocre? Grab Life with Both Hands

“Each day comes to each of us with both hands full of opportunities.’” ~Helen Keller

A guest post by Peter G. James Sinclair

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When it comes to living life to the fullest, you and I need to grab what has been presented to us each day with both of our own hands.

For in the words of my old friend Sir Francis Bacon, “The wise man maketh more opportunities than he finds.’

So it is more about the grab than just waiting for opportunity to land in your lap.

So many people wait. Wait. Wait. You could have a long wait , or you can do what I did when I wrote a book some years back with the title Good Things DON’T Come To Those Who Wait.

So what are you waiting for? Opportunity is waiting for you. Get out of here and make your next opportunity happen. 

If I’d waited for my wife to ask me to marry her I may have never been married. I had to do the pursuing and I had to do the asking. My reward? I’ve now spent the past three decades of my life with the most beautiful woman in the world.

Here are four things we receive when we grab life with both hands.

We are presented with:

1. The Opportunity To Learn 

Approach each day as the student and watch what wonderful things you will learn. As someone once said, “Once you know it all, that’s when you can really begin to learn something.”

  • Enter each moment with a willingness to learn.
  • Every person you meet can be your teacher.
  • Every experience can be your tutor.
  • Every failure must be questioned with, “What can I learn from this?”

And if you participate with each day in this manner, it won’t be long before you hold a “PhD in Successful Living” itself.

2. The Opportunity To Grow 

As beautiful as Bonsai (the art of growing dwarf trees) is, I was never born to be a Bonsai.

My roots were made to dig deep into the soil of life, crushing rocks in their path, and tapping into the life-giving water table below. And then in turn I reach high into the sky, like some 1,000 year old trees that I hugged recently, far above the earth.

Every day is an opportunity to grow in body, mind and spirit.

Will you join me?

3. The Opportunity To Give 

The more I give the more I live. The more I “give more” the more I “live more.”

This is true when developing relationships with others. If I approach the new acquaintance with a desire to give, and without an agenda to simply get, there is a richness that is planted into the very heart of the relationship.

I have found this true in sales as well. If I approach the prospect with one desire, and that is to discover their specific needs through the art of questioning and then seek to meet their needs, I may get the sale today. I may not.

However, if I have successfully built rapport with the person and built a friendship, the sale will come some day down the track or even through the power of word of mouth as they talk to their friends. I have seen this happen time and time again.

4. The Opportunity To Go 

When I write the word go I mean that we have the wonderful opportunity of continuing our journey toward our dream’s fulfillment. It’s a place of motion. This is not a “stuck in the mud” place. It’s a fluid place of forward movement that with each passing day will take us further along in the fulfillment of our dreams.

So go with the flow and know that as you greet each day with a smile, you are positioning yourself to grab both hands of opportunity with yours.

What wonderful, magnificent things await you?


Could you please share with us what wonderful opportunity you are currently grabbing with both hands? 

Motivational Memo: Opportunity – the art of making life happen.

Peter G. James Sinclair is in the “heart to heart” resuscitation business and inspires, motivates and equips others to be all that they’ve been created to become. Receive your free copy of his latest eBook Personal Success Blueprint at Motivational Memoand find him on Twitter @PeterGJSinclair.

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17 thoughts on “Want More Than Mediocre? Grab Life with Both Hands”

  1. Thanks Peter & Hi Barrie,
    The opportunity to live fully is in our hands. We were born with the power of choice. Grabbing Life with both hands is a pretty good choice to make, I reckon.
    Thank you for the continued motivation to be ‘great’ rather than mediocre.
    be good to yourselves

  2. Thank you for this post. Although sometimes it’s nice to say “the opportunity just came to my lap”, in most cases you really have to go out and search / work for it. Besides, I think that when you work and “grab life” the outcome is more rewarding (if one succeeds of course)

  3. Hi and thanks for the great post!

    I’ve recently realized that while my work is far from depressing, it also is not a source of joy most of the time in my life. While I am looking for the positives in my work environment and trying to focus on them, I am also creating opportunities to move on in my life’s path to my passion in life.

    I don’t yet know fully what that passion is, but I have been digging and digging for the past few months to figure that out! I’ve taken some career tests, and prayed about it, and now have 2 opportunities that I am very excited about.

    First, a company just moved into town and since they are expanding quickly, they need to hire as soon as possible. One of the positions sounds like a lot of fun to me, so I applied, and am approaching it with gratitude and confidence. I’m excited for what awaits in that area!

    Second, I’ve always been a thinker, pondering things that many people don’t care to ponder. I happened upon an article about Stocks and Options, and was very interested. I couldn’t stop reading about them, and have since been getting up early in the morning to have an hour before work, and JUMPING out of bed to read about all it has to offer. It is something that I know will be a very fun endeavor, and hope someday to have my investing ability strong enough to only do that! Thinking about having a strategy for it that would only take an hour or less each day to check on things, and do well at it, gives me so much excitement, and I know that I can accomplish it! I am a programmer, and am working on ways to automate and record the stock and options data that I find attractive, to ultimately have my programs do most of the work for me. I started reading about 2 weeks ago, and just made my first trade this morning! I’m starting out very small, but it’s so exciting to have completed my first trade, small as it is, and be doing something I know I will be good at!

    Thank you again for sharing your story, and for inspiring me to share mine!
    Take care,

  4. Successful people know and recognize their blessings and receive them with two hands. I learned that from daily experiences. And this post proved to me that it is really true. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  5. I love these lines, Peter:

    “Every person you meet can be your teacher. Every experience can be your tutor.”

    Such important points you make here. I’m a high school teacher and learn so much from working with teens. So many of them see life with fresh eyes and with such a uniquely different perspective than I do. It is so eye-opening.

    The more open we are to learning from others, perhaps especially from those most don’t believe have much to teach, the more we can grow and learn and become the people we hope to become.

    Thanks for the insightful post! And thank you, Barrie, for featuring Peter here.

  6. Hi Peter,

    I really enjoyed your post!

    I have a tendency to over-think things and get bogged down or overwhelmed, not always but my momentum can stall pretty easily. Reading this gave me a real lift and a great perspective on how to keep momentum going, I loved this quote (one for the fridge!):

    “Opportunity – the art of making life happen.”

  7. It seems to me that one natural result of aging is ridding ourselves of a whole lot of needless worry and stressing over ridiculous issues that really don’t matter, or are out of our control anyway. Amazing how much growth and happiness can occur as we free ourselves of the “worry demons” :-)!

    All the best,


  8. Great message Peter….I am currently grabbing a brand new career with both hands. I am soon to open a Personal Transformation Fitness studio, and have been actively writing and now blogging for six months. I couldn’t agree more about the power of learning. If we stop learning we stop living….We stop changing….If we try to fight change we miss a huge opportunity to both grow and use change for what I call “self-maintenance.” I utilize an “I will ,” attitude to passionately grab every available opportunity to build my mental, physical and spiritual fitness levels.

    Thanks for another great message,


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