Life Passion Is Like Good Sex

Ok, I admit it upfront. This gratuitous post title is meant to grab your attention.

But now that I have it, stay with me for a minute. There's actually a lot of truth to my claim.

When I work with clients on finding their life passion, many of them can't see the value of the pursuit because they've never experienced having a passion before.

It's hard to get excited about something you can't understand or envision. And it's nearly impossible to think about changing up your entire life, leaving your job, and stepping out into the vast unknown if you don't have some sense of what the payoff will be.

I totally get that. You hear the words “live your passion” thrown around so often that the phrase has become like the sound of a ticking clock. You just don't hear it anymore. It becomes meaningless.

And many people see “life passion” as an impractical pursuit that doesn't lead to a steady income, a secure job, or the respect of intelligent people.

I know for myself, if I'm going to make a big change in my life, I need a compelling reason. The other day someone asked if I wanted to try a cleansing fast for a few weeks. I'm sure there are plenty of great reasons to give it a try, but I didn't hear any that were more compelling than my love of food. I need to be convinced that giving up food for a few weeks is going to make my life dramatically better.

However, I know from my own personal life passion pursuit and having coached many people through the process, finding and living your passion is an undertaking well-worth the time, energy, and effort.

In fact, the payoff is so profound, you will wonder why it took you so long to initiate the process. Yes, I know this statement alone isn't reason enough for you to believe me.

So let me compare life passion to something you can relate to and might find compelling — really good sex.

Like good sex . . .

1. Life passion is fun to pursue

The path to find your life passion is a fun and exciting adventure on it's own. When you know you have something amazing and life-changing awaiting you, the breathless anticipation and knowledge of what's to come makes the journey worthwhile. Don't view your efforts to find your passion as just a means to an earth-moving end, but rather enjoy the ride.

2. Life passion involves plenty of foreplay

Before you reach your passion, you will need to experiment and explore. You may have many interests that could possibly be your passion, but it's important to spend time with them long enough to arouse your passion. This might mean volunteering, taking a part-time job in your area of interest, or taking it on as a hobby — long enough so you really get the feel of it and arouse a deeper level of engagement.

3. Life passion requires practice and creativity to increase skill

If you want to hone your life passion and become more deeply and intimately engaged with it, you need to practice it regularly, even when you hit rough patches. Your passion desire should be enough to motivate you to work past difficult spots and reach the next level of fulfillment. Also, think creatively about how to apply your passion or how to combine several of your interests to create your life passion. Creativity prevents you from giving up to soon or getting bored.

4. Life passion energizes you

When you are engaged in the practice of your passion, you will feel energized — not depleted. You will feel fully alive and experience a sense of enthusiasm and joy that lingers with you even when you aren't focused on your passion.

5. With life passion, you can reach the desired goal and still want more

You will reach many peaks and goals as you practice your life passion. And even though with each pinnacle, you feel as though it can't get better — it can! The more successful and accomplished you become in your passion pursuit, the more you want to pursue it. Each pinnacle connects you more deeply to your passion and your investment in it.

6. Life passion puts you in the state of flow where time disappears

In the practice of your passion, you will feel so focused and engaged that time disappears. This is known as the “flow state” — an almost meditative state that is both deeply relaxing and enormously energizing. This intense, creative focus is what allows you to accomplish your best and most fulfilling work.

7. You think about your passion even when you aren't engaged in it

You know you are deeply committed to your life passion when you can't stop thinking about it, even when you are away from it. You are constantly thinking of new ideas, new ways to approach your passion, and how you will feel when you return to it. And you'll replay past passion scenarios in your head to relive the joy and fun you experienced.

8. Life passion affords a deep sense of contentment and fulfillment

Beyond the fun and thrill of your life passion pursuit, living a passionate life affords a level of contentment, purpose, and fulfillment that elevates your life to high plane. When you are engaged in something that is authentically you, you feel complete and whole on a soul level.

9. You're willing to wake up early and stay up late to enjoy your passion

When you find something you love, something wildly satisfying and exciting, you'll want to spend all of your time doing it. You will wake up in the morning ready to jump on it, and you'll find it hard to pull yourself away from it at night. Life passion doesn't feel like work — it feels like play.

10. Life passion can wear you out

Because the pursuit of your passion is so enjoyable and compelling, you need to be mindful of keeping balance in your life. Although you may want to spend every hour of the day pursuing your passion, you can wear yourself out with it. Consciously step away from your passion do you can tend to your relationships, your life responsibilities, and your health and well-being.

My good sex and life passion analogy is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. My main point here is to affirm how life-changing it is to uncover your passion and to actualize it in your daily life. Truthfully, life passion is so much more than a great romp in the hay. It is the living expression of your most authentic self and your deepest inner calling.

Are you ready for life passion? It's time to strip down to the real you and make it happen.

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Let me compare life passion to something you can relate to and might find compelling -- really good sex.

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Hi Barrie

The analogy is superb and it drives the point home effectively; both ways.



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