12 Reasons Why You’ll Love Dating Mature Women

People of all ages go on dates.

But mature women know that dating for them is different from dating in their twenties and thirties.

And those who date them have noticed.

Simply put, a mature woman in relationships behaves differently from her twenty- or thirty-something self.

She’s learned more about who she is, and she’s less willing to pretend to be someone else just to impress a date.

And that’s just one reason why mature women make the best dates and partners.

Read on for twelve more.

12 Reasons Why Mature Women Make The Best Dates and Partners

1. Their self-worth doesn’t depend on how well the date goes.

The mature woman’s sense of self and her self worth don’t depend on how well a date goes, no matter how attractive her date might be.

She won’t let anyone’s lukewarm reaction to her influence the way she thinks about herself.

woman looking up while using laptop mature women

After all, she’s had a lot more time to get to know herself, and she’s seen a lot more to love than some someone who happened to spend an hour (or less) in her company.

She knows whose opinion means more to her — and it’s not her date’s.

2. They’re more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Mature women have made more mistakes and learned from them.

They won’t expect you to be perfect human beings, and they’ll expect you to extend them the same courtesy.

So, if you’re late or not dressed appropriately, they’re more likely to cut you some slack until they know the whole story behind it.

But while they might be more forgiving of human foibles, they’ll know if you’re not as invested in the relationship as they are.

And they’ll be less inclined to waste their time or yours by hanging on.

3. They’re more likely to know what they want.

They’ve had more time to get acquainted with what they want, so they’re less likely to hold onto a “placeholder” while they keep their eyes open for something better.

Nor will they allow anyone to use them as a temporary escort.

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If they know what they want, they’ll also likely have a better idea of how they want to spend their precious time and energy.

So, they won’t see much point in dating someone they honestly can’t see themselves with decades down the road.

4. They won’t sacrifice other relationships to be more available to you.

Mature women realize that even if a date goes well and a new relationship blossoms, it shouldn’t eclipse relationships that came before it.

She’ll still make time for family and other close friends, and she’ll expect you to honor that.

Don’t think for a second she’ll cancel an arrangement with a family member to be more available to you.re

That said, if she counts you among her close friends, expect to be prioritized as such.

5. They won’t sacrifice their identity or self-respect, either.

Mature women have a better sense of their personal identity, and they won’t sacrifice that or their self-respect to please you or anyone else.

Don’t expect a mature woman to be a push-over, a punching bag, or someone you can remake in the image of your choosing.

couple posing for camera mature women

She won’t give up being the person she’s come to respect and admire just to hold onto your interest.

If you can’t see and appreciate her as she is, she’ll drop you like yesterday’s bagel.

6. They don’t need to be in contact with you all the time.

Mature women don’t need to constantly check in with you to make sure you’re still interested in them — or that you’re thinking of them — or that you’re okay.

It’s not that they don’t care whether or not you’re okay; it’s just that they have their own lives, and they trust that if you need their help with something, you’ll call them.

So, they won’t be texting you all day, tagging you on social media posts, snapping selfies and sending them to you, etc.

They don’t need constant reminders that you think they’re hot or funny or fun to be with.

They trust that your memory works as well as theirs.

7. They don’t need to publicize everything you do together.

You won’t see a mature woman spending a lot of time bragging about your relationship on social media or telling their friends all about what you did together.

She might not even mention your relationship to anyone without prompting — and even then, she’ll be more careful about how much she shares.

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She doesn’t need validation from social media connections (or anyone else) to help her decide whether the relationship is going well.

And she doesn’t need for everyone to envy her for what she has with you.

8. They still value their personal space — and yours, too.

Mature women value their personal space, and they’re not likely to give it up or let you get closer than is comfortable for them just to make you feel more like a man.

If they don’t like casual arm and shoulder touches, they won’t just roll with it to avoid offending you.

They’re also more likely to respect your personal space and not to assume you want to sit close enough to smell each other’s perfume.

Neither will they assume you’re okay with them sampling the food on your plate.

9. They’re not looking for a personal improvement project — nor do they want to be anyone else’s.

Mature women aren’t looking for someone they can fix or mold into the partner they want.

Neither do they want to be someone’s makeover project.

They have a better sense of their own personal style, and if you don’t appreciate it, you can keep looking.

They know they’re better off staying single than settling for someone they’re not in love with or who wants them to be more like someone else.

And they refuse to be anyone’s consolation prize.

10. They value their financial independence.

The mature woman values her financial independence because she’s worked for it.

A younger woman who’s still struggling to pay the bills might love the idea of quitting her job to move in with her new love and let him worry about the money.

But a mature woman with hard-earned independence (financial and otherwise) will fight to retain it.

man and woman talking over coffee mature women

She’s not going to give that up to be someone else’s full-time cook, housekeeper, or domestic goddess.

And while she may want kids (or she may already be a mother), she doesn’t see how it benefits them if their mother is incapable of supporting herself.

11. They don’t resent their partner’s achievements or success.

When you’re proud of a worthy accomplishment, you can expect a mature woman to share your pride.

She won’t resent you for accomplishing more than she has or for earning more than she does.

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She doesn’t see the point in envying others their successes or comparing her accomplishments to yours or anyone else’s.

She can celebrate your wins as wholeheartedly as she celebrates her own.

Since she’s more aware of the connectedness between people, your happiness only adds to her own.

12. They won’t give up their happiness or their dreams just to have a romantic relationship.

Mature women won’t give up their dreams, their goals, or the things that make them happy just to have a man in their lives.

They don’t see the point in doing so, since the kind of man who would make a worthy partner wouldn’t expect a woman to sacrifice her dreams or her happiness for him.

A mature woman recognizes this and won’t settle for a man who would make her choose between her happiness and his own. And she won’t force you to choose, either.

Are You Ready to Date Mature Women?

Maturity doesn’t always come with age.

There are women out there in their forties, fifties, and beyond, whose thinking hasn’t evolved past their teenage years.

You’ll know them by the way they treat the people they’re not trying to impress. These are not the women referred to here as “mature women.”

A mature woman — single or otherwise — exhibits the qualities listed in this article.

She doesn’t apologize for the way she is, even when she doesn’t fit someone else’s idea of who she should be or how she should act.

And just as she won’t surrender her self-respect, she’s also more likely to show respect to others, regardless of their income or social status. With real maturity comes wisdom.

And wisdom makes for better company than shallow, self-centered drama any day.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to date or be in a relationship with a mature woman, count your blessings.

May your good taste and gratitude influence everything you do today.

People of all ages go on dates. But mature women know that dating for them is different from dating in their twenties and thirties. And those who date them have noticed. Simply put, a mature woman in relationships behaves differently from her twenty- or thirty-something self. #relationships #dating #love #relationshipgoals #maturewomen

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