101 Breakthrough Questions To Accelerate Massive Action

Achieving your goals in life, regardless of your endeavor, requires you to take action.

In fact, it demands massive action that many people are not inclined to take. But do you know what it really entails to prompt this kind of work?

Implementing action requires a commitment to frequent, deep introspection.

If you want to see results, you have to start with what’s on the inside rather than trying to control the things that are on the outside.

The good news is that you can coach yourself to go farther and work harder than anyone ever expects from you.

But you have to translate a sense of self-awareness into your everyday reality. You can do this by living a life that reflects who you truly are.

But who are you? You may know yourself better than anyone else does, but how well do you really know yourself?

To truly learn who you are, you need to know what questions to ask yourself to help clarify your values and your goals.

Once you know where your passions lie, you will be able to gain the necessary momentum to achieve what you want out of life.

Here are 101 questions to ask yourself if you want to accelerate massive action.

Life Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What matters to me the most in my life and what am I willing to do to preserve it?

2. What have I done lately that is worth remembering?

3. What do I need to change about myself in order to live the best life possible?

4. What are my values? Are there any common values that other people hold that I do not particularly care about?

5. What can I learn from people who have achieved goals similar to my own? Can I learn anything from their failures?

6. What would I regret if I were to die tomorrow? Is there anything I can do to change that now?

7. Is there any area in my life where I am settling for less than I deserve? If so, why?

8. Am I happy in life? If not, what do I think I need in order to make myself truly happy?

9. How do I react to failure?

10. Are there people in my life who are holding me back or bringing me down? If so, why do I keep them in my life?

11. What is my happiest memory? Who were the people involved and are they still in my life?

12. What are my short-term and long-term goals? What is one step I can take today to get myself closer to meeting those goals?

13. What are my greatest strengths and weaknesses?

14. In which areas of my life do I tend to compare myself to those around me?

15. Do I tend to leave it up to other people to tell me what to do or do I prefer to take a leadership role?

16. What has been my biggest failure in life? What have I learned from it or how did it change me?

girl sitting, questions to ask yourself

17. When do I get my best work done? Am I an early bird or a night owl?

18. What are five possessions that I own that would give a stranger some good insight into who I am and what I like?

19. What aspects of my personality are clear to someone soon after they meet me?

20. In what ways does the persona that I show the world truly reflect who I am? How does it differ?

21. Where do I want to travel in the future and what do I hope to learn from those places?

22. What three life experiences have helped define who I am?

23. What is something that makes me completely unique from anyone else?

24. How do I think other people perceive me?

25. What issues in the world am I willing to truly fight for?

26. What book has made the biggest impact on my life?

27. How many hours during the day do I waste on unproductive activities such as watching television or participating in idle talk?

28. What is an example of a time that I have stayed true to my own values despite societal pressures to do otherwise?

29. What was my last random act of kindness? Is this something I can do more often?

30. Who is the biggest decision maker in my life — myself, the people around me, or my circumstances?

31. Describe an ideal day. Who is involved? Where am I? What am I doing?

32. What is my worst habit? Do I think it would be possible for me to easily break this habit?

33. What does my life’s mission statement say?

Deep Questions to Ask Yourself

34. Am I holding onto something that I need to let go of?

35. If today were the last day of my life, is this what I would be doing right now?

36. How much control have I taken over my life up to this point?

37. What is one thing I could start doing right now to improve my quality of life?

38. How do I inspire the people around me?

39. What is something that my intuition has been telling me that I have been ignoring?

40. What task did I spend the most time on today? Will it have an impact on my life in one year? What about five years?

41. What does my inner dialogue sound like and do I have any limiting thoughts?

42. How does my existence improve humanity?

43. Do I believe in destiny? If so, what do I think my destiny is?

44. What are my spiritual beliefs? Do I believe in a religion or any sort of higher power? How do those beliefs impact my daily life?

45. If I could rewind five years, what decision would I change that would make a positive impact on my life today?

46. How do I think the world will look in ten years? What about 50 years? 100 years?

47. Do I believe a society could exist without laws?

48. Did my soul or consciousness exist before I was born? Will it exist after I die?

finger frame, questions to ask yourself

49. Do I believe it is acceptable to do something wrong if no one will ever find out?

50. Is jealousy a powerful driver in my life or is it simply a negative emotion?

51. Who do I believe is the most powerful person alive today and why?

52. What has been my most humbling experience?

53. Which would I rather have: intelligence or wisdom? Why?

54. What do I do to push my physical limits?

55. Do I believe human morality is learned or instinctive?

56. If I could ask one person one question and they had to tell the truth, who and what would I ask?

57. Would I rather live a short but fulfilling life or live a long but unfulfilling life?

58. What do I believe a human life is worth? Are some lives worth more than others?

59. Do I believe honor has to be earned or can it be given away?

60. If I could find out the exact date and reason for my death, would I want to know? How would it change my goals, if at all?

61. What (or who) would I sacrifice my life for?

62. What do I put more emphasis on, what people say or how they say it?

63. If I had to choose right now, what would my final words be?

64. When do I think it is acceptable (if ever) to break a law?

65. What has been my biggest challenge so far in life and what did I do to overcome it?

Getting to Know Yourself Questions

66. If I could implant one piece of advice that I have learned into a newborn’s mind, what would it be?

67. What has been the most significant turning point in my life and how did it affect my trajectory?

68. What do I want people to remember me the most for when I die?

69. What is something that I always love to do, even when I am exhausted? Why?

70. Who would I share a meal with if I could choose anyone either from history or the present day?

71. Who is my greatest role model and why?

72. If I could have any superpower, what would it be and how would I use it?

73. How has my formal education played a role in my life?

74. If money were no issue, what would I do with my life?

75. Have I ever felt completely loved by someone else? If so, what was happening in that moment when I was filled with the feeling of being loved?

76. What is my idea of self-actualization?

77. Does competition motivate me?

78. Do I work well under pressure?

79. Do I prefer to work in a structured environment with rules and expectations or in a setting that has more organized chaos?

80. Which do I value more: time or money?

forked path, questions to ask yourself

81. Do I underestimate myself? If so, why?

82. Is there anything in my life that I am ashamed of?

83. What is my biggest worry or fear? Does it limit how I live my life?

84. When something goes wrong, do I blame myself or do I look for other people to blame? Am I ever able to avoid placing blame and just fix the problem?

85. Am I an introvert or an extrovert? Do I get energized from being around people or do I often find that I need to take a break after a social gathering?

86. What aspects of my personality stay the same, no matter what situation I am in?

87. How have I put others’ needs ahead of mine? Do I need to restore this balance and begin to focus on my own needs more?

88. What interesting things do I currently learn at my job? How does it benefit me to have these experiences?

89. If I was appointed to give a speech to a large number of people, what topic would I choose?

90. How comfortable am I in a chaotic environment?

91. Am I a risk taker?

92. Thinking back to my worries ten years ago, are those concerns still relevant today?

93. Do I take full responsibility when I make a mistake? What is an example of a time when I didn’t take full responsibility but I should have?

94. What is a deal breaker for me in a relationship?

95. Am I patient or impatient? Does my patience (or lack thereof) get in the way of my goals?

96. What makes me feel overwhelmed?

97. How have my priorities changed with age?

98. What are some things that I take for granted?

99. Do I work better alone or in a group?

100. What do I think other people’s first impressions of me are?

101. What is one responsibility that I have that I strongly dislike?

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While some of these questions may seem uncomfortable to think about, it’s important to remember that they will allow you to have valuable insight on yourself and lead you to a fulfilling life.

These questions are worth asking yourself on a regular basis to help you stay motivated and jump-start massive action.