It’s Today! Your Empire Awaits You

It's back. Chris Guillebeau's wildly successful Empire Building Kit is going to be released again TODAY Wednesday, June 16 at 12 noon EST. If you haven't started building your empire, you've got another chance.

Chris Guillebeau is an extremely successful blogger and entrepreneur. Also, he's a really nice guy who has loads of integrity and great products.

I recently interviewed Chris for a series on Blogging Superstars.

Please check out his blog called The Art of Non-Conformity, which is one of the most interesting and inspiring blogs out there. Chris is a world traveler, author, philanthropist and wildly successful business person.

The Empire Building Kit shows you how to build a meaningful lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day. (He still has people on the waiting list from his previous launch of the kit.)

So here's what Chris has to say about what he's offering:

First, here’s the goal: to help aspiring emperors build a successful lifestyle business in one year by doing at least one thing every day. I define lifestyle business as a project that produces at least $50,000 a year in net income with few (or zero) employees, doing something you love that other people are thrilled to pay for.

My preference is for online businesses that can be run from anywhere since that’s what I do, but the case studies include all kinds of people doing all kinds of things.

There are two “killer apps” to this project. The first is the collection of no-holds-barred case studies, and the second is the step-by-step, one-year plan. Emperors will get the case studies right away, and the 365 steps, tips, and reminders in daily emails for an entire year.

I’ll have three options for the EBK—one on the budget side for people just getting started (“Emperor-in-Training”), one for experienced entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level (“Alexander the Great”) , and one in the middle that I think will serve most people the best (“Hail Caesar!”).

All three empire-building options include:

* Numerous (10+) case studies in a range of formats—video interviews, audio interviews, transcripts, and PDF compilations
* A detailed overview of the lifestyle business. What it is? What should you know right from the beginning? How can you create your own empire like all of the case studies have done?
* Additional instructional videos (with key lessons included in text form as well) dealing with specific topics or common questions

In each case study, I talk with the other entrepreneurs all about money.

Remember, these are people who make $50,000+ a year without employees and by doing something that they love.

I ask them: “How did you make this happen? What was your best decision and your biggest mistake? What do you wish you had known when you were first getting started?” And so on. The focus of every conversation relates to this question:

“How can other people do what you’ve done, in their own way?”

The middle and premium versions each include a number of materials related to product launches, including a 43-step checklist I use every time I produce a launch. The premium version takes the transparency further by providing a detailed breakdown of the entire Unconventional Guides business—exactly how much money comes in for each product, lessons learned from each launch, copies sold, challenges ahead, and so on.

No impressive credentials required. Must be prepared to work hard, make wise decisions, and make today slightly better than yesterday.

According to Chris, here's what you will learn:

# Which business ideas are most likely to succeed? (How do you know when to trust your gut?)
# What are the most important steps to take in building an empire — and which ones can you stop worrying about?
# How can you dramatically increase profits in an existing business?
# How can you create a soft-sell environment where eager customers can't wait to buy your next offering? (No highlighter required.)
# Most importantly… how can you do all of this without killing yourself? (Sure, you’re willing to work as hard as it takes—but never on the wrong things.)

Chris is someone who gives away 90% of his brilliance. Just take a look at his blog. His Empire Building Kit is truly outstanding and so worth the investment. If you aren't happy with it, he will take care of you. But you will be happy.

This time he's doing a couple of things to reward anyone who picks up the Empire Building Kit this week, including a FREE copy of a new guide that helps you apply online biz-building principles to your local city or neighborhood. (If you've already purchased the Kit, you still get the guide.)

Also, I'm offering two amazing extras if you purchase the Empire Building Kit from my blog.

First, an absolutely FREE set-up of a new blog for you called The FREE Instant Blog Magic Program from Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch, the founders of the A-Listing Blogging Bootcamps and A-List Blogger Club.

Second, early access to their new course, Kickstart Your Blog, with everything you need to get your new blog off to a great start. And they are letting me give it to you at a deeply discounted rate — a $120 value for ONLY $17!

When you purchase your Empire Building Kit, e-mail me at [email protected], and I'll send you the links to Instant Blog Magic and Kickstart Your Blog right away!

Visit the link: Empire Building Kit — and take a look for yourself, and get on the waiting list for Wednesday's release. You don't have to purchase to look.

If you have any questions at all, I will be happy to respond. Just e-mail me at [email protected]

(By the way, on June 29th, Chris is releasing The Unconventional Guide to Freelancing. Keep your eye out for it here. Does the great stuff from this guy never end? Let's hope not!)

Here's to building a great empire! Click the image below to get started.

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Great post once again. Thanks for sharing this topic. I really enjoyed reding it and learnt alot. Food for thought 🙂

    Barrie Davenport

    So glad you liked it Billy. Come back again!


Wow, great overview Barrie. I think you’ve convinced me it’s time to dig into this material.
.-= Katie´s last blog ..Taking Stock and Letting Go: Week 4 of the 7-Week Life Cleanse =-.

    Barrie Davenport

    By all means, dig in! You can’t go wrong with Chris’s products. I have no doubt that you will build a great empire.


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