99 Of The Best This Or That Questions To Spark Conversation

Fun questions or boring small talk?

Lots of laughter or uncomfortable silences?

There’s no better game to ignite an engaging and fun conversation than This or That questions!

This or That questions are funny and intriguing at the same time because they present you with just two options.

Whether you love or hate them both, you must choose only one.

The result isn’t just a few hours of entertainment and non-stop conversation (without those weird moments of silence).

Good This or That questions help you get to know someone much better — which means closer, more intimate relationships.

It’s simple to play — just take turns asking your This or That questions!

However, if you want to add an extra bit of fun, try this strategy:

  • Give the participants a coin.
  • Direct a question to one person at a time.
  • Before they answer, the others place the coin heads up if they think the answer will be the first choice or tails up for the second.
  • Cover the coin with your hand or a small piece of paper.
  • Once everyone has done so, the person answers the question and the others can reveal their guesses.

So, how well do you know each other?

Ready to start?

99 of the best This or That questions to get you talking and laughing for hours!

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Beer or Wine?Jupiter or Saturn?

this or that questions

Library or Cafe?

Luxury or Necessity?

Fancy or Flimsy?

Dogs or Cats?

Thanksgiving or Christmas?

London or New York?

Reading or Writing?

iOS or Android?

Netflix or Youtube?

Stripes or Polka Dots?

Flowers or Candles?

Sweet or Savory?

Train or Plane?

Books or Ebooks?

Shower or Bubble bath?

Roller Coasters or Ferris Wheel?

Love or Money?

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Blue or Green Eyes?

this or that questions

Family or Friends?

Swimming or Running?

Air Conditioning or Heating?

High School or College?

Coffee or Tea?

Dine In or Delivery?

TV Shows or Movies?

Pop or Indie?

Hot or Cold?Antique or Brand New?

City or Country?

Mountains or Ocean?

Charming or Genuine?

Slacker or Over-achiever?Younger or Older?

Form or Function?

Pancake or Waffle?

Breakfast or Dinner?

Save or Spend?

Meat or Vegetables?

Classical or Modern?

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Email or Letter?

Car or House?

Call or Text?

Bar or Club?

Spring or Fall?

Museum or Play?

Teleportation or Mind Reading?

Work at an Office or Home?

Football or Basketball?

Staples or Paper Clips?

this or that questions

Brunette or Blonde?

Horror or Comedy?

Fame or Power?

Rich or Successful?

Dancing or Singing?

Intelligence or Good Sense of Humor?

Honesty or Empathy?

Freckles or Dimples?

Marry or Live-In Relationship?

Sunrise or Sunset?

Chauffeur Driven or Own Wheels?

Eyes or Smile?

Guitar or Piano?

Big White Wedding or Elope?

Diet or Exercise?

Pie or Cake?

Work or Play?

Looks or Laughter?

Diamonds or Cash?

Kids or Pets?

Fridays or Saturdays?

Hungry or Thirsty?

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Mansion or Farm House?Italian Food or Mexican?

Biking or Running?Neutral or Bold Colors?

Selfies or Group Photos?

Heartache or Numbness?

Paintings or Photographs?

Homemade Food or Fine Dining?

Pants or Skirts?

Pizza or Hamburgers?

Dyed Hair or Natural Colors?

Matching or Mismatched Socks?

Roses or Sunflowers?

Zoo or Aquarium?

Calendar or Cell Phone Alerts?

Outgoing or Shy?

Sweater or hoodie?

Live in the Past or in the Future?

Live in the Past or in the Future?

Radio or Podcast?

Laundry or Dishes?

Rain or Shine?

Uber or Lyft?

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It’s incredible how much we can learn about ourselves and others with such simple and funny This or That questions, isn’t it?

This may be just a game, but remember to listen to each other carefully.

The answer to one good This or That question may spark your creativity (and curiosity) and lead to more questions that will give way to some fantastic conversations.

Surely, you will have a ton of fun — all the while strengthening your connections with your loved ones.

So, why not give some of these This or That questions a shot? You may find a completely different side to the people closest to you (and even to yourself)!

What are your favorite This or That questions?

Share your ideas in the comments below or, better yet, share these questions on your preferred social media platform with your friends and family to start some interesting conversations.

May joy and playfulness always influence your relationships and everything else you do today!

Fun questions or boring small talk? Lots of laughter or uncomfortable silences? There’s no better game to ignite an engaging and fun conversation than This or That questions!