Review Of The 7 Best Book Reading Lights

You would think that a book is all a book lover could ever need — but that isn’t completely true.

Among the many little things that bookworms require in their literary adventures, a great book light stands out as a reader’s best friend, allowing them to enjoy the journey of reading a good book anytime, anywhere.

Book lights shine directly onto the page, helping you relish longer and more comfortable reading sessions without eye strain.

Musicians and hobbyists also can use them to direct the right amount of light onto music stands and workspaces.

Regardless of what you need it for, the perfect book light is out there, waiting for you to find it.

Ready to get started?

Then, check out some of our favorites! Here are seven of the best book lights for 2020.

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Review of the Best Book Lights for 2019
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TopElek Rechargeable LED Book Light
LuminoLite Rechargeable LED Book Light
LEDGLE Hands-Free Rechargeable LED Book Light
CeSunlight Hands-Free Rechargeable LED Book Light
Energizer Clip-On Book Light
Dewenwils Rechargeable Book Light
Wellnest Rechargeable Clip-On
What’s the Best Book Light for You?

Review of the Best Book Lights for 2020

TopElek Rechargeable LED Book Light

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With a long-lasting battery and a 360° flexible neck, the TopElek LED Book Light is the best reading light for bed readers and night owl students.

This mini LED book light features three different brightness and color settings to help your eyes comfortably adjust to reading and writing in dark environments.

And don’t be fooled by its small size: the TopElek is sturdy and durable while still completely flexible and lightweight.

All these characteristics make it the ideal clip-on reading light for books, notebooks, and kindles.

You can recharge the battery with a power bank, adapter, charger, laptop or PC, and a full charge will last up to 6-12 hours, depending on your choice of brightness.

LuminoLite Rechargeable LED Book Light

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Looking for a super versatile book light? You have to check out the LuminoLite.

It is obvious why LuminoLite is among the very best reading lights on the market.

With two fully adjustable arms and twelve bright warm LEDs, you can focus the right amount of light exactly where you need it.

But the beam is soft enough not to strain your eyes or bother anyone else around you.

You also have the option of turning on the lights individually, and each of them has a separate brightness setting.

Although it has two necks, this book light weighs very little and can be easily carried around. A full charge lasts up to twenty hours, and you can recharge your LuminoLite with a USB cable.

LEDGLE Hands-Free Rechargeable LED Book Light

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If clips aren’t your thing, here is a neck hug light that will make your life much easier.

This hands-free light can be hung around your neck which gives you total freedom of movement.

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With three different lighting modes and ranging from warm to cool light, the LEDGLE is very handy — and so comfortable — it even features a massage function!

Also USB rechargeable, it lasts up to twenty hours on a full charge.

Because of its versatility and even beam of light, this fantastic book light is especially recommended for bed readers, knitters and night runners.

CeSunlight Hands-Free Rechargeable LED Book Light

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This is another good option for hug light lovers.

With its anti-slip design and soft silicone arms, the CeSunlight is very convenient. It includes four white LED lights and three brightness modes, so hobbyists and readers alike can make the best use of it.

It can be recharged with a USB cable, but it lasts a little less than its competitors: three hours are required for a full charge which lasts up to ten hours with normal brightness.

Still, this book light is very resilient and much sturdier than it looks — all that without breaking the bank.

For a reasonable price, you will take home a durable hug light that will light up many late-night reading sessions.

Energizer Clip-On Book Light

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Do you need a replaceable battery book light for your next camping trip? We’ve got you covered!

The Energizer Book Light is one of the best battery run book reading lights. Sturdy, yet incredibly lightweight, it can be clipped onto a small paperback without dragging it down.

The Energizer Clip-On has undergone several changes in the last couple of years that increased its levels of efficiency and accessibility.

Its collapsible rubber neck allows you to take it wherever you go and its balanced beam of warm white LED light is ideal for not only reading but also any crafts or hobbies that require up-close tasks.

This handy book light has a runtime of up to 25 hours and runs on replaceable Lithium coin cell batteries.

Dewenwils Rechargeable Book Light

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The one-of-a-kind Dewenwils stands out from its competition thanks to its elegant design that doesn’t include the usual gooseneck.

Super small, slim and lightweight, this high-quality clip-on book light is fully flexible and, when folded flat, it can be carried anywhere, from your pocket to your carry-on bag.

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Friendly to your eyes, yet bright enough, it offers a soft, warm white LED light that can be adjusted from full to half brightness.

This fun book light is available in three different colors and can be used as a bookmark and mini flashlight as well.

Designed to be clamped onto any size and type of book and magazine, this is the very best clip-on book light for kids and adults alike.

Wellnest Rechargeable Clip-On

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If you don’t like a hug light or don’t want to clip a lamp onto your book, this is the book light for you.

The beautiful Wellnest Rechargeable Clip-On is the best rechargeable reading light on the market because it checks all the most important boxes.

Durable, light and versatile, this compact lamp is cordless and can be recharged by an adapter, power bank, PC or computer USB port.

Besides, its non-glare LED lights with three different levels of brightness provide the exact amount of illumination you need.

The Wellnest is an ideal free-standing companion, but its 360° flexible neck doubled with a strong, wide clamp makes it highly adjustable and perfect to clip on your desk, bed or computer.

What’s the Best Book Light for You?

The best book light for you is the one that helps you enjoy yourself while reading, studying, or doing your favorite arts and crafts.

If you want to explore a bit of the market before making a decision, just remember to watch out for certain factors, such as versatility, warranty, battery life, material quality, brightness, and light temperature.

What do you think of our seven best reading lights? If you found your perfect book light on this list, why not share it with other book readers who might need it on your preferred social media platform?

May your love of reading and creativity influence everything else you do today.

Reading books at night can be a hassle and might disturb your partner in bed and using book light is the best solution. Check out the best book light for you from these 7 contenders.