The Habit Course with Leo Babauta, Barrie Davenport, and Katie Tallo

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

If you’ve ever tried — and failed — to exercise regularly, eat healthier, wake earlier, meditate, become organized, beat procrastination … you’re like a lot of us. You struggle with creating new habits.

It’s not easy, because most people don’t understand what causes habits to fail.

We are excited to present a simple solution: The Habit Course, a 28-day interactive course designed to help you create and sustain new habits for life. Registration is now open for the course, which begins Monday, May 23.

You can change anything in your life if you focus first on creating the right habits.

Maybe you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, on gym memberships, workout equipment and clothes, exercise DVDs and diet books, weight loss programs … but without knowing how to create habits, none of those investments will last, or give you the results you want. Creating habits is more important than any of those things.

If you’ve spent money on productivity books or courses or tools, organizing software or planners, or any other tools or books or DVDs meant to change your life … The Habit Course is worth more than any of those, because it’s the one tool that will help you create the changes you want, changes that will stick for life.

The Habit Course  Simple Method was developed over five years by Leo Babauta, creator of  Zen Habits (listed as a top 25 blog by Time Magazine) and one of the world’s leading authorities on creating habits. Leo has used this method to create a slew of habits: running, healthy eating, waking early, becoming organized and productive, becoming frugal, saving, eliminating debt, daily writing, and much more. It changed his life completely.

Katie Tallo and I are co-creators of the Course. Katie is an award-winning director, writer and producer who parlayed her experience as a storyteller into the creation of her motivational blog, Momentum Gathering. After kicking a 20-year smoking habit, she became a runner, vegetarian and debt free, transforming her life by creating simple, heartfelt habits.

I am a personal and career coach and creator of  this blog, as well as The Daily Brainstorm. After 25 years as a public relations professional, at the age of 48, I re-launched my own life with a new career and new habits including daily writing, biking, healthy eating, mindfulness, and a commitment to living joyfully.

The course also features interviews, appearances, ebooks and audio by an amazing panel of guest experts, including:

  • Steve Pavlina, Personal Development for Smart People

  • J.D. Roth, Get Rich Slowly

  • Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

  • Ian Newby-Clark, Professor of Psychology and habits expert

  • Scott H. Young, How to Change a Habit

  • Belinda Benn, transformation coach, author, and fitness model

  • Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth

Here's what you will get from this course:

  • Articles with specific strategies and actions for habit creation that have been personally tested by Leo, Barrie, and Katie, as well as by our beta test group.
  • Case studies by people from all walks of life who have succeeded in creating habits despite having struggled with them.
  • Support via an on-going forum for members only.
  • Weekly live interactive Webinars hosted by Leo where you’ll learn specific actions, meet fellow participants and be part of the Q&A
  • Videos and podcasts to inspire you and help you stay on track and motivated.
  • Resources, worksheets and planning materials to help you stay organized and focused.
  • 10 Bonus ebooks and courses valued at more than $250.
  • Interviews and appearances by a panel of experts.
  • Most importantly — one new habit at the end of 4-weeks, and the tools to create a lifetime of powerful habits.

To give you the best possible experience, we’re limiting this first course to just 250 spots — and the next course won’t be for at least 3 months.

We’re also giving a discount to early registrants — sign up by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 17 and you’ll get a 20% discount.

If you want to learn more about The Habit Course, you can watch Leo's webinar from last night here. 

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  • Daniel M. Wood

    That sounds like a very interesting course and a very nice panel of experts.
    Habits really are a central part of our lives, it is what we do continuously that determines where we are going and if we are going to get there.

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Daniel,
      Yes, they are. They are what make us who we are. I hope you will join us!

  • Joe

    You can only build a habit from something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy one particular form of exercise, try others until you find something you can enjoy. I for one don’t like running very much but ride my bicycle on a daily basis. It has even replaced the car for anything but transporting heavy goods or long distance trips. I like it and this is why I do it.

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Joe,
      Enjoyment certainly helps. There are many strategies necessary to make a habit “stick.” You don’t have to enjoy it — like tooth brushing, some habits are important but not necessarily fun. There are many elements to habit creation.

  • terry fitzpatrick

    what is the cost!?

  • Angela Artemis

    Last night’s presentation was great! I know it’s going to help a lot of people too.
    I especially liked Leo’s suggestion about writing and then taking a break by walking.
    All the best – wishing you success!

  • Justin | Mazzastick

    You have some heavy-hitters on that list. Sounds like a worth-while investment.

  • Galen Pearl

    My blog’s description is developing habits to grow a joyful spirit. I look forward to learning more about your course.

  • Steve

    I think the only way one can change and create new habits, is by having a group of people around to support that change.

  • Dr. Cris Green

    Wow. The course sounds amazing. I will need to look into that. I heard that it takes a month to make a change into a life habit, if that is the case, you need to find some inspiration to keep repeating the change you need to make.

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