How A “Dancing With The Stars” Producer Is Empowering Women

I recently received a lovely email from Sarah Moshman, a reality television producer whose credits include Dancing with the Stars and Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.

I don't generally get emails from TV producers, so I paid attention — and I'm so glad I did. Sarah has some impressive credentials under her belt for such a young woman. But what is truly impressive is her dedication to empowering and inspiring people — especially women.

In addition to her regular work as a television producer, she and her business partner Dana Michelle Cook launched Heartfelt Productions, a production company focused on ways to “showcase uplifting, positive content to inspire women everywhere.”

They have created two documentaries focused on helping young girls build self-esteem. And now they are working on The Empowerment Project: Extraordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things.

Sarah was kind enough to share her inspiring story here on Live Bold and Bloom. Here's my recent interview with Sarah:

What is The Empowerment Project?

Sarah: “The Empowerment Project” is a docu-series that aims to create positive content for women by shining a light on inspirational, powerful, and strong women in many career fields across the US.  It's made for women by women! Our goal is to travel across the country this fall for a month and interview 10 inspirational women in a variety of industries and make the entire series with an all female film crew.

The end result will be a 10 part series for the web. We want to empower women to go after their career ambitions whatever they may be as well as inspire girls to get behind the camera and thrive behind the scenes.

What inspired you to create this documentary?

sarah moshmanSarah: This project is the culmination of a lot of ideas and experiences in my career and in my life. Although I have been working in reality TV for the past 5 years as a shooter/producer, I am very passionate about female empowerment, and I value the times in my career when I have been able to work with an all female film crew on set. It is truly a special experience so I wanted to bring that element to a new project.

I have been making documentaries in my free time with my business partner Dana Michelle Cook under our company Heartfelt Productions for the past few years, and our pieces have been about building self-esteem in young women so far. We wanted to create a project that combines all these elements, empowering women, an all female crew, and traveling to meet our subjects in their element.

We decided the best way to make this dream a reality was to do a Kickstarter campaign which is an incredible website where people fund and follow creative projects. With only days left, we are hoping to reach our goal and get this project off the ground.

What are some of the career fields of the women you are interviewing?

Sarah: We would really like to spotlight a variety of career fields for our project. We started with film and TV because that was the most accessible to us. But we would really like to branch out and showcase 10 very different women on 10 very different pathways and see what similarities they have, what struggles they face and how they got to where they are.

We'd like to explore the non-profit world, writing, politics, sports, medicine, business, performing, etc. We are so excited to get started finding the amazing women we will focus on.

Can you share one of your inspiring stories that you've documented so far?

Sarah: Our first webisode is about Sundance Best Director Winner Jill Soloway as she discusses how it's easy for women to direct movies, and yet there are so few women actually reaching that level and why she thinks that is. She said some amazing stuff about how since the beginning of time stories have been told from a male voice and had male protagonists. So it's easy for women to enjoy stories with men as the focus, but it's harder for men to “spend an hour in a woman's body.” I found that so powerful and accurate in today's media landscape.

Jane LynchShe also had some simple yet very powerful guidance for other people who want to achieve the same success. Her close friend and longtime collaborator Jane Lynch is also featured in the webisode. Jane speaks to Jill's abilities and guidance in a male dominated field, and we are honored to have her part of our series as well. You can see her interview on our Kickstarter page.

How do you intend to distribute it and what impact do you want it to make?

Sarah: We are actively seeking out a site that is in line with our female empowerment mission and message, as well as a place where there's a lot of web traffic so we can maximize our impact and exposure. We want to empower and inspire as many women as we can with this series.

We are also going to have a behind-the-scenes element to our project so people can see how our all female crew make this project happen from start to finish, coast to coast. Ideally we would find a site that is interested in featuring that aspect as well so the viewer has a complete experience of the project.

How can my readers help?

Sarah: We have limited time left to make this series happen through Kickstarter. Please click on the link below and donate what you can to help us achieve our goal by May 27th. Spreading the word helps too, thank you so much!

The Empowerment Project

If you are interested in supporting Sarah's amazing documentary project, I hope you will consider making a small donation to help help her crew get this project off the ground and out the door to inspire and empower women everywhere!

If you can't afford a donation (or even if you can), please take a moment to share this post on social media by clicking the buttons below.

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Another example of Kickstarter enabling people to do great work. Wonderful stuff – shared!

Emily @ Financial Money Tips

I look forward to seeing the webisodes! Women everywhere should be empowered and inspired by this. Thank you so much for spreading the word. 🙂


Empowering others is a gift we give to ourselves and others. Look at Oprah. She often attributes her personal success to her desire to empower others.

Barrie, thanks for sharing Sarah Moshman’s dream and your own. I have so enjoyed watching you blossom and grow in your own life. Your blog is so aptly named.

    Barrie Davenport

    Hi Susan,
    I couldn’t agree more. Oprah is the best at that! Thank you so much for your kind words — and for being such a supportive friend and reader.


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