Ready To Reclaim Your Self-Confidence? My New Video Series Shows You How

I recently conducted a survey of my readers here at Live Bold and Bloom. It was just a one question survey about confidence.

The question was: What is your most concerning difficulty related to your self-confidence?

I was blown away by the responses — not just the number of responses, but also by how profoundly a lack of confidence impacts all of us and holds us back from the life we want. Our self-doubts, lack of assertiveness, and inner fears become so overwhelming, we're paralyzed.

Here is a sampling of the answers:

Fear of rejection

Being judged by other people

Feeling self-conscious about my appearance and weight

Worry that I don't have what it takes

Speaking in front of a room full of people

Feeling ignorant in conversations

Trusting myself and my intuition

Having social anxiety

When you have low confidence in any area of your life, it feels like you are crippled in some way. You want to speak up easily. You want to make a decision or voice an opinion. You want to join in the conversation and feel good about yourself. You want to look in the mirror like yourself. You want to trust your own judgement.

But your lack of confidence ties your hands and keeps you silent. Your fear that you might look stupid, say the wrong thing, get rejected, or fall flat on your face keeps you shackled to a compromised life.

When you lack confidence, it feels like you're destined to always fall short of your potential. You might wonder if you were born lacking some essential quality, something that confident people possess naturally. You might even make yourself feel worse by adding a layer of shame and self-contempt to the mix. “Why can't I be confident? What's wrong with me? I'm such a loser.”

After reading all of these survey responses, and having suffered with times of low confidence myself, I knew I wanted to offer a fresh and motivating perspective. I want my readers to know that confidence doesn't have to be a life sentence. In fact, confidence is a skill that can be learned, just like any other skill — if you have the right tools.

That's why I've created a free 3-part video series to help YOU understand the powerful skills of building confidence for a lifetime. These are skills you can use in any area of your life where you're lacking confidence.

confidence fake-out

In the first video, you'll learn . . .

  • How you unknowingly reinforce a lack of confidence every day.
  • Why your feelings about confidence are deceiving you.
  • What your hopes and dreams are telling you about your ability to be confident.
  • The amazing brain science you can use to boost your feelings of confidence.
  • A mental trick to reinforce confident actions, even when you don't feel confident.
  • A highly useful technique you can implement right away to jumpstart your confidence.

But this is just the beginning.

This first video will ensure you get started on the right foot. The next two videos will help you determine exactly what you're giving up by settling for a lack of confidence and motivate you to hit the reset button with the right tools and roadmap for confidence success. These videos are also free — you just have to opt-in. I’d love for you to share them with your friends or anyone who can benefit from the skills of building confidence for a lifetime.

One more thing . . . I usually ask you to leave a comment below, but this time I’d really appreciate comments directly under the video when you click over. I want to know what you think about the video and the info I’m sharing. Will you do that for me? Thank you!

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