A Powerful Formula To Catapult Your Confidence

I'm afraid.

What if I fail?

I might look stupid.

They know so much more than me.

I don't trust my judgement.

I'm not attractive enough.

I don't think I have what it takes.

I have nothing valuable to say.

They might reject me.

I have no motivation.

Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking any of these comments? I know I have — many, many times.

Building confidence with a proven formula.

Every one of us has periods when our confidence hits rock bottom. Sometimes this happens after a recent failure. Sometimes old childhood issues are triggered and make us doubt ourselves. Maybe a weight or appearance issue makes us feel unworthy and unacceptable.

Even the most seemingly confident people have times when they feel unsure, unable to take action and go for what they want in life. Some people are stuck in the quicksand of low confidence, and it infects every part of their lives. They've fostered a belief that they just don't measure up in some way.

What is your confidence problem? What is standing in the way of you fulfilling your potential and reaching your goals?

Most problems with low confidence are all in your head. Your thinking habits have led to feelings and beliefs that disempower you. Sometimes we lack confidence for legitimate reasons. Maybe we need more training or experience. Maybe we need to improve something in order to feel competent and self-assured.

Whether it's all in your head or has some basis in reality, low confidence can be cured. There's nothing magical or mystical about it. It involves a very practical solution. You simply have to learn some skills and change your mind set.

That's exactly what I want to help you do.

I've spent a lot of time in my coaching career seeking practical, proven solutions to people's most common problems. Low confidence is one of the most common problems I encounter with my clients and readers.

I'm committed to offering methods for change that actually work — that have been proven to work time and time again. That's why I'm so excited to share my confidence building formula in my Simple Self-Confidence Course. If you practice the skills I teach you, your confidence WILL improve, and as a result, you'll be empowered to go after what you want in life and make it happen. Confidence is like rocket fuel for your potential.

30 Days to Confidence

In my Simple Self-Confidence Course, you'll get lifetime access to a 30-day program that takes you step-by-step through lessons and exercises designed to address what's been holding you back from confidence and to rebuild your confidence with a new framework of thinking and action.

Nothing is rocket science in this course, but it does require a few minutes a day for 30 days (beginning whenever you wish) to learn the skills and practice them in one low-confidence area of your life.

In the 3rd video of my 3-part free series, I explain exactly what you'll get when you join the Simple Self-Confidence Course and how I will help you finally overcome the limitations that have kept you from being the person you are meant to be.

Even if you don't join the course, watch this video as I share 4 common misconceptions about confidence that always throw people off track. The video is called Buck Naked Confidence — you don't want to miss it, I promise! Click here to access the video.

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Thank you for the great post about confidence!

I dealt with confidence issues many years ago, and I found the first thing to do is look at yourself in the mirror at least once a day, as you can actually address yourself.

It’s important to tell yourself that you love you, that you are happy, sexy, sweet, strong, and whatever other traits you want to draw out of yourself.

This works because it feels like someone else is complimenting you, and when someone compliments you, you feel good about yourself.

Do this long enough, and you will become the traits you said you were.

Good luck with this long-term endeavour of self-love!

Bethany @ Online Therapy and Coaching

I think we’ve all had that track playing in our mind. Limiting beliefs are so…limiting. It is amazing how the world opens up once those beliefs are redefined.


Very interesting tips. I learned a lot from this article. I’ll try to use them.
Very nice article. And this site is cool.

Thank you for this blog.


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