40 Reasons Why You Need To Boost Your Confidence

When I graduated from college, I had a diploma, a degree in English literature, and no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

The week after graduation, I sat at the kitchen table in my mom's house, scouring the newspaper for a job that seemed remotely interesting and that I might be qualified to do. I came across a headline for a job that read, “Special Events Coordinator.” I had no idea what this job was about, but it sounded fun, particularly since the employer was Macy's department store. Fashion. Events. Coordinate. I could do those things.

During the interview, the manager left the room for a moment, and I peered over at what she'd written on my resume. She'd written two words: “Blond. Timid.” That definitely wasn't what I was hoping to see, but it was the truth. I wasn't confident in myself or my abilities. I left the interview wondering if I'd ever hear back from the woman.

When I got home, I told my mom about the comments and my concern that I wouldn't get the job. She encouraged me to go for it anyway and contact the manager to let her know how much I wanted the job. “The squeaky wheel always gets the grease,” she said. Even though my heart was pounding, and I felt wildly uncomfortable, I called. And I got the job. That one call was the beginning of  20+ year successful career in public relations.

By stretching myself, taking action in spite of my self-doubts, and acting “as if” I felt more confident than I really did, I set myself up for long-term career and financial success. And I strengthened my confidence in the process. I learned that working to build my confidence was an investment that paid off in life-changing returns in my personal and professional life.

Learning the skills of self-confidence can literally turn your life around. It allows you to reach your potential and achieve your goals in every area of your life.

Here are 40 reasons you need to boost your confidence:

Self-confidence . . .

1. Improves your self-image and ability to like yourself

2. Helps you find your voice and speak up when you have something to say

3. Allows you to identify and ask for what you want

4. Gets the attention of decision-makers and clients at work

5. Improves your opportunity for promotions at work

6. Directly impacts your salary and financial success

7. Allows you to tackle more challenges and take more calculated risks

8. Makes you more comfortable in social settings

9. Gives you the ability to converse with anyone easily

10. Gives you the ambition to set goals and work to achieve them

11. Allows you to overcome failures or mistakes quickly and move on

12. Motivates you to take action in spite of your fear or doubt

13. Makes you more attractive and interesting to others

14. Gives you the ability to accept compliments and criticism gracefully

15. Improves your love relationship, as confidence allows for healthy communication

16. Allows you to enjoy competition and believe in yourself

17.  Helps you overcome obstacles and problems in life more quickly

18. Makes you less self-focused and more empathetic to others

19. Allows you to accept your own flaws and shortcomings without feeling devastated

20. Frees you to respond easily and graciously to the needs of others

21. Gives you the ability to trust your own judgement and decisions

22. Frees you to tune in to your intuition and use it for decision-making

23. Allows you to feel happy and positive rather than dwelling on negatives

24. Helps you find solutions to problems more quickly

25. Gives you the courage to take responsibility for your actions without blaming others

26. Allows you to let others shine without feeling jealous or needy

27. Makes you more productive in general because you aren't struggling internally

28. Gives you the patience and judgement to think before you act

29. Affords you a realistic acceptance of your appearance

30. Inspires you to make healthy choices and take care of your body

31. Makes you a better parent to your children

32. Overcomes the tendency to procrastinate and be indecisive

33. Evaporates the fear of success and instead make success seem achievable

34. Allows you to be authentic and vulnerable

35. Helps you stay focused in the present and on the task at hand

36. Inspires you to practice a skill to improve your abilities

37. Allows you to set appropriate personal boundaries

38. Gives you the ability to create your own personal operating system

39. Helps you get clear on your life priorities

40. Gives you the strength every day to do your best and love yourself

Don't allow low confidence hold you back from these 40 life-changing abilities. You don't have to accept a lack of confidence in any area of your life, because change is absolutely possible.

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