25 Ways to Use 10 Minutes for a Shot of Good Karma

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Hello dear reader. I am so glad that you are here because it is for you that I write these blog posts.

It is my act of service to the world, and I always try to keep you in mind as I develop topic ideas and write these articles.  I want you to come away with some little something that plants a seed for positive change in you.

If you are reading this article, you probably have a few minutes between the last task or project you just completed and the next thing you must accomplish for the day or evening. I am grateful that you are using these few minutes to look at my blog and read what I have to say.

I hope you leave here with something useful and productive for your life.  That's my goal here.

So you have a few minutes now and maybe you are surfing the net a little bit, looking at different blogs, reading the news, catching up on some e-mails. We all find that we have those five to ten minute blips of time when we are transitioning from one project or task to the next or we just need a break from what we are doing.

How do you use those little time gaps? Do you create them to serve you?

Here's a bold idea for you: take advantage of those blips of time to create some good Karma.

Instead of doing something that might create neutral or negative energy (ie: reading the news, eating something unhealthy, gossiping with someone, reading e-mails) put that down-time to positive and productive use.

Consider using that time to know yourself better, to clear away limiting beliefs, to create your future, to do something kind for someone, to simplify, to express gratitude.

You'd be amazed at what you can do in ten minutes that can change someone's day for the better or change your own future.

Every ten minutes that you invest in creating good Karma, self-awareness, and positive productivity is a powerful shot of medicine for your soul and for your sense of life-long joy and fulfillment. Why waste this gift? Great things come in small packages!

Every minute is a golden opportunity for creation. So create something good and beautiful and loving.

Would you like some ideas? Please say yes, because I'm going to share some with you anyway! Here are 25 ways that you can use 10 minutes for a bold act of creation and good Karma:

1. Meditate. This one is obvious to readers of personal growth blogs, but I would be remiss not to include it as number one. Turn off your phone, close your door, remove any possible distractions. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and meditate for ten minutes. Focus on your breathing, let your thoughts come and go without judgment. Ask for guidance from your inner wisdom or divine intelligence.

2. Clean off your desk. Clear all of the clutter off of your desk entirely. If you don't have time to organize it immediately put everything in a pile out of sight and keep out only what you need for the next project. Leave a minute to schedule a time on your calendar to organize and prioritize the stuff you put in the pile.

3. Learn more about yourself. Go online and take a free, ten minute personality test. These are fun and they force you to think about what is important and authentic to you. It will help you refocus on what makes you tick and perhaps remind you to realign your life with what comes naturally to you. Print out some material on your personality type for later reading. Try this free Jung Typology Test.

4. Read the material about your type. After you take the personality test, use your next ten minute time blip to read some of the information about your personality type. Highlight areas that resonate with you. Take some notes about what you are reading and learning about yourself, and think about how this information might be useful in improving your life or career. Visit this Personality Page for some very good personality type information.

5. Plan one short term goal. Think about something that you've wanted to accomplish but haven't taken the time to do it. Write down the goal and then break it down into ten minute action steps. Write down as many action steps as you can think of. Keep this paper handy so that you can refer to it whenever you have another ten minutes. Use some of your ten minute time blips to complete an action step.

6.  Plan one long-term goal. Think about a larger goal you want to accomplish that will take longer to achieve. Write down the goal and then check out my 5 Step Goal Setting Starter Kit. It's a free download on my blog, and it walks you through goal setting and planning. Spend ten minutes reviewing this kit. The next time you have ten minutes, take one of the actions listed to begin working on the goal.

7. Find ten things to give away. Walk through your house and find ten items that you don't need or want and that you are willing to give away. Find a staging area in your house to temporarily store these items. Do this several times over the next month when you have ten minutes. At the end of the month, take ten minutes to put these items in a bag or box. During another ten minute break, call Goodwill or some other non-profit organization that accepts donations and arrange to have the items picked up.

8. Read something inspirational. Keep some inspirational reading material handy in your desk and in your car. Have a list of blogs or web sites that are thought provoking and uplifting.  Here's a good list of some of the blogs I've enjoyed. Also check out Arvind Devalia's Make It Happen and Carolyn Rubenstein's A Beautiful Ripple Effect. One of my favorite inspirational writers is Steve Chandler.  I love his books Fearless and Shift Your Mind.

9. Write and speak affirmations. Write down four affirmations for your day. Take two minutes to close your eyes, breath deeply and calm yourself. Spend a minute or two speaking each affirmation out loud if possible or in your head if not. Visualize yourself living or doing whatever you are affirming.

10. Write in a journal. Begin a journal in which you write stream of consciousness ideas that come to your mind. Begin this process by asking your subconscious mind, “What do I need to know?” Take a few calming breaths after you ask the question, and then begin to write for ten minutes. Don't worry about the content. Just let it flow and then look at it later.

11. Plan a trip. Think about a vacation that you have wanted to take. Begin the planning process by thinking about possible dates. Mark the dates in your calendar to hold them. Then spend the next nine minutes researching locations, getting excited about the trip, and thinking about budgeting for it. Begin to make it a reality by starting the planning process.

12. Learn something new. Pick a topic that would not normally interest you. For me it would be any of those left-brained subjects like engineering or economics. Google it and learn something entirely new to you. Stretch yourself and strengthen the weaker side of your brain.

13. Brainstorm your blocks. Spend ten minutes thinking about and writing down situations or people in your life that are causing you angst or draining your energy. The next time you have ten minutes, pick one of these situations and think of positive ways you can address and correct the issue. Write down all of the possible actions you might take.  Let these simmer in your psyche until you are ready to take action.

14. Be grateful. You have probably read this one a million times, but it is so valuable. Write down five people, situations or things that you are grateful for. Spend two minutes thinking about each person or thing and why you are thankful. Focus on the joy and positive energy that the object of your gratitude has brought to you. Let that energy fill you with positive emotion.

15. Reach out. Think about someone you love or care about but haven't communicated with in a while. A phone call will probably take more than ten minutes, so write them an old-fashioned hand-written note and put it in the mail.

16. Help someone. Take ten minutes and do a task or chore for someone else. Bring someone a cup of tea. Handle a household chore that your spouse usually does. Offer to do something for a co-worker.

17. Express your appreciation. Comment on a blog post that you like. Send an e-mail congratulating someone on an achievement. Send a letter of appreciation to someone who has done good work for you.

19. Do some Yoga. Give your body and mind a boost of energy with a 10 minute Yoga session that you can do just about anywhere. These poses help with the strain of working at a computer and with general stress reduction in addition to many other health benefits.

20. Pray for or visualize goodness for someone. If you know someone who is ill or having other difficulties, spend ten minutes visualizing that person in a healed state. See them healthy and happy and surrounded by healing light. If you believe in God or a higher power, invoke the grace of this power as you pray or visualize this person.

21. Listen to music. Close your eyes, turn on your Ipod and listen to the music that will either soothe or energize you depending on what you need at the moment!

22. Ask yourself questions. Use this time to open doors to self-discovery and plant seeds for personal growth. Check out  30 Power Questions for Personal Growth on my downloads page. Pick a few and answer them in ten minutes. Sit with your answers for a few days and see what comes up.

23. Stare out the window. Yep. Just stare. Do nothing. Be okay with that.

24. Walk outside. Go sit in the sunshine. Take a brief walk. Listen to the sounds of nature. Take a break from indoor air and distractions.

25. Close your eyes and rest. If you can take a 10 minute power nap, then do it.  A very brief nap before you get into deep sleep is very restorative. Just be sure you set an alarm to wake you up.

If you have any additional ten minute Karma shots, I hope you will share them in the comments. I would be very grateful, and it will only take ten minutes or less. It will be good Karma for you!

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  • Jenny Hones

    Barrie, you nailed them all! I tried to think of what I do and they were already on your list. Then, I thought of one. I like to hug my family. Even if my kids are getting old we still continue this tradition and we call it “free hug”. It just makes me warm all over.

  • Barrie Davenport

    That’s a great one Jenny. Of course, hugging for ten minutes is great Karma. Wonder how that would go over at work? I think a group staff hug should be mandatory in every office, don’t you?!!
    Thanks for commenting Jenny!

  • Farouk

    for a busy person like me, that’s a very useful article 🙂
    its great how one can get some good energy in a short period of time by doing simple practices, Thanks for sharing your ideas Barrie 🙂

  • Arvind Devalia

    Barrie, what a great resource!

    I especially love the 10 minute yoga. I do a few cycle of sun salutations every morning and I now have a few more things to add to that:-)

  • Barrie Davenport

    Thank you Arvind and Farouk,

    I am glad you liked the article. Maybe we should just fill our entire day with 10 minute Karma shots! It would make for a peaceful life, wouldn’t it? Too bad we have to earn a living.


  • Abi

    Hi Barrie, I always find your blog inspirational, but this one is particularly useful – little bite sized ideas to improve my day, great! I have printed it off and stuck in the front of my diary.

    Many thanks

  • Barrie Davenport

    I am go glad you liked it enough to print it off! Sometimes if feels more manageable to evolve in ten minute growth spurts rather than tackling a big chunk of time. Thank you for commenting!


  • Walter

    These are beautiful Barrie, reaching out is the one that speaks to me the most. Most of the time, we will see our blessing if we reach out with others. Having practice this virtue always, I find myself very thankful and a sense of joy fills my heart. 🙂

  • Barrie Davenport

    How lovely Walter! And you just reached out to me. I really appreciate it, and now my heart is filled with a sense of joy.


  • Aileen

    Beautiful Site filled with inspiration and great articles!!
    I truly enjoyed this article. It’s pretty easy to have a 10 minute slot in the day and you gave some fresh new ideas on things I can do – that are outside of my habits.
    My Favorites :
    The 10 minute Yoga ( I often think I need a entire yoga class)
    Stare out the window (this gives me permission to do so)
    Walk outside (ah YES!)
    Pray or visualize goodness for someone

  • Barrie Davenport

    Thank you so much Aileen. I am so happy you enjoyed it. I have the most beautiful view out of my home office window — a lovely tree and a pond. Sometimes I see a cool heron standing at the edge of the pond. Window staring is one of my favorite pastimes! You have complete and total permission from me — for whatever that’s worth!
    Thank you for commenting.

  • Justin Dixon

    Great list Barrie! I’m tempted to put this list on sticky notes and hang them around the apartment.

  • Barrie Davenport

    Cool Justin! Why not?!
    Thanks for commenting.

  • John Sherry

    Very sensible and well thought out list Barrie, you understand this subject clearly. My only struggle with it is that, as per usual, meditation makes its way towards the top of this type of list. I don’t know if you are a committed meditator but those who tend to recommend it are just that and don’t consider others whose circumstances make it difficult to do or are only just discovering a personal growth/spiritual ethos. I am all in favour of it but it gets trawled out a lot as an ‘answer’ to modern life pressures but for those living in a busy tenement in Glasgow or sharing an apartment in the Bronx it works less well and topping the article they may not continue to read. Whilst meditation works it tends to work best for those who have the ability to factor it often into their lives. I applaud you for offering 24 other ways to have a good shot of karma but many do not and I believe its’ prominence may turn people off as they don’t feel the writer understands their tough life. It’s just a personal view. This post has lovely energy and honest support, bless you for sharing.

  • Barrie Davenport

    Hi John,
    Thank you so much for your comment. You are absolutely right. Meditating is difficult whether you live in a big city or in the suburbs or in a tent! I am not a regular meditator either, but I try, try, try because I know the benefits. I am constantly interrupted (3 teenagers and a cat or the phone, etc.) and my mind wants to babble for the first 10 minutes. But I have, on occasion, reach a meditative state that was truly blissful. I do know from research and personal experience that meditation helps with all sorts of physical and emotional difficulties. I hope you will not give up on it. Like exercise, it takes commitment and practice. Even if you sit for ten minutes and focus on your breathing, it is helpful for your body.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments and insights John.
    Please come back again!

  • Personality Types

    Love the personality types suggestions. Only thing I’d add is that it can be just as powerful, if not more, taking 10 minutes to think about someone you’re having trouble with and thinking about what type they are and how that may be influencing your interaction. The way the types impact relationships is endlessly fascinating.
    .-= Personality Types´s last blog ..Publicizing The Threat of Personality Disorders Among Those in Positions of Power =-.

  • Marian

    I love reading your blog Barrie. It gives me so many inspirational ‘takeaways’. I already know that, as a longtime procrastinator, the concept of Action Steps to achieve short term goals is going to change my life! THANKYOU!!!! Can’t wait to set to work.

  • Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant

    Can I publish your post to my wordpress weblog?

    I’ll add a one-way link to your forum. That’s one really great post.

      Barrie Davenport

      As long as you credit me as the author and link back to my site, you are more than welcome to publish my post. Thank you for asking.

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