Review Of 6 Of The Top Treadmill Desks

Do you sit most of the day?

If so, you may be taking years off your life.

As research continues to show the harmful effects of sitting at a desk all day, many people are turning to treadmill desks to keep their bodies moving during the day.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to get some exercise and do your professional work at the same time?

Treadmill desks are simply computer desks manufactured so you can walk on a treadmill while also doing other tasks.

People typically walk at a slow pace on the treadmill, mainly because it’s hard to type or read while you’re jogging!

Why is sitting all day so harmful?

Research suggests that sitting for extended periods of time has been linked to several health concerns such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and metabolic syndrome.

man with a cap on sitting while using the computer treadmill desk

Too much sitting may also increase the risk of premature death due to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Any extended sitting, whether you are watching television or working behind a desk, can potentially be harmful.

Also, if you spend a few hours a week at the gym to offset your sedentary lifestyle, it likely isn’t going to make up for the excessive sitting.

The best solution to this problem is to spend less time sitting and more time moving your body. This is where our treadmill desk reviews come in handy.

The impact of the movement, no matter how leisurely it may feel, can make a big difference in your overall health. It can help you lose weight and increase your energy throughout the day.

What’s more, the muscles that are needed to stand and move can trigger critical processes in your body that help break down fats and sugars. But when you sit, these processes stop, putting your health at risk.

A Quick Look at Our Top Choices

In a hurry to find the best treadmill desk for your needs? Don’t have time to read the entire treadmill review? Here’s a handy table that’ll give you a quick look at the best treadmill desks available.

​Treadmill Desk
​Best ​Qualities
​Our Rating
LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 ​Sturdy and quiet
Goplus Desk Standing Walking Treadmill ​Tracks how much you walked and other metrics
InMovement Walk While You Work Treadmill Desk ​​Advanced safety features
TrekDesk Treadmill Desk ​Can be used at work or at home; saves space
NordicTrack Desk Treadmill ​Perfect for those who are working in a limited space
Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Desk ​Easy to store

​What are treadmill desks used for, and what are their benefits?

Aside from addressing the physical health issues mentioned above, there are additional things that treadmill desks are used for. They have been shown to increase productivity, for one.

Researchers have analyzed the effects of walking on a treadmill throughout the workday. The results of the studies suggest that people’s work performance improved overall, as is their physical and mental well being.

This was measured by looking specifically at work quality, cognitive performance, and time management on days when employees worked on the treadmill.

They also increase creativity. Research has shown that exercise has a direct link to creativity. During one study, people were asked to do tasks such as quickly coming up with alternative uses for common objects, like a plate.

The subjects were then asked to do a similar test while also slowly walking on a treadmill. The researchers were able to conclude that almost all of the subjects performed significantly better when walking on the treadmill.

Read our review of treadmill working stations and treadmill desks so you can hoose the best option for your needs.

​Using a treadmill desk not only helps you get some exercise, it also boosts your productivity.

Specifically, the subjects could come up with 60% more uses for each object when they were on the treadmill instead of sitting.

Finally, walking while you work can help release stress, boost your mood, and decrease anxiety as the brain releases endorphins that make you feel good.

The endorphins that are released reduce one’s perception of pain and induce positive feelings in the body that act as a natural opiate. Exercise can also help increase confidence by helping you reach your health goals and distract you from worries.

What Factors Should You Consider In Choosing A Treadmill Desk?


You will want to think about your working environment and if the noise of the treadmill will be distracting to others. These types of desks produce noise by the motor and from your footsteps, and you want to be considerate of your surrounding co-workers.

Also, think about if you are on the phone a lot at work on conference calls, as some motors can be noticed over the phone.

In addition to the noise, if your treadmill and your desk are one unit, there is a possibility that it will make vibrations that will move your desktop, which can be distracting for you.

The quieter options for this type of product have a suspension system with shocks that help absorb the impact of your footsteps instead of passing it along.

Another solution to this problem is to keep your desk and treadmill separate from each another, which will also mute any possible vibrations.


These special desks have been proven safe while they have been on the marker, but you may still question the safety of walking while you are working.

If you are thinking about potential risks, someone who is using a treadmill may misstep and lose their balance, causing them to fall.

Additionally, someone who is not aware that the treadmill is turned on could step on the belt while it is moving and fall. If you are concerned about safety, there are a few things to consider.

First, look at the maximum speed of a treadmill desk. 

The faster the treadmill is able to go, the more potential of risk there will be. Different options on the market will have different maximum speeds.

In terms of safety, businesses usually prefer a 2.0 mph maximum speed, but home users sometimes prefer to have the option to go up to 4.0 mph. However, because there are no handrails, speeds over 4.0 mph are not recommended.

If you're looking for the top treadmill workstation desk or stand up workstation with treadmill this treamill desk review is for you.

​When choosing a treadmill desk, take into consideration at the maximum speed of the product.

Second, consider the side rails.

The side rails run parallel to the treadmill belt, which gives the user a stable place to step off and stand while the treadmill belt is moving.

However, not every option includes side rails, which could result in your foot missing the belt while the belt is still in motion. This would cause you to lose your balance and possibly fall.

Because there is a possibility of potential falls, think about the option of having an auto-pause.

Products that automatically pause if you step off of the belt can be very useful, especially if you walk away often and leave the treadmill running, as you may forget it is still going when you step back on.

You also will want to look for a product with walking belt markings. This will help you have a visual indication of the belt’s movement.

Are there different types of desks?

Yes, there are two different types of treadmill desks on the market.

One is a single unit product, and the other is an under-desk treadmill, meaning that it stands alone from your desk.

There are further options within the two categories. For example, some are manual-height adjustable while others are electric-height adjustable.

If you would prefer to keep your current desk and find a treadmill to pair with it, you will want to look into the treadmills that you can put underneath a desk.

If you are looking for a treadmill that fits under your current desk, make sure to think about how high the treadmill is because it will have a direct impact on the height of the desk that you will need to be using.

You will find that the majority of under-desk treadmill bases come with a 5-6 inch step-up range of height. So, if you are using your own desk, it is important to make sure that it will be high enough to accommodate the extra 5-6 inches that will be taken up by the treadmill.

Review of 6 of the Best Treadmill Desks

There are several options are the market, but there are six in particular that stand out as being well worth the investment.

1. LifeSpan TR1200-DT5

This desk is perfectly designed for an office because it is very quiet with its impact-absorbing design. This will help ensure that your co-workers are not bothered by your walking.

It is made with high-quality products that prevent vibrations and allow you to focus on your job. It has space-saving dimensions, as well as front-mounted wheels that allow you to easily move it around.

The desktop measures 38-inches wide by 29-inches deep, which allows you to have enough space to be comfortable.

It also includes a 5-digit console that is conveniently placed in the armrest, which gives you control of your activity without taking up any desk space.

The console also allows the user to tailor the treadmill desk to any specific needs by easily setting your preferences for speed and measuring units.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can hold over 300 pounds of weight
  • Quiet enough to use while talking on the phone
  • High quality, durable product
  • Very easy to adjust
  • Can’t plug into your computer to help track your progress
  • Beeps when you press a button
  • The step counter is not always accurate

​​2. Goplus Desk Standing Walking Treadmill Electric Machine with Tabletop Height Adjustable Treadmill Workstation Perfect for Office & Home

This desk is a combination of a treadmill and a standing desk, giving the user everything they need to walk during the workday.

The console is located in the armrest, which allows the user to have space, as well as all of the activity feedback that people want.

It tracks mode, how far you have walked, how much time you have spent walking, the number of calories you have burned, and how fast you are going.

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This treadmill desk runs with a quiet operation so you will not distract people around you and impact office productivity.

This treadmill desk adjusts from 39 inches to 46 inches, which lets the user find the best ergonomic positioning for their height. The wide desktop gives users a spacious working area with extra room to put office supplies.

  • ​Great value for the price
  • ​Great for both a casual and a quicker walking speed
  • ​Set up is minimal
  • ​Cannot fold up to save floor space
  • ​This option has fewer features than others
  • ​Some find that this product is not stable enough for their needs

3. InMovement Walk While You Work Treadmill Desk

With 40 years of experience, Life Fitness has created a solid product that fits the needs of many people.

This product is designed to complement the workplace with its silent motor and maximum speeds that are perfect for walking while you work. It also has a sturdy design that is ideal for either community or personal use.

This treadmill desk comes with advanced safety features, including a responsive stopping option and a convenient pause button for the user to hit if needed.

Further, its adjustable desk surface allows for a large range of user heights, from five feet tall to 6’4″. It also has expanded foot rails for the user’s comfort.

  • ​Includes a shock absorption system that helps to reduce joint impact by almost 30%
  • ​Does not have to be connected to a wall outlet, which allows it to be portable
  • ​Expensive compared to other options
  • ​There is not too much feedback on this product yet, so there are likely to be undiscovered pitfalls

4. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk – Walking and Standing Desk for Treadmill

This treadmill desk offers users several benefits, whether it is being used at work or at home.

This desk is great if you want to attach it to a treadmill that you already own. It has a variety of features that are meant to keep users productive and physically fit throughout the day.

This treadmill desktop has a generous workspace measuring 72″ long by 34″ wide. It has features such as a paper holder to keep books and magazines held up, a file folder to keep your files organized, and accessory slots.

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It also has a place to hold your phone, as well as two cup holders. The controls are kept in the desk’s center cutout and are easily reached.

This product is also a folding treadmill desk, which means it can save space, but it is still solid and sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

  • ​Light-weight and easy to move
  • ​Very stable desk
  • ​Budget-friendly
  • ​Some find this product to be difficult to install
  • ​This desk is big, so you will need to have enough space for it

5. NordicTrack Desk Treadmill

This product is offered in a space saver design for those who are working with limited space. It has a 300-pound weight capacity and a cushioned deck for optimal comfort.

It also has a USB charging station and a heart rate monitor so users can keep track of their progress.Unlike some other treadmills, this product can go up to 6 mph.

  • ​Walk or run on this treadmill
  • ​Durable and stable
  • ​Very stable when in motion
  • ​Heavy
  • ​Difficult to assemble

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Desk Workstation with Power Adjustable Table Height

This machine has a large workspace table that holds up to 85 pounds of weight.

The console center is able to keep track of the user’s fitness progress and allows the user to adjust the desk in height to fit any body size.

Users can run up to 6 mph with three different levels of incline.

This compact treadmill can be folded up and detached from your desk to allow you to have space when you are not using it. It comes with transportation wheels to help you store your treadmill away.

  • ​Convenient to use and put away
  • ​Treadmill comes pre-assembled
  • ​Very sturdy
  • ​Heavy
  • Only holds up to 220 pounds
  • Does not have a pulse monitor

What’s the Best Treadmill Desk?

​Among all of these options, we believe the best option for your money is the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5. It is sturdy and quiet, which are two of the most important things to look for in one of these products.

It is also great for people of all weights, which further shows its durability. This treadmill desk is easy to assemble and great to use in the office  or at home.

It is important to remember to stay active every day, even while you are at work. This can be difficult to do, especially if you get really distracted with your work and lose track of time, but having a sedentary lifestyle will shorten your life.

If you invest in one of these office treadmill desks, it can add longevity to your life and improve your overall fitness, especially if you are able to combine using one of these desks with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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