7 Of The Best Moleskine Alternatives

Moleskine’s luxury notebooks stand out from the competition, thanks to sturdy covers and premium paper.

The Italian company is known for producing professional notebooks for journaling or sketching.

Moleskine notebooks come in a variety of styles, but you may not always find one that matches your specific needs.

Notebooks from Moleskine are also a little pricey compared to some of the alternatives.

If you want the same quality at a lower price, there are many notebooks like Moleskine for all your writing, drawing, and note-taking needs.

What to Look for in Moleskine-Alternative Notebooks

Moleskine notebooks are sleek, stylish, and durable. The classic Moleskine notebook comes with a thick, flat cover and sewn binding that allows it to lie flat.

When looking for alternatives to these high-quality notebooks, pay attention to the following features:

  • Paper weight
  • Page layout
  • Number of pages
  • Binding
  • Cover
  • Size

The average weight for notebook paper is between 70 GSM and 120 GSM. The weight of the paper and its finish determine how well it works with different writing instruments.

For example, a heavier paper is recommended when using a fountain pen. A lighter paper works well with ballpoint pens and pencils.

When examining the layout of the page, consider whether you want ruled or unruled sheets.

Some layouts also include calendars, checklists, and other features for specific uses.

Moleskine notebooks typically have sewn binding instead of spiral binding along with durable leather or PU leather covers and flaps for storing cards.

The sewn binding is a necessary feature if you want the notebook to lie flat when open as a true Moleskine does.

With these features in mind, let’s compare seven of the best alternatives to Moleskine notebooks.

7 Best Moleskine Notebook Alternatives

The Leuchtturm1917 notebook closely resembles a Moleskine notebook due to the PU leather cover and stitched binding.

It can lie completely flat when open, allowing you to write to the end of the margins without damaging the spine.

The notebook includes 249 numbered pages. The 80 GSM paper is ink-proof and suitable for most types of pens, markers, and pencils.

Instead of ruled or unruled pages, the notebook includes a dotted layout, offering a versatile design for everything from note-taking to scheduling.


  • High-quality stitching
  • Gusseted pocket for storing loose papers
  • Ability to open completely flat
  • Premium paper that helps prevent ink bleeding
  • Eight perforated and detachable sheets


  • Using fountain pens may cause ghosting on the paper
  • The dots are difficult to see in low light

Northbooks USA Eco Graph Paper Notebook

notebook 2 moleskine-alternative notebooks

For those wanting the most environmentally friendly option, the Northbooks USA Eco Notebook may be the right choice. The cover is made from 50% recycled paper while the pages are 30% recycled paper.

The weight of the paper is 90 GSM, which is heavy enough to prevent bleeding or ghosting. The notebook measures 7 x 10 inches and includes 96 pages.

The pages are available in different layouts including graph, dotted, ruled, and blank, covering every possible use for a notebook.


  • It is partially comprised of recycled materials
  • All paper is sustainably sourced in the USA
  • 90 GSM paper prevents bleeding
  • It features a stylish rustic look


  • It only includes 48 sheets (96 pages)
  • The cream-colored pages may not work well for drawing

Maggift Hardcover Notebook

notebook 3 moleskine-alternative notebooks

The Maggift Hardcover Notebook provides a great value, with 120 sheets of paper at a low price. The notebook measures 8.5 x 5.7 inches and easily slips into travel bags or laptop bags.

The cover is made from premium PU leather. It’s a hardcover notebook with a slightly textured pattern, an elastic ribbon enclosure, a pen loop, and an internal accordion pocket.

The paper weighs 80 GSM. The thickness of the paper may cause ghosting or bleeding when using a fountain pen but it works well with ballpoint pens and pencils.


  • The high-quality cover protects pages
  • It includes 120 sheets (240 pages)
  • The ruled pages feature thick, easy-to-view lines
  • It is made with recyclable materials


  • Not the thickest paper available

URSUNSHINE Dotted Grid Notebook

notebook 4 moleskine-alternative notebooks

The URSUNSHINE Dotted Grid Notebook is another alternative that closely resembles a Moleskine notebook. It has a thick cover with a ribbon enclosure and pages that lie flat when open.

With a weight of 120 GSM, the paper is heavier compared to most options, ensuring that your ink doesn’t bleed through.

The notebook measures 5 x 8.25 inches. It’s a small notebook with 64 sheets (128 pages) featuring a dotted grid.


  • It includes a hard cover with a textured surface
  • The pages lie flat when open
  • The paper is exceptionally thick
  • It includes an inner pocket for loose papers


  • The small size may not suit everyone’s needs

Rhodia Orange Meeting Notebook

notebook 5 moleskine-alternative notebooks

The Rhodia Orange Meeting Notebook measures 6.5 x 8.25 inches and comes with 80 sheets of smooth, satiny white paper.

The paper weighs 80 GSM, which is thick enough to keep pens from bleeding through. Instead of sewn binding, the notebook is spiral bound. The binding includes double wires for increased durability.

The pages are intended for taking notes during meetings with separate columns for notes and actions. The top of each page also includes a spot for adding the date.


  • The layout is designed for taking notes
  • The cover can withstand drops of water and light spills
  • The spiral binding makes it easier to turn pages
  • The notebook can lay completely flat


  • May not suit uses other than note-taking for meetings
  • Does not include a table of contents or page marker

Clairefontaine Basic Large Clothbound Notebook

notebook 6 moleskine-alternative notebooks

The stylish clothbound notebook from Clairefontaine is an affordable alternative to Moleskine. It comes with 96 sheets of 90 GSM acid-free paper with an extra-smooth finish.

The smooth satin finish is great for writing notes using a ballpoint pen but it doesn’t work well with pencils, graphite, or fountain pens.

The solid cover has a textured surface and cloth binding sewn with linen thread. It measures 6 x 8.25 inches and comes in several colors including black, red, and brown.


  • It comes at an affordable price for 192 pages
  • The smooth finish works well with ballpoint pens
  • The cloth binding is durable
  • The paper is heavy for this price range


  • Fountain pens may smear easily
  • Pencils don’t blend well on the smooth paper

Paperage Dotted Journal Bullet Notebook

notebook 7 moleskine-alternative notebooks

With the Paperage Dotted Journal, you get 160 pages of thick paper and a durable cover. It comes in a variety of colors made from water-resistant vegan leather.

As with Moleskine notebooks, the thread binding allows the notebook to lie completely flat when open. The Paperage notebook may even be better than Moleskine for those who need thick, sturdy paper at an affordable price. The 100 GSM ivory paper can handle any writing instrument, including markers and fountain pens.


  • Designed to lay flat when open
  • Includes 80 sheets of thick paper
  • Includes a gusseted pocket and card slot
  • Works well with most writing instruments


  • The dotted layout may not appeal to everyone

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Did you find the best Moleskine alternative for your needs?

Moleskine produces high-quality notebooks with sturdy covers and stitched binding. If you can’t find a Moleskine notebook in the right size, layout, or color, an alternative option may suit your needs.

The notebooks discussed offer comparable prices and quality. You can choose from various sizes, page counts, and layouts including dotted, graphed, or ruled pages.

To find the right option, think about how you intend to use the notebook. When using a fountain pen, look for the thickest paper. If you simply need to take notes, you may want to focus on the page count or layout.

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