The Life Passion Journal: Journal Your Way To Your Dream Life

“I’m making a ton of money. I have a job other people would kill for. I can buy anything I want. But I’m miserable.”

Those were the words of one of my coaching clients a few years ago who was searching for his life passion.

From all appearances, he was in an enviable situation. He had a great job, making a lot of money. He had all of the trappings of a fabulous lifestyle.

But it just wasn’t fulfilling. He wasn’t passionate about his work, and he was discovering that money and things weren’t enough to sustain him.

Fortunately, he could afford to hire a coach to help him find his passion, and he could comfortably make a transition to his passion once we worked together to find it.

Not everyone is so lucky. Most people who are unhappy with their jobs or with their lives, in general, feel not only miserable and confused — they also feel stuck.

  • How can I think about leaving my job and still pay the bills?
  • How can consider following my dream when people depend on me?
  • How can I start over when worked so hard to get to this point in my life?
  • How can I learn new skills when I’m almost 50?

We have so many voices in our heads telling us why we can’t live our dreams that we give up on the idea before we even begin to explore it.

But as a life passion coach and teacher, and as someone who has gotten unstuck to create my own passionate life, I can assure you — no matter what your situation, you CAN live more passionately.

Announcing The Release of The Life Passion Journal

You don’t have to hire a coach or go to a counselor to figure it out. In fact, you can “self-coach” your way to your life passion, and that’s why I’ve created my latest book:

The Life Passion Journal: 102 Powerful Prompts to Crush Self-Doubt and Unlock a Remarkable Life

If you are “just settling,” or you feel unhappy with the direction your work or life is going, you don’t have to remain stuck. A more passionate life IS within reach.

In The Life Passion Journal, I have distilled the proven steps to help you know exactly how to start the process, address limiting beliefs and real-world roadblocks, and take the actions to begin making a positive change — without fear or insecurity.

Every question and prompt is designed to help you peel back layers to further self-discovery and clarity so you feel confident about what your passion is and how to live it – no matter your circumstances and even if you can’t quit your job right now.

life passion journal woman reading

Clarity and confidence help you make sound, well-considered decisions about the steps you should take to make your passion a reality.

The Journal is divided into five sections with related prompts and questions:

Section 1: Getting to Know You

The questions and prompts in this section help you learn more about your personality, skills, aptitudes, values, preferences, and motivations.

You’ll have more clarity about your natural inclinations and learn to measure your choices and decisions down the road against these inclinations.

Section 2: Addressing Roadblocks

In this section, you will answer questions to help you address the fears, insecurities, risk aversions, and false beliefs that prevent you from taking action on your passion search.

You’ll also address any real issues with your lifestyle and relationships that keep you stuck.

Section 3: Practical Considerations for Work and Life

The questions in this section drill down to the specifics related to your preferred work environment, salary needs, lifestyle preferences, and additional education or training you might need.

You’ll also consider ways to pursue your passion if you can’t leave your current job or prefer to pursue a passion outside of work.

Section 4: Creative Brainstorming

This section takes it to the next level as you consider what your ideal life might be, what your professional goals are, how you might not be living to your potential, what you want your purpose in life to be, and how to find mentors and like-minded supporters.

You’ll pull together all of the information you’ve learned about yourself to create a vision for a passionate life both personally and professionally.

Section 5: Taking Action

In this section, you’ll determine your list of top ideas for your life passion and begin your reading and research on each of these ideas — ensuring they support your personality type and values.

As you research and answer more questions, you’ll gain clarity on the best possibilities to pursue further. You’ll create short-term and long-term goals related to these passion pursuits which will include some experimentation and real-world testing.

At the end of the journal, I give you ideas and strategies for proceeding with the information you’ve discovered related to your passion, so you can figure out how to take action and apply it to your life.

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Knowing that you have done the self-work to uncover your passion and then take the steps to live it will be one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of your life. You’ll be surprised at the joy and satisfaction you find on the process.

The Life Passion Journal includes:

  • 102 Prompts and Questions in 5 sections to reveal your life passion.
  • Guidelines and Ideas on how to make the most of your journaling efforts.
  • Beautiful Life Passion Quotes from thought leaders and sages to inspire your journey.
  • Assessments, Inventories, and Lists to support your self-discovery.
  • Plenty of Space for Writing your answers and insights, with additional blank writing pages in the back of the book.
  • Next Step Instructions to make the best use of your insights and journaling efforts.

Will you help me?

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As a bonus . . .

The Life Passion Journal includes a bonus gift — a copy of my ebook, The Life Passion Mindset: 6 Lies Keeping You from the Life You Deserve (a $21.95 Value). This ebook is a complementary tool to use as you work through the Journal and begin to uncover your passion.

You’ll find a link to download the ebook inside the Journal.

Are you ready to get started?

Pursuing your life passion requires a total mind shift to change the way you think about yourself and how you operate in the world—so that you prioritize living passionately ahead of living predictably.

You see a passionate life as the only way you want to live, and you begin making choices accordingly.

The Life Passion Journal could be the beginning of an extraordinary journey for you. Take the first step on that journey today by journaling your way to your dream life.

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