Mother’s Day 40% Off Special Starts Today, 48 Hours Only

Good morning bold and fearless readers. I have a special offer for any of you who are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother. Oh, that's all of you!  If you would like to give a gift to yourself or to a special mother in your life, why not give something that has more longevity than flowers, jewelry, or a day at the spa? Give the gift of self discovery and life passion.

For 48 hours, beginning this morning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, I am offering a 40% discount on my Discover Your Passion Course (the Passion Igniter package only). This offer will last through 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 3rd. The course regularly sells for $59.00 and will be on sale for $36.00 during the next two days.

The 116-page, 7 Module Discover Your Passion Course will lead you through a process of self-discovery and deeper awareness of who you are, what you want, and what is holding you back. It provides a guide for creating action steps and accountability so you can make the necessary changes to create the life of your dreams.

It is packed with assessments, worksheets, and action steps to help you to see yourself clearly, and to motivate you to move forward toward a better life.

You’ll discover…

  • A better understanding of your personality, motivations, values, and skills.
  • A clear picture of what makes you happy and what you don’t like.
  • A sense of what is holding you back, getting in your way, causing you fear, limiting your growth, and keeping you stagnant.
  • A vision of your ideal life lived with passion.
  • A strategy combined with action steps for making that ideal life a reality.
  • A planned schedule for taking action.
  • A system of accountability for making sure to ensure you follow through, refine, and build upon your new life.
  • And much, much more — including 11 personal development bonuses including ebooks, guides, audios, and meditations.

Here's what one client recently wrote about the Discover Your Passion Course:

“This course has been quite different in its take on life happiness – approaching it from the standpoint of purpose, values, talents and likes. It has been very enjoyable to go through this course! It has really helped me gain more clarity on why I might be here and what I could and want to do with my life. I frequently revisit the notes I have made during the course, and they help me take the right bearing when walking through life. Having previously been to the rock bottom and back, I can appreciate things that work. Your course has certainly worked  for me. Thank you very much, Barrie.” ~Irena

If you would like to make some positive shifts in your own life or give a life-changing gift to the special mother in your life, please click the link below to learn more about Discover Your Passion and to receive the 48 Hour Mother's Day Special.

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  • Dr. Cris

    Great idea Barrie,

    so many could really use this passion course. Thanks for offering it.

    Dr. Cris, the Dream Job Doctor

  • Justin | Mazzastick

    Sounds like the package would be a great gift for any mother.

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