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If you are feeling there must be more to life than this . . .

If you are bored and dissatisfied with your life . . .

If you feel like you're on the wrong path but don't know how to find the right one . . .

If you know you're in the wrong job but feel totally stuck . . .

If you have no idea what your passion might be or how to find it . . .

If you're not sure that you even have a passion . . .

If you have many interests but don't know which one to pursue . . .

If you fear you have too much to lose . . .

If you deeply long to wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead, knowing you have something engaging, fun, and fulfilling awaiting you . . .

Then I strongly encourage you to join my Path to Passion 4-week online immersion course.

I know you may be skeptical about signing up for a course and paying your hard-earned money for something that might seem a bit unclear to you right now. I don't blame you.

But as a reader here on Live Bold and Bloom, I hope you know me well enough now to see how strongly I believe in the power of passion and how much research, work, and dedication I've put into helping people uncover their own passions. It is my job in this course to make the unclear very clear for you — to help you navigate a path to your life passion.

Everything I've learned over the last 25 years in supporting people with their passions as a public relations executive, marketing director for a network of career colleges, through my personal life passion search, and with my work as a life passion coach, has been lovingly poured into this course.

I've taken everything I've learned, researched, coached, and personally experienced, and created an 8 module program that shows you how to . . .

  • clear away the confusion, roadblocks, and self-doubts;
  • learn much more about who you are and what you truly want in life;
  • create a manageable action plan to actualize those things within the context of your current life.

Now I'm not going to tell you that after 4 weeks your entire life will suddenly be more passionate. (If I could do that, they might put me on Oprah!) It takes more than 4 weeks to allow the process to unfold and for you to do the work and take the actions involved.

But if you do the work presented, you will walk away knowing exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. You will have a clear picture of  the passion you want to pursue, why it's right for you, as well as what's been getting in your way and how to address it.

And you will walk away with a sense of enthusiasm, self-confidence, and excitement about the passion awaiting you. You will have a clear vision of your passionate new life!

What's included . . .

We'll have an interactive Forum where you can ask me and my course partner, Stephanie Wetzel, questions about what you are learning and connect with other life passion seekers on the same journey. This is a great place for support, accountability, and feedback related to your specific life passion pursuit.

Every Thursday evening for the 4 weeks, we will have a live teleseminar featuring some amazing guest experts. During the teleseminars, you'll have an opportunity to ask us questions as well. (The teleseminars will be recorded for those who can't attend.)

The course materials will be presented online, and we will release the lessons for each week on Saturday mornings. You will review the materials, complete the lesson assignments, and share your insights in the Forum and during the teleseminars.

The materials include:

  • articles
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • case studies
  • lesson assignments (and a complete workbook)
  • an action calendar
  • and the teleseminar recordings

If you are worried about spending the money

Here are some thoughts for you.

The course costs about $14/day for the 4 weeks. You probably spend that much many days on coffee and other small purchases. Think how this $14 a day could change your entire life for the better.

The total value of the course far exceeds what I'm charging. This is an extremely robust program with so much valuable material, plus a great deal of my personal attention and interaction.

I offer a solid guarantee. If you join the course and in the first week decide it's not for you, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. If you continue the course, and after 6 months haven't found your passion, I'll give you a full refund, plus a free 1 hour coaching session. So you have nothing to lose.

This course IS NOT for you if . . .

I wouldn't recommend this course for you if . . .

You aren't willing to put the time and energy into the work. You will need to take the time to review the weekly materials, do the weekly assignments, and be active in the Forum in order to get the most from the program.

You are experiencing a personal crisis or mental or physical illness. You need to be in a good place emotionally to do the work in this course so you can successfully pursue your passion.

You aren't willing to be honest with yourself. We will cover many topics related to self-doubt, fears, emotions, personal boundaries, and other areas of personal growth. These may not seem part of finding your passion, but you will learn how important they are. If you aren't willing to open up to yourself and be honest, you can't make progress or remove roadblocks in yourself.

If your instinct tells you that The Path to Passion course might be just what you need to finally uncover your life passion, I truly hope you will join us. We have 100 spots available (with announcements going to over 100,000 people).

If you are ready to find your life passion and begin to make it real in your life, now is the time to take action.

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    Sounds great – thanks for the heads up!

  • Sibyl

    Barrie – This sounds like an amazing course. I know you put everything you have into creating it and it will definitely be something that will help people take a quantum leap forward. So cool:)

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