The 10 Best Standing Desk Converters For A Healthier Work Day

The human body does not respond kindly to chair sitting for long periods of time. Sitting eight hours a day weakens the muscles in your legs and hips.

Your gluts stretch out from lack of use, and your hip flexors get tighter because they get shorter. This might be the time to do some research on a standing desk converter.

Sitting can be as dangerous as smoking, but in our television and computer-oriented culture, we tend to sit far more than our ancestors. But there is hope because Millennials and other wellness-conscious generations are getting the message that the body needs to be active.

There is a large segment of the working public that wants to stand and work to counter-balance the effects of so much sitting. But too much standing has its own set of problems, like putting more stress on the heart to circulate blood.

So what’s the answer?

According to Dr. Peter Smith, a senior scientist at the Institute for Work & Health, a combination of standing, sitting and moving around when you work has the greatest health benefits.

Dr. Smith is not alone in his theory, and hat’s why desk converters are so popular. Rather than replacing an office desk with a standing desk, people are turning to desk converters so they can sit as well as stand while they work.

Standing burns calories, and your legs muscles are working and flexible. Your gluts are back in action and your back is too. Plus, your core is getting some action, especially if you have a chance to do a little stretching.

Anyone who is serious about developing a complete wellness routine is standing more while working at the office.

Once you decide to give your body the attention it deserves at work, your next task is to find a standing desk converter that fits your situation.

There are five basic categories of converters; the Z-lift, Post and Base, Hover, Electric and Desk Top Riser. Here’s what they do:

The Z-Lift Converter got its name from the desk converter architect who had the idea. They are easy to operate and not too expensive.

You can go from sitting to standing fast, by squeezing the brake release paddles on the left and right edges. You can lift it where you want it to be and drop it when you’re done.

Post and Base Converters have a post that holds a monitor and a keyboard. There’s no need for desk clamps or mounts because they rely on their weight for stability.

These desk converters may even take up less space than the Z-lift. Some models have built-in monitor arms so adjusting the height of the monitor is easy.

The Hover Converter is basically a set of oversized monitor arms that hold a workstation along with a monitor mount.

The name comes from the idea that these desk converters “hover” over your desk in a big three-dimensional area, so you have more desk space than any of the other models.

Hovers offer the best fine-tuning features, and the ergonomic adjustability is hard to beat. Plus collaboration and Screen sharing are a slam dunk when you use this model.

desk apple macbook pro Standing Desk Converter

Electric Converters are like Post and Base models except they are electric. There’s an effortless electric lift built into the desk converter so you can program where you want your work surface.

Once you press the button, the standing desk will go back to your set position. You could say electric models are the Cadillacs of the standing desk world.

The Desk Riser is another inexpensive, no-frills solution. You can’t change the keyboard or monitor height, so they aren’t running for the best ergonomic adjustability award anytime soon.

If you want to stand every day then, this model isn’t for you. A desk riser is okay if you need a short break from sitting.

We found 10 great desk converters that represent all desk converter categories. Standing while you work is something to consider if your gluts feel you abandoned them, or your posture is starting to show the bend in those hips.

The 10 Best Standing Desk Converters

1. Defy Desk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

If you need a desk that has stability and the ability to go from one position to another using pneumatic air technology, then this one is for you.

defy desk standing desk


  • Pneumatic air cylinder for easy raising and lowering
  • Stability
  • Fully assembled
  • Dual monitor workspace


  • Heavy
  • Surface fingerprints
  • Label issue

2. VARIDESK 49900 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 – Black

This black desk converter gives you a two-tiered design that is functional and easy to use. Dual monitors find a home on this one.

varidesk on office desk


  • Adjustability
  • Fully assembled
  • Large keyboard space


  • Fragile stability
  • Adjustment range limited
  • Keyboard height goes up

3. Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

This fully adjustable black desk converter has a big work surface and a premium pump for easy raising and lowering. The standing height is seven inches to 16 inches.

standing Desk X-Elite Pro


  • Different standing heights
  • Modern design
  • Air pump lift system


  • Keyboard height goes up
  • Not good for the heavier computers
  • Questionable long-term stability

4. The House of Trade Standing Desk

This aluminum steel frame desk converter is sturdy enough for dual monitors. The work surface supports up to 88 lbs. And there’s a retractable keyboard tray

DeskRiser standing desk


  • Fully assembled
  • Retractable keyboard tray
  • Dual squeeze handles
  • Available in black and white


  • Keyboard drawer pulls out far enough
  • Can be heavy for the elderly
  • Heights feel awkward to some people

5. Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk 32″

The desk is perfect if don’t like a lot of gadgets. It has telescopic legs so you can adjust the height quickly.

wide adjustable desk


  • Several height adjustments
  • Works well for mouse, monitor, and keyboard and a notebook and coffee mug


  • Weighs 18 lbs.
  • Workspace is 32 inches
  • Requires some assembly

6. Rocelco ADR Standing Desk Monitor Riser

This black desk converter has 50lbs of Capacity and a 32″ wide workspace with a retractable keyboard tray.

recelco standing desk


  • Extendable keyboard tray
  • Heavy metal frame
  • Fully assembled
  • Five height adjustments


  • Difficult height adjustment
  • Unreliable locking system
  • Past quality control issues

7. Stand Steady UpTrak Standing Desk

This award-winning desk is the perfect stand up workstation. It’s cubicle friendly and you can go from sitting to standing in record-breaking speed. (if there was a record to bet)

Uptrak standing desk


  • Three-second adjustment
  • Small footprint
  • Works great on small desks


  • Tension support is weak
  • Small footprint
  • Support post doesn’t stay in place

8. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

This fully assembled desk switches from sitting to standing position in seconds. And it fits in most cubicles or any office.

halter ed-258 standing desk


  • Squeeze handles easy to use
  • One-year warranty
  • Dual monitor set up


  • Keyboard too low
  • Heavy
  • Weak struts

9. Power+ Portable Laptop-Table-Stand with Mouse Pad

This portable lightweight but heavy-duty black laptop stand has serious adjustable legs so you can reshape it in several ways. You can lock it in place at several angles. And it fans up to 17 inches

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable


  • Aluminum tray
  • USB cord included
  • Can also be a writing desk
  • Low price


  • Not sturdy enough
  • Mouse surface is too small
  • Narrow legs

10. Smugdesk Standing Desk, Stand up Adjustable Desk Riser Converter for Desktop Laptop Dual Monitor

This desk is sturdy even when it reaches its 15-inch height extension. Capable of lifting up to 35 libs, so it is ideal for a dual monitor setup.

standing desk dual monitor


  • Quiet Z-lift mechanism
  • Plenty of workspace
  • Fully assembled
  • Low price


  • Squeeze handles are a little tight
  • Keyboard holder could break off in shipping
  • Quality varies

The number of available desk converters is a good sign. You don’t get this much competition in a product space unless there is serious consumer interest. And the reason there is serious consumer interest is people in countries around the world want to stand and work during the day.

There may not be enough scientific proof to verify the fact that these converters help people get active during the day, but that’s what is happening. And being active means you’re working the energy in your body while you’re using the energy in your mind. That sounds like a winning combination to us.

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