10 Of The Best Yoga Pants For Women

All the benefits of yoga — the improved muscle strength, increased flexibility, stress reduction, better focus, and a closer connection to other parts of you — are certainly the main goals of your yoga practice.

But there are other things to consider in order to get in the yoga zone without distraction or discomfort.

Clothing that gives you a feeling of comfort and style while you’re down-dogging is a necessity. And thanks to a large dose of design creativity and modern fabrics, the yoga clothing industry is offering women some great pant and top choices.

In order to know the best yoga pants to choose, it’s always a good idea to understand the clothes that work for different styles of yoga.

Most yoga classes will accept slim fit shorts and leggings with a simple body-skimming tank on top. But if you’re into restorative, Yin, or another seated style, baggie pants and baggier shirts are the way to go.

Forget the snaps, zippers, and buttons if you can. They restrict your yoga movements, and they might pinch you where you don’t need pinching while you are trying to focus.

You may also want to avoid super-short shorts that can ride up to an uncomfortable destination at some point.

A Good Pant Is All About The Air Down There

Pants for yoga must have a breathability factor that works for the crotch area. Cotton is not the best choice because it gets heavy when wet, and it takes time to dry.

Moisture-wicking trunks or briefs will do the trick.

Stay away from light-colored shorts or pants that are thinning in the crotch.

Long pants should be able to stretch even though they are snug. You can do a lunge or two and then do a few stretches in a dressing room before you take them home.

Form-fitting track pants work for some women, but do a little research on the pants with drawstrings at the waist. The knot will be a pain when you’re doing positions face-down.

Make sure long pants are trip proof. They can’t hit the floor. That’s why some women like three-quarter form-fitting pants.

What Are The Best Fabric Choices?

Look for yoga pants that are made with stretch fabrics as they will give you a good range of movement.

These fabrics have either a 2-way or 4-way stretch. A 2-way stretch stretches in one direction, and a 4-way stretch pant will stretch horizontally and vertically.

Yoga lovers say synthetic fabrics like a spandex/nylon blend made for exercise are the bomb.

Spandex moves with your body so you have the freedom to immerse in the essence of yoga.

But if you are taking a meditative or restorative class, it’s okay to wear loose cotton pants because you’re not moving around as much.

Cotton is a great fabric for milder temperatures and because it’s soft and comfortable and absorbs moisture. For this reason, be sure to avoid cotton in hot yoga classes. Sweat will be absorbed rather than wicked away.

Moisture-wicking material such as Lycra® and Supplex® is made of a polyester blend. It pulls moisture to the outer surface of the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable.

This is a great option for hot yoga, warmer weather, and more intense classes.

Pant thickness is also something to consider. Sweatpants and other thick pants can feel like you’re wearing a horse blanket. Thin leggings and shorts are the right choices in most cases.

The Right Pant Care Makes A Difference In Appearance And Function

There are some great methods to increase the wearability of your pants and reduce the amount of pilling.

Pilling is the small balls of fiber that form from pant friction. They stick on synthetic pants and drop off of cotton.

• Always wash synthetic fabrics in the washing machine inside out so they don’t rub against harsher garments like jeans. • Wash the pants in a medium or small load instead of packing them in sardine style. • Fabric softener in small amounts is the best way to prevent a delay in the wicking process of the garment. • Natural fabric softeners like Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets or Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Fabric Softener are a good choice. • Forget using the dryer if you can. Line drying is the prudent thing to do.

All clothing has a limited lifetime. Even the best garments break down naturally. So don’t wait until the last minute to buy new pants.

Practice one of the basic principles of yoga: non-attachment. That means let those old battle-worn pants go.

You Never Get Bored When You Mix Prints And Colors

Wearing black leggings all the time can get boring especially when there’s a sea of prints and colors around you in yoga class.

Color adds another dimension to the yoga experience and prints kick your retro-self into full gear.

But remember, color and prints show more sweat than black pants. No one likes to look like a sweat monster after a rigorous yoga class.

Even gray pants can show sweat when they get wet enough, and the hue of color pants change when they get wet. Some women like the Onzie Capri Pant because it never changes its hue when wet.

Here Are 10 Of The Best Yoga Pants for Women

Your Juicy Couture sweatpants may be the bomb when you need a quick outfit for a wintery run.

But if you want to get into a yoga state of mind, you’ll need pants that can give you the comfort and the look that fits your yoga style.

Here are 10 pants that could be your next yoga partner.

1. ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Pants For Yoga – 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings

Amazon calls the Ododos tummy control, stretch leggings their #1 Bestseller, and for good reason.

The color choices seem endless, and the comfort factor is off the charts. And the good news is these leggings are great for strength routines as well as for a 5K run.



  • checkThe leggings are 87 percent Polyester and 13 percent Spandex.
  • checkThere’s a color for almost every day of the month (26).
  • checkThe non-see-through fabric and 4-way stretch are perfect for any type of workout or for everyday use.
  • checkThese Power Flex Yoga Leggings combine functionality with fashion and performance.
  • checkThere’s a mobile phone pocket.


  • The top of the pants may separate on some women.
  • The black leggings are not really black.
  • The fit varies, according to some women.
  • Some colors appear to be see-through.

2. 90 Degree By Reflex 22″ Yoga Capris – Yoga Leggings – Yoga Capris for Women

The 90 Degree Yoga Capri pants get a lot of customer reviews because of the color choices and the comfort factor.

These 22-inch long Capri pants have the fit, performance, and style that women need in any Yoga class. And these leggings have the most customer reviews on Amazon.

90 Degree By Reflex Yoga Pants


  • checkThese solid color pants are 87 percent nylon and 13 percent Spandex. The Heather version is 47 percent nylon, 46 percent polyester, and 7 percent Spandex. Plus, the Space Dye version is 90 percent polyester and 10 percent Spandex.
  • checkThey are great for yoga and fitness enthusiasts and for women with an active lifestyle.
  • checkThe pants are a classic legging fit with a wide waistband and four-way stretch fabric.
  • checkThey don’t ride up or slip down.
  • checkThese pants are stylish, comfortable, and they fit for optimum performance.
  • checkThe pants feature a hidden key pocket and a gusseted crotch that keeps you covered.
  • checkThere are three different prints and three fabric variations.


  • You can only wash the leggings in cold water with similar colors, and they are not dryer friendly. They must lay flat to dry.
  • Quality can vary and the elasticity may not hold up.
  • Polyester is not thick enough, according to some customers.

3. Spalding Women’s BootLeg Pants For Yoga

The Spalding BootLeg pants are great for everyday wear as well as for Yoga workouts.

The comfortable cotton blend pants deliver the right amount of compression during workouts. Amazon calls this Spalding product the best bootleg style on the market.



  • checkThese black and ultra-navy pants are 92 percent cotton and 8 percent Spandex Jersey.
  • checkThey are machine washable.
  • checkThey feature a flared bottom and wide waistband, as well as a small logo at the hip.
  • checkGreat compression through the seat and thighs.


  • The material can be too thin.
  • Quality may vary.
  • Made in China
  • Pant bottoms are too wide for some.

4. CompressionZ Women’s Leggings – Smart, Flexible, Compression for Yoga, Running, Fitness & Everyday Wear

These compression pants are great for yoga as well as for all athletic activities.

The snug fit gives support to the entire lower half of your body, and they restrict excessive muscle movement. Amazon calls the CompressionZ Women’s Leggings the best compression pants on the market.

CompressionZ Yoga pants


  • checkGreat for all types of workouts.
  • checkThe pants wick away sweat quickly.
  • checkThe 4-way stretchable fabric ensures maximum comfort.
  • checkThe pants help with faster recovery after a workout.


  • They can fit small.
  • The waist is not stretchy enough for some.
  • Fabric can be too thin.

5. HDE Women’s Color Block Fold Over Waist Pants Flare Leg Workout Leggings

The HDE pants are great for workouts, but they also work for other daytime activities.

The stretch-knit fabric and the fold-over waist styling give women the comfort and the fit they need when a yoga routine gets real and sweaty.

Amazon calls the HDE pants the best fold-over waist style on the market.

HDE Yoga Pants


  • checkThere’s no fillers or additives to dilute its effectiveness
  • checkComes with a glass dropper


  • It’s for external use only
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Not for children

6. FINEMORE Women’s High Waist Printed Pants Stretchy Pilates Workout Yoga Leggings In Regular & Plus Sizes

The Finemore high waist printed pants are great a great gift choice because they are multi-functional pants.

They look great during workouts thanks to the 3D print technology and the 4-way stretch fabric.

Amazon says the Finemore pants have the most unique fabric designs on the market.

FINEMORE Women Girl High Waist Printed Yoga Pants


  • checkFour-needle stitching and six-count thread help reduce friction with the body.
  • checkThe 4-way stretch fabric offers great coverage and support.
  • checkThe leggings are breathable as well as comfortable.
  • checkThey have a comfortable elastic waistband.


  • Tend to fit small.
  • Fabric can be thin around the butt and thighs.
  • Quality can vary.

7. Comfy Yoga Pants -High Waisted Workout Leggings For Women

The Comfy Yoga leggings have the second most unique fabric designs on the market, according to Amazon.

There’s a color print for every yoga enthusiast, and the quick-drying material keeps women warm and dry.

Comfy Brand Yoga Pants


  • checkThey are 92 percent polyester and with an 8 percent Spandex blend.
  • checkDry quickly.
  • checkThe 4-way stretch design keeps them from riding up or down.
  • checkThey come in eye-catching, vibrant colors.


  • They fit small.
  • The texture feels strange, according to some customers.
  • Leggings need extra support in the crotch area.

8. Danskin Women’s Drawcord Athletic Pant

Danskin has a reputation for being a leader in the dance industry, but their relaxed draw-cord pants are getting a lot of attention in the Yoga arena.

Amazon says Danskin Drawcord Athletic Pants are the best drawstring pants on the market. And the two slanted hand pockets are great if you like pockets in your pants.


  • checkThey are 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Spandex.
  • checkThey are machine washable.
  • checkThey have a straight-leg bottom with a wide ribbed waistband with a drawstring.
  • checkThere are two slanted hand pockets.


  • They run wide in the thighs.
  • The fit is bigger than the size.
  • The pockets are too small.

9. HOEREV Brand Super Soft Modal Spandex Harem Yoga Pilates Pants

The HOEREV super soft Harem Yoga and Pilates pants are the best Harem style on the market, according to Amazon.

These stylish and comfortable pants are great for indoor activities, as well as for outdoor sports.

HOEREV Spandex Harem Yoga Pants


  • checkThe pants are 95 percent Modal and 5 percent Spandex.
  • checkThey come in a Capri style.
  • checkThey are great for all athletic activities.
  • checkThey make perfect pajamas and leisurewear.


  • The pant legs are too long.
  • The fit is tight.
  • Ankles are too wide.
  • Quality varies.

10. Jockey Women’s Slim Capri Flare Athletic Pants

The Jockey name is synonymous with reliable athletic wear, and the Jockey slim Capri athletic pants keep the company’s good reputation alive.

Amazon calls the Capri flair the best flared Capri style on the market, and the more than 600 customer reviews confirm that statement.


  • checkThese Capri’s are 55 percent cotton, 37 percent polyester, and 8 percent Spandex.
  • checkThey have an elastic closure.
  • checkThey are machine washable
  • checkThey have a wide waistband and a wicking liner for the gusset.


  • The waist is not elastic enough for some people.
  • The fit is small.
  • The material is thin in the crotch.
  • Quality varies.

Finding the right pants that suit your yoga routine can be frustrating.

There are so many pants on the market that claim to be the best yoga leggings or pants, but many of them don’t fit, and the quality is not up to industry standards.

The best way to find the right pants is to do some serious research before you buy. Be picky. It’s okay. You want your pants to last for more than one wearing, and many of the off-brands don’t.

Yoga Capri pants seem to be the most popular style these days, as long as they have enough spandex for stretching and enough support in the crotch area.

Color is another important feature. Every woman needs black leggings. But it’s a good idea to buy a couple of colors and prints in order to show your own style and creativity.

You want to feel and look good when you exercise, and the best way to do that is to find the pants that are stylish, durable, comfortable and the right style for your preferred style of class.

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