Get Rich Quick is a Misleading Title

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This is kind of a misleading title to get your attention. Sorry. But please stay with me for a minute because I think you'll get something from this.

We all want to make money, and making it quickly wouldn't be all bad. Having money can make life easier in a lot of ways, and it allows us lots of options and choices. But it also can make life more complicated and burdensome. You've seen those lottery winners who've gone from rags to riches overnight, only to lose friends and squander their money.

What's the difference between having a lot of money and being rich? Do you see them as one in the same? I used to, but my perspective has changed in recent years.  Ask yourself this: why do we want to make money? For a lot of people out there, it's very simple — just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. It's a necessity for survival.

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” ~Oscar Wilde

But for many of us, we need some money for basic security, but we want more money for the extras — cars, education, nice homes, travel, etc. So how much money does it take before we are really rich? Well here's where my get-rich-quick scheme comes in.

You can get rich right now, at this very moment, by shifting your perspective. Unless you are living in abject poverty, you are already quite rich and you might not even know it. Yes, one of the definitions of “rich” relates to monetary wealth, but here's another definition that I'd like you to think about: “abundantly supplied with resources”.

We all are abundantly supplied with resources. We have natural resources, intellectual resources, physical and emotional resources, relationship resources, societal and community resources, and spiritual resources. We may take them for granted, but they are at our disposal every day. We use them not only to help us make money, but also for the sheer pleasure of the benefits they provide our body, mind and soul. We are rich in resources.

Pleasure, happiness, power, self-esteem, and freedom are all reasons for wanting more money. But what makes us rich? I believe it is using and appreciating the resources we have right now, in this moment. We are abundant in resources, and for most of us, abundant in more stuff than we'll ever use.

If you subtract the time used for working, eating, sleeping, driving and getting dressed, we have only a few hours a day to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Even with a modest income, you have access to more activities, experiences, interactions, and material things than you could possibly enjoy in a lifetime. Look around you. What do you have right now that you are taking for granted?

You are rich, so go enjoy your abundant resources. Here's a list of my riches. Make a list of your own to remind you of your elevated status in life!

  • My family and the love that we share.
  • My soft, warm bed in a quiet peaceful room.
  • My friends and the time I get to spend with them.
  • A nice home that is safe and comfortable and adequately furnished.
  • A car that runs well and gets me where I need to go.
  • My computer and the access it gives me to communicate with others.
  • Books and the way I learn and grow from reading them.
  • The beautiful view out my office window and the red birds I watch.
  • The proximity of a beautiful park to my home.
  • My good health and the well-being that comes from that.
  • A delicious dinner with a nice glass of wine.
  • Great conversation.

Oh there are so many more ways that I am rich. I could blog forever if I listed them all. I guess what I'm suggesting is that being rich involves being grateful.

If you want to get rich quick, just take stock of what you have right now. See? You have it all.

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  • Angela Artemis

    Barrie, no truer words can be spoken! I am in complete agreement with you. We are richer by simply acknowledging all we already have. When we do this all of the abundance we have engages our attention and the things we believe we lack shrink in comparison. A shift in perception is exactly what the doctor ordered here. Thank you for another marvelous post.

  • Megan


    I have a boyfriend who I am currently living with, He and I want to get married in the next couple of years, but he keeps stressing about where we are with money on a monthly basis, he said when he used to stay at his mom and dad he realized how much he could save his money, since he had very little to pay at the end of the month.

    I keep trying to tell him that things will work out, we will find the money some where to get married, even if it means we cut back on luxuries, we will get married and have a nice wedding and buy a house to call our own.

    Day by day I look at him and I find great saddness and depression in his eyes, its like he wished he never made the move out with me.

    I seldomly think about the money issue, i dont really worry about getting married now, I love him and I am gratefull to be able to live with him considering that our salaries together is not that bad, but I do wish for him to stop stressing about it and focus on what tomorrow brings.

    I hope some of this makes sense?

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Megan,
      Part of growing up and becoming an adult is leaving the security of your parents and becoming responsible for supporting yourself. Everyone has to face that leap, but if you don’t make it, you’ll delay your true autonomy and independence. Is your boyfriend ready for the responsibilities of adulthood, much less marriage? Perhaps you can suggest he put the energy of his worry into ensuring he makes a good income — whether it’s through additional education, taking on another part-time job, or working harder to move up in his current job. Worry over the realities of life (having to pay the bills) is a waste of time. Be sure you are committing to someone who shares your values and readiness for marriage and the responsibilities that go with it. You may be at different places in life right now. 🙂

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