60 Fun Things To Do On The Weekend

Here in Atlanta, the weather is starting to turn. The sun is out. The temperature is warmer. And with Daylight Savings Time, the days are longer.

After a long winter of dreary weather, lots of snow, and time cooped up inside, it feels like spring is finally around the corner. This is the time of year I like to plan my weekends in advance, especially since there are so many more options now that I can spend time outside.

Doesn’t it seem when weekends arrive, we often have no idea how we want to spend them?

We end up doing the same old thing and feel like we’ve wasted our precious two days of freedom. But if you take a few minutes to plan, you can ensure your weekend isn’t just another forgettable break in the work week.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to have a fun, productive, and adventurous weekend. In fact, there are dozens of fun things to do that don’t cost one red cent.

Here’s a list of 60 fun things to do on the weekend to help with your planning:

1. Take a hike in a State Park or nearby trail.

2. Go on a bike ride with a picnic.

pov while riding a bike on a forest fun things to do

3. Take an art class.

4. Go hang out at REI and plan your next adventure.

5. Organize a pot luck dinner with friends.

6. Rearrange a room in your house.

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7. Take a short day trip somewhere you’ve never been and explore.

8. Reconnect with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

9. Take a salsa class.

10. Learn to create your own blog.

11. Watch the movies that won Academy Awards this year.

12. Go to a park and throw a football or frisbee with a friend.

13. Explore one tourist attraction in your own city you’ve never taken the time to see.

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14. Bake a huge batch of cookies and deliver a plate to your neighbors.

15. Plan and prepare a plot for a vegetable garden.

16. Go through your house and find 20 items you no longer use and give them away.

17. Paint a room in your house a fresh new color.

18. Write an old-fashioned letter to someone you care about.

19. Take the books you no longer want to a library or used book store.

20. Go to an amusement park and ride a roller coaster.

people riding a roller coaster fun things to do

21. Wander through a flea market or antique store.

22. Get a massage.

23. Write the story of your life.

24. Take an online course.

25. Go on a walk and take beautiful photographs.

26. Try out a mindful exercise like yoga or tai chi.

27. Organize a game of softball or touch football.

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28. Invite a friend to cook with you and freeze several meals for the week.

29. Go out dancing.

30. Go to a pet store and play with the puppies and kittens.

31. Write out your goals for 2nd quarter.

32. Find some things to sell on eBay.

33. Play a board game or cards with your family.

34. Take a test drive in your dream car.

35. Visit the farmer’s market and plan a healthy meal.

36. Go bowling.

37. Wander through a museum or local exhibit.

38. Create a beautiful flower arrangement for your home.

39. Put brand new linens on your bed.

40. Write a poem for the love of your life.

41. Plan your summer vacation.

42. Create a dream board.

43. Crank up your favorite tunes and spring clean your house.

44. Write a gratitude list.

45. Take a nap.

baby taking a nap fun things to do

46. Book a cabin in a nearby State Park and get away from it all.

47. Develop a new habit to improve yourself.

48. Organize a book club.

49. Learn origami.

50. Scan Pinterest for do-it-yourself ideas.

51. Plan a wine tasting and invite friends to each bring a bottle.

52. Go to a comedy club.

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53. Build an outdoor fort for your kids or grandkids.

54. Build a bonfire and cook s’mores.

55. Go for a trail run.

56. Sit outside on a blanket and read.

57. Go to a play or concert.

58. Buy a birdhouse, hang it, and fill it with birdseed.

59. Go to a craft or art store and find something that looks fun to do.

60. Have a long conversation with your spouse about your hopes and dreams.

What fun activities have you enjoyed during past weekends? Please add to my list by sharing your ideas in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “60 Fun Things To Do On The Weekend”

    • Hi Ron,
      Bowling is such good, old-fashioned fun. The only drawback is the pair of ugly shoes you have to wear!

  1. As I read the post I thought “that’s my family”. When we make time to be together on a weekend, we often flounder with “what to do?, time goes by and then we don’t get into anything at all. Love! your list and the simple pleasures the activities bring. I’m printing it out and putting it on the fridge. My “go to” next time we need a little jump start! Thank You!

    • Hi Maria,
      I’m so glad it was helpful. Start checking off the items on the list — and then start over! You’ll have years and years of fun weekends ahead. 🙂

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