50 Ways to Know You Are Evolving

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If you are reading this post, most likely you  already are interested in personal growth and self-awareness.

In fact, I'd be willing to venture you read many personal growth blogs and books, and perhaps you regularly seek inspiration and ideas along your personal path of development.

I do that too. New ideas and perspectives intrigue me. When I come across some concept that is mind-blowing and mind-shifting for me, I chew on it for weeks — often exasperating my friends with my enthusiasm. They get a wan little smile, and I can almost see the word bubble over their heads saying, “Oh God, here she goes again.” I can't help it — it's a passion for me.

There are so many valuable resources for learning and evolving.
Our heads are jam-packed with techniques and tools and how-to lists. Opportunities for learning are everywhere. But here's the big question: are we using these tools to make real, profound changes in our lives? If your answer is yes, how do you know it's working?

I think we all could benefit from a “State of the Person” address! Taking an inventory of the accumulative application of our personal growth learning is an extremely valuable exercise. Are we putting all of this great information to use and really evolving and shifting? As a coach, I frequently ask clients to assess their progress in various areas of their lives. With the help of a resource from Coach U's Essential Coaching Tools, I have put together a list for self-assessment.

Here are 50 ways to know if you are evolving:



1. Negative and cynical people have disappeared from my life, and I am surrounded by people who are positive and supportive.

2. I can say no to people easily and kindly without feeling guilt.

3. My personal boundaries are extensive, yet people are close to me.

4. I can be with anyone without feeling uncomfortable or reacting to them.

5. Most of my relationships are inter-developmental, not just interdependent.


6. I am continually learning on a profound level.

7. I synthesize all that occurs and use it to my advantage.

8. I stay fully caught up with technology.

9. I constantly experiment with the gifts I have.

10. The unknown has become a doorway, not a cliff.


11. I don't look for things to motivate me; I take action and know that motivation will follow.

12. Being important, admired or impressive has become irrelevant.

13. I am inspired by people, possibilities, or events instead of being motivated by factors or situations.

14. I attract instead of selling or pushing.

15. I can do much more with a lot less.


16. I feel inner peace all of the time.

17. I have no need to be inauthentic.

18. I have nothing left to prove.

19. I enjoy being a work in progress, yet I am complete as well.

20. My behavior is increasingly becoming an expression of my evolving true self.


21. Living life has become an art form.

22. I get what I want and need without having to push or exploit to get it.

23. Creativity has become a way of life.

24. I am taking better and better care of myself because evolving calls me to do this without forcing myself to.

25. I love my life.


26. I have stopped resisting.

27. I accept the inevitable variations in the rhythm, rate and quality of my life experiences.

28. Time is irrelevant because I am in the flow.

29. Fear doesn't stop me for very long.

30. I am comfortable outside of my comfort zone.


31. Whatever happens, I know there is always another way of looking at it.

32. I am aware that every problem has multiple solutions.

33. I have a regular source of information and ideas outside of my usual network so my thinking stays fresh and innovative.

34. I'm willing to adopt a new paradigm rather than push myself in the current one.

35. I don't need to always be right.

Skill Sets

36. My ability to respond to new information is constantly increasing.

37. Changing doesn't scare me.

38. I find developing my skills to be an enjoyable process, not threatening.

39. I've simplified everything because it suits me.

40. Uncertainty is not a problem.


41. I see that being in the flow is not always a linear path.

42. I have come to accept the inevitable element of chaos inherent in the evolutionary process.

43. I don't mind losing who I used to be in the process of evolving.

44. I am able to laugh at my own humanness.

45. I find ways to stimulate my thinking, feeling, and awareness.


46. Success has become a feeling, not an outcome.

47. I have chosen my sources of energy, and they are effective for me.

48. I can easily change my assumptions.

49. My definition of success continues to change.

50. The past and future have become mostly irrelevant given the richness of the present.

I would love to hear back from you about where you are in your own evolutionary progress. Please comment and tell me how your learning is supporting your daily life.

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  • justplayin'

    I am one of Tricia’s friends. Glad to find your blog.

      Barrie Davenport

      So glad you found it too! Any friend of Tricia’s is a friend of mine. She’s the best. I’ve been reading her book today and love it!

  • Jack Bennett

    This is a great survey of simple but profound statements that you can use to “check in” at regular intervals and make sure that you’re on a path of growth and positive change. I’ll definitely be using these in the future. I especially like # 10, 26, 30, 42, 46.

  • Angela Artemis

    Barrie, thank you for this wonderful post. We need to evolve and so does our culture. If we don’t we won’t make it as a society. And of course it all starts with each and every one of us as individuals. Thank you for reminding us!

  • Arvind Devalia

    Barrie, what a wonderful and useful post!

    I have just spent 10 minutes reflecting on each and every one of your 50 points and I am pleasantly surprised how many of them now apply to me.

    This list is a timely reminder to me of how far I have come in the last 10 years since I began my journey of personal development. It feels quite humbling actually.

    I am also reminded about how much more is still possible – and this list will be something I shall come back to again and again:-)

      Barrie Davenport

      Arvind, Angela and Jack,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I guess I’m singing to the choir with this post, as it seems my readers are pretty evolved already. But it never hurts to be reminded, right??

      I appreciate your comments so very much.

  • Manal

    This is fantastic. It serves not only as a reminder but a checklist of things to work on.
    They all serve as positive affirmations. I might put them on my screen saver 🙂

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Jalus

    Gassho Barrie,

    EVERYTHING my brothers and sisters said!


    In Metta,


  • Carmen Rane Hudson

    Your survey told me–I still have a long way to go and lots of developing to do. 🙂 I can say that for the most part I’m at peace with where I’m at currently though, as opposed to where I used to be.

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