7 Of The Best Acupressure Mats To Relieve Stress And Pain

Pain is more than a distressing feeling.

Pain is a subjective experience with complex complications that causes a physical breakdown and intense alteration in our daily routines.

The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.”

But we don’t need a definition to know how pain feels and what it does to our bodies. All we want when our backs begin to ache is to find a way to stop it.

And guess what?

The medical profession doesn’t really know how to cure back pain. Doctors prescribe exercise and medication to help to relieve back pain, but no one wants to try to function in a drug-induced fuzz all day.

Sure, exercise helps, once the pain lets up, but when you are flat on your back in the middle of a full-blown back pain attack, you’re in agony.

Back pain sufferers know they are at risk for another pain attack if they move the wrong way, or if they pick up something that weighs more than they thought; so, they are always searching for a pain solution that works.

Is there a more natural solution out there that makes sense for back pain relief?

The Best Acupressure Mats To Relieve Stress And Pain

According to back pain sufferers in Sweden, there is a simple way to get your back in better shape and reduce the stress associated with back pain and other body aches.

The answer is a modern-day version of a bed of nails.

Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

But this current version of a pain-relief practice that is thousands of years old is none other than acupressure mats.

If that name sounds like acupuncture, the Eastern world’s remedy for most human ailments, you’re not wrong. But forget those long silver needles.

Acupressure floor warriors know the civilized way to get your back in sync with the rest of your body.

And according to mat users who use them regularly, they sleep better, and they function without pain when these mats are part of a daily health regime.

But just like any product, not all acupressure mats have what it takes to make you feel like you’re ready to put on those running shoes and put five miles under your feet.

You need more information, so you can decide which mats will give you the relief you need. And that’s what we will do.

We have a favorite mat, and we will talk about it later, but in order to give you the complete 411 on these pain relief mats, we’ll list the pros and cons of seven mats, listed for sale on Amazon.

Before we do that, let’s discuss what these mats are, what they do, the pros and cons, and how you can benefit from using one of these mats on a daily basis.

Is An Acupressure Mat The Same As A Yoga Mat?

The short answer is no.

A yoga mat doesn’t have nontoxic plastic spikes on the surface of the mat, and there’s no pillow. The plastic spikes on an acupressure mat act like acupuncture needles when a person lays on them.

That means naturally occurring endorphin hormones are awakened when the points touch the tissue and the muscles in the back.

According to Wikipedia, acupressure clears the blockages that develop in meridians (energy points) in the body.

When there is energy blockage, pain develops. Lying down on an acupuncture mat for even ten minutes a day can help relieve back, shoulder, and neck discomfort, to help the body heal itself, according to WebMD.

Acupressure is a key element in Chinese medical treatments because the Chinese believe the twelve meridians in the body connect to the network of organs in the body.

In other words, the Chinese think the body has its own consciousness system, and when acupressure is part of a healing program, the body consciousness reacts to that stimulation.

Some folks think the results of using an acupressure mat have a placebo effect.

Because the mind is the main player in controlling pain, that could be true. In any event, people get relief when they use these modern, but ancient pain treatment tools.

How To Use An Acupressure Mat

Looking at an acupressure mat for the first time can be a little intimidating.

According to licensed physical therapist Dr. Scott Weiss, an acupressure mat is not a complicated thing to use.

In fact, you can use it on floors, beaches, chairs, mattresses, or any other place where you spend time doing things that enhance your body wellness.

Some people use them when they get out of bed in the morning to flush out body toxins and other waste materials.

Dr. Weiss recommends you start slowly by not moving when you lie on a mat for the first time. Let your body relax for a few minutes and then increase the time you spend on the mat when you feel more comfortable.

There are several YouTube videos that discuss how to use acupressure mats.

What Are The Acupressure Mat Benefits?

Here’s the good news. Using an acupressure mat is great when you need relief from back pain, but people also realize other health issues vanish after a mat is part of a daily routine.

Migraines, shoulder pain, neck cramps, and other internal issues go away after an acupressure mat session.

  • Helps relieve body stress.
  • Helps relieve shoulder and muscle tension.
  • Helps increase blood circulation.
  • Helps relieve foot, leg and sciatica pain.
  • Helps relieve headaches.
  • Helps reduce neck and back pain and aches, when used daily.
  • Helps reduce anxiety and other emotional issues.
  • Helps control depression levels by stimulating endorphins and the meridians.
  • Helps relieve sinus and nasal congestion.
  • Helps reduce insomnia and other sleep issues.
  • Helps relieve indigestion and heartburn.
  • Helps reduce fatigue and gives the body a burst of energy.

Reasons To Consider Acupressure Mats In Your Daily Life

  • An acupressure mat won’t drain your bank account. They are inexpensive.
  • There are no harmful plastic materials.
  • Mats give instant relief in many cases because there are multiple acupressure points.
  • The mats don’t absorb foul odors when they are on hard surfaces. They are washable.
  • Most mats give you a relaxing, warm sensation after the initial pain subsides.
  • Acupressure can help you sleep better.
  • The mats increase blood circulation, thanks to the plastic spikes.
  • You can do your yoga routine on the mats for additional benefits.
  • Mats are great for sore muscles.
  • Some people get instant pain and stress relief after a 20-minute routine.
  • Mats improve your digestive system and your body metabolism when used regularly. 

Who Should Not Use An Acupressure Mat?

• Pregnant women should not use a mat. • People with wounds, cuts, sores, sunburn, or skin disorders should not use a mat. • People with blood pressure issues should not use a mat. • People who are taking anticoagulants. • People with sensitive skin, especially young children.

The 7 Recommended Acupressure Mats for Relief of Pain and Stress

Now that you have an understanding of what an acupressure mat can do for your body and mind, the next step is to pick a mat that fits your needs.

People who use an acupressure mat want their mats to have certain qualities that other mats don’t have.

They might want a certain color, a certain firmness, and a pillow that supports their neck and shoulders. Some folks need a carrying case, so when they travel they can take this personal wellness mat with them.

We put together a list of the seven best mats on the market.

We were not paid by any of these manufacturers to review them, but we do have a favorite.

We’ll tell you which mat really has what it takes to give you the relief you need from back/shoulder/neck pain and other issues that might be throwing your body out of sync and causing you stress.

1. Nayoya Back And Neck Pain Relief—Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set With A Vinyl Carry Bag

A Nayoya acupressure mat will give your body the means to heal itself.

Nayoya mats can help heal your body, especially when stress is breaking down your immune system or your back is out of whack.

Plus, a Nayoya mat can help release you from the funk of fatigue and help you control your blood pressure and insomnia.

If you have sore muscles from that 5K run or after working in the yard all day, a Nayoya mat will help soothe your muscles by stimulating the endorphins that have a calming effect on the body and mind.

This mat will help you recover from a tedious workout.

It will also help you deal with the challenges you face on a daily basis if you spend the time in the morning and get your body ready for those challenges.

A Nayoya mat is lightweight, affordable, and portable.

Here’s a video that showing you what’s inside the box of Nayoya acupressure mat:


  • It’s a winner when it comes to relieving back pain and other body issues.
  • It improves overall circulation, a key element in removing toxins from your body.
  • It’s portable and lightweight, so it will go where you go. People want to take their mats with them on business trips or vacations, and they want to be able to store them properly. 


  • There’s no instruction manual with the mat, so some people don’t know how long to use it. The best advice is to start slow and gradually increase your time.
  • It hurts when you first lie on it, so it takes a little time to get used to how it feels on your back. The hard, plastic needles have an acupuncture feel to them.   


2. Spoonk—Back Pain And Sleep Aid Relief Regular Size Acupressure Mat With Bag

The three-piece Spoonk combo set includes one mat with more than 6,200 pressure points, a massage pillow, and a travel bag.

The set also includes one acupressure Grove Ball to enhance the user’s complete massage experience.

The Spoonk is the only mat on the market that has eco foam made in the USA. There are no toxic chemicals to disrupt the home environment or to destroy the hormonal balance.

Here’s a video that showing you what’s inside the box of Nayoya acupressure mat:


  • The three-piece Spoonk combo has a one-year warranty.
  • It is the first therapeutic massage apparatus that is certified as a US FDA medical device.
  • The mat helps relieve back and neck pain, sciatic nerve issues, stiff neck syndrome, and invasive shoulder pain.
  • The mat helps treat insomnia, and it gives the body an energy boost. 


  • The plastic needle pressure is uncomfortable at first.
  • According to some users, the pillow doesn’t provide enough neck support.
  • The initial pain lasts about a minute when using the mat for the first time. 


3. ProSource Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set For Back/Neck Pain Relief And Muscle Relaxation

The ProSource acupressure mat has a neck pillow, which some people use separately from the mat.

Using the pillow without the mat makes it easier to address other parts of the body that need relief.

The ProSource mat is great for back pain when you’re lying flat, but you can also put it in an inclined position if the acupressure points feel too sharp or if you have sensitive skin.

This mat comes in a range of colors, and that gives people who use mats in the same household the opportunity to pick a color that matches their color preferences.

Here’s a video that showing you what’s inside the box of ProSource acupressure mat:


  • There’s a separate pillow, and that makes it easier to relieve pain in many parts of the body.
  • Mats are available in five colors: black, blue, green, grey, and orange.
  • The ProSource set has about 8,000 pressure points that relax muscles and improve circulation.
  • This mat is a natural cotton fabric with eco foam.
  • The mat set helps your body release endorphins.


  • The mat is not wide enough for some acupressure mat users.
  • Some mat users say the mat is not pet-friendly. The spiky points can scare pets when they step on them.
  • The mat’s points are uncomfortable until the user gets used to them. 

zensufu acupressure-mats

4. Zensufu Back And Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Massage Mat And Neck Pillow Set

The Zensufu acupressure mat is one of the most popular mats, thanks to the price and the general sense of well-being that users experience.

The Zensufu has more than 6,200 acupressure points. The acupressure points help people with anxiety and stress issues.

They get the relief they need because that number of points helps people deal with low energy, insomnia, fatigue, muscle tension, and back pain.

Children under 18 should not use the mat because there’s too much pressure on the skin. Adults can use the Zensufu mat in bed, on a sofa, a chair, or any other comfortable place at home or at the office.

Some people say they wear a T-shirt or use a thin towel on the mat when they first start using it. They wait until their skin gets used to the initial pain before taking off those protective elements.

Here’s a video that showing you what’s inside the box of Zensufu acupressure mat:


  • There are more than 6,200 acupressure points.
  • It works great for muscle tension.
  • It’s 100 percent cotton, so it’s light and portable.
  • It’s made of non-toxic ABS plastic on spiky-type flowers


  • The initial pain can last for two minutes or more.
  • The acupressure decreases when a T-shirt or towel is used.
  • The pillow is uncomfortable at first. 

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HemingWeigh acupressure-mats

5. HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set With Bonus Carry Bag

The HemingWeigh Acupressure Mat is a popular wellness tool. It’s great for relieving muscle tension and back pain.

It’s also an effective way to remove stress. According to the company, the acupressure mat will help people with issues such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, and backaches, if the mat is part of a daily wellness routine.

The HemingWeigh mat is a high-quality mat that has no glue points. There are more than 8,800 contact points on this large mat.

Here’s a video that showing you what’s inside the box of HemingWeigh acupressure mat:


  • The generous-sized mat improves sleep patterns and increases daily energy levels.
  • The contact points on the mat help relieve anxiety and stress.
  • The mat’s contact points help reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain, in addition to muscle tension.
  • The mat is a Swedish acupressure design. 


  • The pillow has a different contour, so it might be uncomfortable for some users.
  • The contact points are too firm for a few users.
  • The mat’s warranty period is 180 days. 

Sivan Health acupressure mats

6. Sivan Health And Fitness Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set For Lower, Upper, Mid, Chronic Back Pain Treatment, Pillow, Therapy, Reliever

This acupressure mat has more than 8,800 pressure points.

Those contact points are capable of relaxing several parts of the body. The mat targets the main areas on the back, so the stress and tension that cause some backaches might be relieved.


  • The mat relaxes the entire body with more than 8,800 contact points.
  • The therapeutic benefits include less body tension and an increase in energy level.
  • The high-quality cotton material eliminates environmental risks. 


  • The needle pressure is hard on bare skin.
  • The initial pain can last for a minute or two.
  • Some users don’t like the size or the green color.  

Acupoint acupressure-mats

7. Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set By Acupoint—Back And Neck Pain Relief Acupuncture Mat—Reflexology Massage Mat

The Acupoint acupressure mat is one of the most comfortable and durable mats on the market.

Some users call this mat a portable therapist. It offers great pain relief for migraines, back pain, and an assortment of other body and mind issues.


  • This mat is comfortable.
  • Some people call the mat a portable therapist because it can travel in a durable carrying case.
  • The pillow helps reduce shoulder and neck pain.


  • This mat only comes in two colors, blue and purple.
  • The pillow might hurt for the first several uses.

Which Mat Will You Choose?

There are a lot of choices in the acupressure mat market. Most of these mats are superior to the mats you might see in discount stores.

We think quality and performance are the main differences that make these seven mats stand out in the acupressure mat space.

But, as mentioned previously, we have one favorite because all the major points that make an acupressure mat function the way it should are present.

Our favorite is the Nayoya acupressure mat because there are so many ways to use it; it only weighs 2 pounds; and the company stands behind its products and claims.

Choose whichever acupressure mat most appeals to you, and get started to reduce your body aches and pains and gain more life benefits with less pain and stress, better sleep, and a calmer mind.

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