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Have you ever noticed the “most popular” blog posts often listed on the sidebar of a blog? These land in that spot based on the numbers of people who have clicked on the post.

I'm always fascinated by the posts that rise to the top of my “most popular” list. It gives me a clear indication of what interests my readers and what is on the top of their minds.  My post called 36 Ways to Be Irresistibly Attractive has been sitting in the number one position for quite a while.

I thought it would be interesting to see the most popular posts of some of my personal development blogging peers. I've selected 25 bloggers whose writing I know and respect to link to their most popular post (along with a short excerpt from the post). I hope these resonate with you.

25 Most Popular Personal Development Posts

The Positivity Blog, Henrik Edberg

Most Popular Post: Do You Make These 10 Mistakes in a Conversation?

Excerpt: Ernest Hemingway once said: “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” Don’t be like most people. Don’t just wait eagerly for your turn to talk. Put your own ego on hold. Learn to really listen to what people actually are saying. When you start to really listen, you’ll pick up on loads of potential paths in the conversation. But avoid yes or no type of questions as they will not give you much information.

Tiny Buddha, Lori Deschene

Most Popular Post: How to Deal with Criticism Well: 25 Reasons to Embrace It

Excerpt: We can’t control what other people will say to us, whether they’ll approve or form opinions and share them. But we can control how we internalize it, respond to it, and learn from it, and when we release it and move on.

Pick the Brain, Erin Falconer

Most Popular Post: 10 Ways to Instantly Build Self-Confidence

Excerpt: When you focus too much on what you want, the mind creates reasons why you can’t have it. This leads you to dwell on your weaknesses. The best way to avoid this is consciously focusing on gratitude. Set aside time each day to mentally list everything you have to be grateful for. Recall your past successes, unique skills, loving relationships, and positive momentum. You’ll be amazed how much you have going for you and motivated to take that next step towards success.

Change Your Thoughts, Steve Aitchison

Most Popular Post: 100 Ways to Develop Your Mind

Excerpt: 1. Do the Thing You Fear the Most. If there’s one thing that will change your thoughts quicker than anything else, it’s facing your fears. 2. Stand Up for Yourself. A lot of people have difficulty in standing up for themselves. The first time you do it can be very empowering and your thoughts about yourself will change forever.

The Change Blog, Peter Clemens

Most Popular Post: How to Use Your Subconscious to Change Your Life

Excerpt: Before you turn out the light, close your eyes and take one minute to make a request to your subconscious. It can be anything. I would start small and make it open ended. I wouldn’t request to be an astronaut by the end of the month. Your subconscious is good, but not that good.

Abundance Blog, Marelisa Fabrega

Most Popular Post: 54 Tips for Writers, from Writers

Excerpt: The entire writing process is fraught with perils. Many writers would argue that the hardest part of writing is beginning. When asked what was the most frightening thing he had ever encountered, novelist Ernest Hemingway said, “A blank sheet of paper.”

The Bridgemaker, Alex Blackwell

Most Popular Post: A Beautiful Life

Excerpt: Making the choice to see beauty gives me an unfair advantage. My choice allows the opportunity to see life’s subtleties along with the obvious. This perspective gives me the power to appreciate every detail I care to acknowledge. This power is the perfect conduit to happiness. It’s the small things, as well as the large, that create my beautiful life.

Meant to Be Happy, Ken Wert

Most Popular Post: 10 Ways You Can Stop Being So Easily Offended

Excerpt: Talk Yourself out of Being Offended. It can be just that simple. In the heat of the moment, try asking yourself these questions: “What am I getting so bent out of shape for? Does this really matter? What’s the bid deal?” Reason with yourself: “Did he really mean it the way I was just about to take it? Is he truly actually trying to hurt me? Well, then, what is he really trying to say?”

Advanced Life Skills, Jonathan Wells

Most Popular Post: 10 Simple Ways to Be More Likable

Excerpt: Follow the Golden Rule. Simply stated, treat others the way you would like to be treated. The beautiful thing about this is how straight forward it is. Think how different everything would be if everyone followed this simple principle. There would be no crime, no war, and no murder. Granted, we cannot control the actions of other people, but we can control how we behave. When you treat others with this level of respect, they will naturally view you as likable?

A Daring Adventure, Tim Brownson

Most Popular Post: 50 Reasons Why I Suck

Excerpt: What separates happy people from unhappy people is that unhappy people are always thinking about the things they can’t do, got wrong or haven’t achieved etc. That approach only creates unhappiness and lowers self-esteem. The fact is, there will always be way more stuff in the ‘got wrong’ or ‘can’t do’ column than the ‘nailed it!’ column, that’s just how it is.

Prolific Living, Farnoosh Brock

Most Popular Post: Favorite Green Juice Recipes

Excerpt: I was surprised how much I learned by this simple act of juicing vegetables: Developing a new interest in raw foods, realizing the massive number of vegetables I never knew about, and learning which combination produces a recipe suiting the mood, the occasion, the purpose of the juice at that time.

Scott H. Young, Scott Young

Most Popular Post: The Critical 7 Rules to Understand People

Excerpt: To say everyone is completely selfish is a gross exaggeration. That ignores all the acts of kindness, sacrifice and love that make the world work. But I would argue that most (not all, but most) behavior does work from the principles of selfish altruism. Selfish altruism is basically win/win. It is where helping you directly or indirectly helps me.

Momentum Gathering, Katie Tallo

Most Popular Post: A Simple Guide to Eating Like a Human

Excerpt: Then one fateful day, Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of organic strawberries and they found a case of liquid strawberry-flavoured meal replacements instead. Life quickly went downhill. Jill began counting calories. Jack super-sized his food and wanted it real fast.

Marc and Angel Hack Life, Marc and Angel

Most Popular Post: 50 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do

Excerpt: Self-reliance is a vital key to living a healthy, productive life.  To be self-reliant one must master a basic set of skills, more or less making them a jack of all trades.  Contrary to what you may have learned in school, a jack of all trades is far more equipped to deal with life than a specialized master of only one.

Jonathan Fields, Jonathan Fields

Most Popular Post: Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change

Excerpt: People want a better economy, but nobody’s willing to share in the financial hit it’ll take to get us back on track. People want better schools, but nobody wants to rock the system, the unions, the teachers, the role of parents. People want lower health care costs, but nobody wants to endure the changes to medicine, law and bureaucracy it’ll take to get it.

One With Now, Manal Ghosein

Most Popular Post, What If No One Remembered You or Cared About What You Do?

Excerpt: From my perspective, I believe we are here to experience life as it unfolds in the eternal now. We are part of an evolutionary process and we may never be able to fully grasp its purpose or magnitude. In our effort to change what we don’t like throughout the millennia, we commit all sorts of violence toward life in all its forms and try to subjugate each other to our view—the supposedly better view—of how things should be.

Think Simple Now, Tina Su

Most Popular Post, 31 Life Lessons in 31 Years

Excerpt: You will never be ready for what you want to do. The trick is to just start it anyway, and to develop the discipline to work at it consistently. Taking baby steps in the direction you want to go means that you will eventually get there.

Goodlife Zen, Mary Jaksch

Most Popular Post: Zen and the Art of Ninja Productivity

Excerpt: In order to be productive, we need all our energy to be channeled. Think of a stream: when it flows freely, the water rushes along – right from the mountains to the sea. But if you build dams, divert the course of the stream, or choke it with rubble, the stream will have to use a lot of energy to circumvent or overcome the barriers in its way.

Motivational Memo, Peter Sinclair

Most Popular Post: More Motivational Quotes That Have Changed People's Lives

Excerpt: So here are even more contributions that have been made in response to that request. Maybe you have a quote that you would also like to share with us. In addition to the quotes some of the contributors – whose names appear at the front of each of the quotes – have added some of their own personal insights into the quotes.

A Beautiful Ripple Effect, Carolyn Rubenstein

Most Popular Post: How to Begin to Cultivate Hope After Failing

Excerpt: What most people aren’t prepared for is how to cope with the reality of hitting the ground. It’s not pretty—definitely not the fairy tale story that has been growing for years in your mind. And once you’re there on the ground, it hurts… a lot. Your ego is bruised. More than that, your ability to dream and act on your dreams becomes painfully difficult.

Everyday Bright, Jennifer Gresham

Most Popular Post: Why I Fired My Father (and Maybe You Should Too)

Excerpt: Growing up, things were pretty tense in our house. One minute my dad would entertain me by reciting poems from Longfellow and the next he’d complain my birth had ruined his marriage. He also had the weird habit of hiding under trees every time a plane flew over the house. It only got worse when my mother passed away. I realized he wasn’t just moody and a little “off.” He was clinically depressed, highly paranoid, and quickly becoming unpredictable.

Becoming Minimalist, Joshua Becker

Most Popular Post: The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify In Your Life

Excerpt: Too many material possessions complicate our lives to a greater degree than we ever give them credit. They drain our bank account, our energy, and our attention. They keep us from the ones we love and from living a life based on our values. If you will invest the time to remove nonessential possessions from your life, you will never regret it.

Illuminated Mind, Jonathan Mead

Most Popular Post: How to Quit Your Day Job

Excerpt: Well, it turns out there is a lot more that goes into quitting your job than just creating a self sustaining income. You’ll have to figure out how to talk to your family and partner about it, set and stick to a firm date, and create a savings fund to cushion your transition (unless you prefer no safety net when you jump).

The Bold Life, Tess Marshall

Most Popular Post, 75 Steps for a Fear-less Life

Excerpt: Everyone has fears. Not everyone makes a big deal out of them. Some people learn to cope with fear, and others embrace fear. Fear is an illusion, a distortion of reality. Most fear is about a future event. Most fears never materialize. Fears are stories and beliefs your ego would have you believe. Don't believe them.

Trading Pounds, Stephanie Wetzel

Most Popular Post: 45 Simple Actions to Start Losing Weight

Excerpt: Most Americans are eating two to three times the serving size of foods. I did an unscientific study of this in my best friend’s kitchen—she thought she was eating a serving of her favorite cereal (1 cup), it was actually 3.5 servings. Between the milk and the cereal, this is a difference of around 400 calories every time.

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  • Alex Blackwell | The BridgeMaker

    Hi Barrie,

    Thanks so much for including my work in this list – it’s an honor. I’m sure your readers will find value from reading such great posts from some terrific writers.

    With appreciation,


      Barrie Davenport

      You are so welcome Alex! Love your post. 🙂

  • Marelisa

    Hi Barrie: Thank you for featuring my blog here, and for giving me some great articles to go read. 🙂

      Barrie Davenport

      Glad you like it Marelisa! And I love the name of your latest post. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Tim Brownson

    Thanks for allowing me to spread the word that I suck to a wider audience Barrie! 😉

      Barrie Davenport

      Yes, the world needs to know!! 🙂 That was such an attention-grabbing headline, especially because it is so absolutely untrue! The message was spot-on.

  • Ken Wert

    What can I say Barrie, but that I’m deeply honored to be included among such blogging luminaries and on a site I respect and admire! What a great idea too! I’ve already clicked over to read several of the “most populars” and will continue to see what’s been said that readers have been drawn to. Lots of great stuff here!

    You’re an inspiration, Barrie!

      Barrie Davenport

      Thank you Ken! It is interesting to see what draws people. Even among a group of people in such similar niches, the topics are all over the place. I think that’s enlightening for all of us.

  • Peter G. James Sinclair

    Hey Barrie….

    You’re a champion. Thanks so much for putting me amongst such an awesome bunch of people from around this great planet.

    And to share all the wonderful quotes that my motivational LinkedIn friends have shared with me and others.

    An honor.

    More power to you!

      Barrie Davenport

      My pleasure Peter! That was a fantastic post of yours — so inspirational. Keep them coming. 🙂

  • Zac | Turning Point Motivation

    What an amazing list of Self-Development bloggers Barrie!

    Some I recognize, and some I don’t. I hope one day somebody will put my young blog on a list like this…such a fine list of bloggers gives me inspiration to keep going!

    I love your blog too, I just discovered it.

    Thanks for sharing.

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Zac,
      Thank you for your kind words. One day you WILL be in a post like this. Just keep working on writing great content that your readers find useful and inspirational, and you’ll build a solid following. BTW, I’m glad you survived drowning! Wow.

  • Lori

    Thanks so much for including my post Barrie! I was excited to see so many familiar faces, and what an awesome selection of posts. =)

      Barrie Davenport

      You are so welcome Lori. That post was really spot-on. Criticism stings, but it can be a healing sting. Everyone needs to read that one.

  • Noch Noch | be me. be natural.

    thanks for the compilation – interesting to see what makes others tick
    funny though, my all time popular post, is one about my bear collection and how it has helped with my depression!
    Noch Noch

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Noch Noch (what is your real name??),
      Please share a link to your most popular post. It sounds fascinating!

  • Steven Aitchison

    Hi Barrie

    Thanks for including me in a list with other great bloggers, I really appreciate it. You have put together a great selection of personal development writing.

    You’re a star


      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Steve,
      Well, you are the master at creating a great community of personal development bloggers. Thank you for leading the way with your CYT Awards. I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing group of PD bloggers!

  • David Moore

    Awesome job. Many of my favorites and found some new ones as well. Thanks for doing this.

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi David,
      You are so welcome. It’s fun to find great new blogs! I hope you’ll come back here again soon. 🙂

  • Manal

    Thanks so much Barrie! You are truly a community builder and connector. Wishing you continued success dear friend.

      Barrie Davenport

      Thank you Manal! You are one of my favorite writers. 🙂


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  • Rose Byrd

    Alex, you are the TOPS, the garnish on the plate, as well as the essence of the entree! Great of you to pull these 25 posts and sites together. I follow several of them, but can only stand so much improvement on any given week! Be well and keep walking with a smile and a skip over the bumps.

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Rose,
      Alex is the tops and the garnish on the plate! But alas, he didn’t write this post. 🙂 But I appreciate the kind comments and look forward to being a garnish myself!

  • Steven

    Very nice collection. I follow all of these bloggers and they are all cream of the crop. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word out to others.

      Barrie Davenport

      You are very welcome Steven. I’m glad I collected a group that you follow. 🙂

  • [email protected]

    This an awesome list. I know I’ll be on here next year. Keep your eyes open! =)

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Dwayne,
      I’m sure you will be! Just keep on offering amazing content to your readers, and you will keep rising to the top!

  • Jen Gresham

    What a fun idea, Barrie. I love this list. Of course a lot of factors can go into what posts make the most popular list (one on mine is due to a large number of hits by spammers–so sad), but the most popular post is always interesting. Thanks for the mention and the connections.

  • Aparna

    Awesome article… I am saving each one of these articles on my PC.

  • Ali Manning

    What a fantastic idea – it’ll give me a whole weekend of reading 🙂

  • Jonathan | WorldOfDiets

    Thanks for this list. I came here from Ken’s blog and it’s good to find out there are more good ones out there.

  • Galen Pearl

    This is amazing. I am familiar with maybe one third of these blogs. I have spent a good part of the day going to the others to get acquainted. I have found many kindred spirits. I have especially enjoyed some of the blogs by folks decades younger than myself. How encouraging to know that we are leaving the world in such bold and blooming hands! Thanks so much for putting this list together. I’m sure there are other worthy blogs, so I hope there are several “editions” of this post!

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    Do you have any points for inexperienced blog writers?

    I’d certainly appreciate it.

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