Am I Attractive? Get The Truth

A few months ago I had a poll on the sidebar of Live Bold and Bloom asking people their most debilitating low confidence issue.

The majority of responders listed lack of confidence about their appearance.

Most people wonder on a daily basis, “Am I attractive enough?”

In a culture than places so much emphasis on youth and beauty, and with the media constantly bombarding us with images of airbrushed, flawless faces and bodies, it’s no wonder we feel insecure.

Less than 2% of the population actually meets that standard of physical attractiveness, while the majority of us feel bad about ourselves because we aren’t in the two percent. What’s wrong with that picture? Shouldn’t the 98% of us set the standards for acceptable attractiveness?

Yet we all stand in front of the mirror, analyzing our wrinkles, expanding waistlines, balding heads, cellulite, quirky features, or whatever we happen to perceive as our physical flaws. We worry over these flaws, wonder how we can “fix” them, and do what we can to cover them up, to prevent others from noticing how far from perfect we are.

But the truth about attractiveness has little to do with physical appearance. Please watch my video below in which I share three strategies for boosting your confidence about your appearance.

9 thoughts on “Am I Attractive? Get The Truth”

  1. We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. If people could only understand that their physical body represents only a tiny fraction of who they really are…

    And, if your body doesn’t meet the standard of physical attractiveness (whoever made this up) – so what? It doesn’t matter! You are unique, no one is like you… – be proud of who you are, be confident, respect yourself, unconditionally love yourself… this will make you much more attractive than having only a beautiful body and not much else to show.

  2. I’m not going to say looks don’t affect me at all. It does make a difference.

    But I’m confident enough to know that my self-worth goes much more than what’s on the outside. I don’t bother about people who aren’t “attracted” to me because I know it’s their loss for not finding out what I’m really about on the inside.

  3. Ron and Robert, your words are wise! Barry, thank you for another inspiring post teaching us how to love ourselves, warts and all (and the “warts” are never really as bad as they seem to us!).

  4. I’ve lost all self-control/confidence. I’ve lost a great guy do to him talking or even looking at other women or women flirting with him because I’m not able to pick myself up, hold my head up and not let it bother me. Makes me feel stupid and unattractive. Makes me think other women think they have something going on with my boyfriend. I am weak with no self-esteem.


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