25 Mindful Relationship Habits Every Couple Needs To Practice

If you are married or in a committed relationship, the quality of this relationship impacts everything else in your life.

In fact, this relationship should be the centerpiece of your life, around which everything else revolves. Your work. Your kids. Your parents. Your digital devices. Everything.

When you're first dating, this is a natural occurrence. You eat, sleep, and breathe the new love of your life. Everything you do is focused on this person and how you can make him or her happy, how you can spend every possible moment together.

You find it easy to drop those bad habits that might put you in a bad light with your lover. You quickly adopt new habits, both for yourself and the relationship, to impress and delight your partner.

But a few years down the road . . . not so much.

As you get more comfortable in the relationship, you fall back into your old ways. You begin to neglect those romantic and thoughtful behaviors that once came so naturally.

You start focusing on each other's irritating qualities rather than the qualities that drew you to one another. Conflicts become more common.

And if you're not careful, you begin to neglect the health of the relationship, allowing other demands and interests to get in the way of your close connection.

But what if you could reverse engineer the closeness and thrill of those early days together? What if you could revisit those habits that came so easily when you were dating and relearn them again now that your relationship has ripened?

When you adopt mindfulness in your marriage or relationship, you CAN recreate the joy and intimacy you once had, while building on the security, commitment, and comfort of your established relationship.

That's why my co-author, Steve Scott, and I have written our latest book, Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 Practices for Couples to Enhance Intimacy, Nurture Closeness, and Grow a Deeper Connection.

We want to show you how to be more intentional and attentive to your partner and your relationship by applying mindfulness to your interactions, communication, and vision for yourselves as a couple.

You become more proactive in responding to each other's needs and less reactive to the challenges that often arise. You evolve to a higher level of interaction with one another.

We show you how to have a more mindful relationship by applying 25 specific practices.

These habits will help you be more present with one another, communicate better, avoid divisive arguments, and understand how to respond to one another's needs in a more loving, empathic, and conscious way.

With the relationship advice outlined in this book, you will get insights and lessons learned from a variety of relationship and mindfulness experts — all backed by scientific research.

Each habit presented offers a clear explanation of why it's valuable to the health of your relationship and instructions on how to make the habit a natural part of your interactions with your partner.

You'll learn new habits related to:

  • Becoming an expert on your partner.
  • How to create your relationship vision.
  • Developing your own EQ.
  • How two simple concepts can make or break your intimacy.
  • The relationship rituals that strengthen your bond.
  • Initiating productive conflict.
  • One simple word change that can heal conflict.
  • The power of touch and physical intimacy.
  • What it means to “cherish” your partner.

And so many more . . .

Whether you and your partner are experiencing difficulties right now, or you just want to move your relationship from good to great, this book will show you the behavior changes to adopt, and exactly how to create these new habits so they stick!

This practical guidebook is a great tool to use with your partner, but you can learn the skills on your own — even if your partner doesn't participate.

Your new behaviors can inspire and motivate your partner to re-engage in your relationship.

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Here is the download link again to my book: Mindful Relationship Habits

There aren't many of us who are married or in a committed relationship who don't need a little buff up to ensure the connection stays strong.

Every relationship needs the fertile ground that allows love and intimacy to continue to grow and blossom. But it doesn't happen without mindful, intentional action.

Recommit to one another by committing to mindfulness in your relationship. Learn the habits that will revive your romantic feelings, refocus your attention on each other, and solidify the strength of your bond.

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