The Proven Method For Building Habits That Stick

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I've had the good fortune of working with many amazing coaching clients, people eager to make positive change in their lives. But to this day, there's one client whose courage and tenacity simply blows me away.

When she hired me, this client wanted to work on building her own business. She was smart, articulate, and ready for change — but there was something standing in her way of success.

My client was obese — weighing over 400 pounds. I knew she would never achieve her goals if she didn't first address the weight.

Long story short, my client made a huge internal shift and began changing her habits one by one. In just two years, she lost over 200 pounds, started her business, met the man of her dreams, and got married. Her success was amazing — but not without setbacks, frustrations, and difficulties.

Create Habits

I often think of my client when my own habits start to waiver. It makes me remember how much is possible and how profoundly our lives can change for the better.

My client had tried for years to build better eating and fitness habits. But always after a few weeks, she would quit. Sound familiar? Most people fail at habit creation. In fact, statistics show the average person makes the same New Year's resolution ten times without success.

As a coach, I was determined to help my clients find a better way. Every one of us has dreams of becoming more fit, more productive, more accomplished, and more engaged in life. But after repeated failures, we give up on the idea, thinking we just don't have what it takes to follow through.

But you DO have what it takes. Failing at habit creation is not your fault — it's the fault of a system that just doesn't work. I've spent years of research, testing, and teaching a new method for forming habits, a method backed by science and proven by the success of thousands of people who have made the investment in themselves to learn the simple skills.

These are the same habit skills that have allowed me to . . .

  • Build an online business from scratch.
  • Create two top-ranked personal development blogs.
  • Write and publish six Amazon bestselling books.
  • Maintain a habit of writing 2000+ words a day.
  • Start a regular running and rebounding habit.
  • Begin juicing, meditating, and many other positive life changes.

Creating these new habits and reaching my bigger goals has been profoundly satisfying and rewarding. But what if you could achieve these results? I'm confident you can!

Finally, a Proven Method for Making Your Habits Unbreakable

What if 2015 was your year for getting back on track and forming habit after successful habit to reach your most important goals? To help you get there, I’ve created a free, three-part video series to jumpstart your most productive year ever.

The first video revealed the four common myths about habits and how they've been holding you back. The second video unveiled the five traits you need to adopt to finally get what you really want. And now in this third and final video you’ll discover:

  • How to finally check off those habit goals that seem to slip by every year.
  • The surprising ingredient that your future happiness depends on, and how you can make it a part of your life forever.
  • What to do if your self-doubt or fear of failure make you hesitant to commit to habit change.
  • What most people don’t know about motivation, and why willpower has nothing to do with it.
  • Why you never need to think of yourself as undisciplined or lazy again.
  • The simple, proven process you can use to gain clarity, get motivated, and get started on the journey to indestructible good habits for a lifetime.

If you're like me, you truly believe there's enormous potential inside of you — just waiting to be realized. Now’s the time to push past the roadblocks and obstacles that stand between you and the life you are meant for.

That’s why I’m so excited to finally share the proven roadmap that can take you from where you are right now—regardless of what’s in your way—to where you want to go through the power of habits.

Your most amazing year ever is within reach. But it won’t happen by following the same old formula —it will only happen by following a new path that's proven to succeed. Let’s get started.

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